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    Sabsab reacted to vikingbeast in I need cofffeeeee NOW!   
    My surgeon was one of those who said never again. I laughed in his face. But I did go off caffeine (and sugar and carbonated beverages) during pre-op. I had a cup of coffee last week (would have been week 4 for me post-op) and found it spiked my appetite, which is NOT what I need to happen... so no más coffee. I haven't tried Decaf yet. I have a coffee shop meeting tomorrow, I'll try decaf.
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    Sabsab reacted to slimbunny in I need cofffeeeee NOW!   
    My surgery program says to wait until day 30 post-op so I have been but I am right there with you I so miss my daily coffee. Excited to try out "profee" which I have seen a lot of the people in the bariatric community make.
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    Sabsab reacted to ms.sss in I need cofffeeeee NOW!   
    They served me coffee in the hospital! 😂
    I probably started drinking coffee regularly again around 1 month…not because i was told not to, buy because I just didn’t feel for it until that point.
    Been drinking it ever since.
    P.S. Am 3 yrs out now and drink 1-2 per day (sometimes more)
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    Sabsab reacted to Splenda in I need cofffeeeee NOW!   
    The idea behind the caffeine restrictions is that it irritates the lining of the stomach. coffee is an especially bad offender because it is so acidic.
    If you are truly needing a fix, I would recommend Grinds coffee pouches (sold at truck stops and on Amazon). They are marketed for people trying to quit chewing tobacco who want to have something in their mouth that mimics the feel of tobacco. They are small pouches filled with ground coffee that you keep in your cheek/lip. It will give you the flavor of coffee in your mouth and allow you to absorb the caffeine into the bloodstream directly rather than the stomach.
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    Sabsab reacted to Tomo in I need cofffeeeee NOW!   
    I had no coffee restrictions at anytime.
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    Sabsab reacted to catwoman7 in I need cofffeeeee NOW!   
    surgeons are all across the board on this. Some say you can never drink caffeinated beverages ever again. Some patients are drinking it before they even leave the hospital. Some surgeons have you wait a month - or three months - or six months. And some are OK with a limited amount - like one cup a day. Or some combo of the above (I could have Decaf fairly shortly after surgery - maybe 3rd or 4th week? (it's been awhile for me). Then after six months, I could have ONE cup of caffeinated per day). SO....ask your surgeon. Opinions vary, and some might depend on your individual circumstances.
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    Sabsab reacted to Tony B - NJ in I need cofffeeeee NOW!   
    The Doctor is normally going to frown on coffee because, well, that is what Doctors do. I started having a shot of espresso in my morning Protein Shake about a week ago after 6 weeks post op and I really enjoy both the flavor change and the little caffeine buzz I missed in the morning. I don't drink any coffee after that, although prior to surgery I was a 5 or 6 cup a day guy. I think like anything, everything in moderation and when you are past a month or so when all the major wound healing is past, a cup of coffee is not going to hurt your recovery too much.
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    Sabsab reacted to Officially Not Fatty Matty in I need cofffeeeee NOW!   
    Always listen to your doctor, as they will have a better understanding of your specific circumstances than any of us. That being said I was drinking coffee based Protein Shakes on day 2, real coffee perhaps day 7? Just a guess there but it definitely wasn’t long. I had no negative consequences and drink more coffee now (16 months post op) than I ever have. I find it beneficial to keep my stomach full of zero calorie liquids (coffee and zero calorie soda) as it prevents me from the occasional fridge grazing.
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    Sabsab reacted to Smanky in I need cofffeeeee NOW!   
    I guess it depends on your surgeon. I was allowed coffee straight away, with the rule of only one a day. I've weaned myself off daily coffee, but will have a latte when I go out (and take my thermos mug because I will drink so slowly that coffee will last me a couple of hours). The only difference I've notice from pre-surgery is I can only have a small coffee. Drink too much and I start feeling queasy from the caffeine.
    One coffee substitute I've been making is a matcha latte, which I make at home with matcha powder and Protein enriched soy milk. I find it a kinder-on-the-stomach alternative, with added antioxidant benefits. If you like matcha, and your plan doesn't allow coffee, maybe give it a go. Another alternative is a sugar-free chai latte.
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    Sabsab reacted to Prestonandme in I need cofffeeeee NOW!   
    I was about two months out when I had my first Cappuccino. I found post-op that straight coffee was too strong and bitter for my stomach to tolerate, but somehow I am fine drinking cappuccino. YMMV. It seems that everyone has a different experience about when and if to drink coffee. I also have no trouble drinking lattes and Starbucks flat whites.
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    Sabsab got a reaction from lizonaplane in No weight loss   
    I'm on Week 3 post-op.
    I lost 9 kg the first two weeks, then gained about 2 kg this week.
    I was feeling frustrated but the comments here were really helpful.
    Let's hang in there and wait it out...
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    Sabsab got a reaction from lizonaplane in No weight loss   
    I'm on Week 3 post-op.
    I lost 9 kg the first two weeks, then gained about 2 kg this week.
    I was feeling frustrated but the comments here were really helpful.
    Let's hang in there and wait it out...
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    Sabsab reacted to Smanky in No weight loss   
    This is the infamous Week 3 Stall that happens to most of us, and will typically last 1-3 weeks. Mine hit one week after surgery and I'm only now just coming out of it. It's definitely frustrating, but completely normal. Your body has just gone through a major trauma and has had its wiring rearranged. It needs to take small "time-outs" to have a think about how the new system is going to work - which is what drives a stall. So stay off the scale, keep doing what you need to do, and your body will get back to losing once it's had a little time to adjust. When you think about what your body has to do, it's really amazing that it only wants a couple of weeks pause!
    My scale number fluctuated a whole kilogram during my stall, which isn't fat gain so don't worry about that. You'll get back to losing once the stall breaks - and it will.
    There's thousands of threads on the forum about stalls, so do a search of those if you want to see what good company you're in. Stalls will happen more than once, it's just part of the process.

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