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  1. I've seen a lot of things saying not to drink with meals. The reasoning I've seen is to avoid making you full on Water, so you can finish your meal.

    If you're not having a problem in finishing your meal is there any down to a small amount of drinking while eating? (I don't mean chugging, closer to sipping water occasionally.)

  2. I had my sleeve on 8/16. I'm a male, 6'6", and on that day I weighted 387. Today (8/25), I'm at 362. I'm obviously happy with the progress, but I'm battling lightheadness and I think it's related to lack of Protein. (If I drink half a shake or so, it clears up a bit later.)

    I had the procedure done at UCLA & the post-op guidance was 80-100 grams of protein as tolerated, and 64oz of Water. This past week I haven't had any issue with either. In fact, I'm wondering if I should increase my protein intake to combat the lightheadness?

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