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    Tantan11 reacted to XtinaDoesIt in 10 days post sleeve. Sick of all soft/pureed food   
    Can we have mashed potatoes? I figured it would be too starchy?
    Im entering pureed/soft foods tomorrow. I would LOOOVE mashed potatoes! I ordered flavorless Protein Powder and can add it in to make it more Protein heavy.
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    Tantan11 reacted to elizabeth having the sleeve in WHERE ARE MY AUGUST 2021 PEEPS?   
    I had mine August 16. Feeling pretty good. Had gas first few days. Lost 11 pounds since Monday. I too felt nervous. Kept thinking I-may cancel. So glad I had it done. No appetite after surgery. Drinking Gatorade zero. chicken Soup Protein Drinks. Jello. Smart Water. Good luck. You can do this for quality of life and longevity 🤗
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    Tantan11 reacted to Mari6985m in WHERE ARE MY AUGUST 2021 PEEPS?   
    My surgery was august 4th..within a few days I started with creamier Soups and I loved Panera soups the cream of broccoli and I would eat cream of chicken at home. Once I was at 12-13 days I started puréed foods..I eat hard boiled eggs like 1 is a full meal but omg it’s so good..I started with chicken and tuna and low fat string cheese- I make sure they’re chopped up very well and chew a lot and I’ve had no issues! Also I got mashed cauliflower and other veggies with seasonings (no butters or anything tho). It’s day 17 and overall I’ve lost 29 pounds- 14 before surgery and 15 since the 4th! Good luck! Lmk if you have any questions I can help with!
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    Tantan11 got a reaction from phenomenally_me in WHERE ARE MY AUGUST 2021 PEEPS?   
    Aug 16, 2021!!

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