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  1. I'm 5 months out and just use moderation. I go out with friends and just take what I don't eat home. I occasionally drink a cocktail. I still wait 30 minutes between eating and drinking. When eating with family I focus on Protein. I just try to do my best to make the best choices but don't beat myself up to bad for having a social life

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  2. Did you throw out your big clothes as motivation to never return to your pre-weight, or did you keep your old clothes 'in case' you regained your weight?
    I am tempted to throw away my clothes as I (hopefully) lose weight post-procedure but I am worried I'll need them again in the future.
    What are your thoughts?!

    Donating it all. Seem of the new stuff I sell on Poshmark. I'll never ever need those clothes again

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  3. Hello,

    Before I begin if you are male you can exit the post.

    Soooooo ladies I was sleeved 12/16 I began taking low birth control about a month before. Periods have been pretty normal until this month. I've literally been on my cycle for about a month now and my OBGYN doesn't seem concerned saying it's the birth control regulating......what from 5 months ago?!?!? So my aunt brought up that it could be the surgery so has anyone experienced anything like this before???? I'm just a little nervous because I've never experienced this before? sorry this is tmi but someone give me some online insight.... I've been to the Dr already

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  4. OMG! I so needed to read this thread bc I gained 11lbs in the hospital and been discouraged every since!
    Yes just keep at it. Follow your program and ignore that darn scale. I barely get on the scale nowadays. I just measure inches and compare myself in clothes. I was in a 4x before surgery I'm in a 2x and some 1x.

    Also took a trip and no longer need a extender for the seat belt. Those victories alone let me know I'm moving in the right direction.

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  5. Hello all,

    I'm about 60 days post op. I lost 11 lbs liquid diet and 20lbs since surgery. I am feeling down because everyone around me seems to be dropping weight but me. I do the treadmill at Planet Fitness. I'm following the after surgery phases to the letter. I get 80 to 90 Oz of Water a day. I've lost nothing in over 7days in fact according to the scale I've gained a lb or two. I feel my baratric team is not giving me clear guidelines. I asked nutrition how many calories per day her response is don't count calories. Huh?!?!? My nutrition team keeps saying the scale is not a true indicator for weight loss but shouldn't it move some.....

    I just feel down today about it. Someone help me out I don't wanna fail.

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  6. Hey everyone just checking in. So today is exactly a month since surgery..... I've lost 9lbs.....scale hardly moves I've been at 291 for a week now. I went to see my surgeon about a week ago and she seems pleased. I can tell in my face and arms I've lost weight but the scale is just not moving at all. I'm trying to keep the faith but it's hard when I read people lost 15 lbs a month after surgery and I'm not even at 10lbs. [emoji37]

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