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    Don't weigh yourself multiple times a day. Everyone gains weight during the day. Weigh once a week at the most.
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    Hi Garay, after my sleeve surgery I didn’t weigh for several weeks, and now, a year out I only weigh once a week. Back before I had surgery, whenever I was on a diet (many, many diets) I weighed daily, and my mood was dictated by the scale. I’m determined to get away from that mindset now.
    Sorry, I’m rambling…..you’re doing fine!

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    happens to the vast majority of us. If you do a search on "the three week stall" on this site, you'll find something like 17,000 posts on it And no, I am NOT kidding.
    just stick to your program and stay off your scale for a few days. It'll eventually break and you'll be on your way again...
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    Relax…everything you are experiencing is completely normal.

    your weight will fluctuate throughout the day, depending on Fluid intake, exercise, food intake, etc.

    pain in the shoulders is pretty common shortly after wls due to the gasses pumped in. Three weeks post-op seems a little late, so pay attention to when it is happening. Shoulder pain was one of the first and most persistent signs when my gallbladder went kaput.
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    hey, thanks GOd no just little pain when i drink to fast
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    almost everyone has their first major stall sometime during the first month after surgery. It's most common during week 3, so we call it "the three-week stall". If you do a search on this site for the three week stall, you will find over 17,000 posts on it (and no, I am NOT kidding).
    just stick to your program, stay off the scale for a few days, and know that the stall will eventually break and you'll be on your way again.
    and I echo all of what Arabesque said above.
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    Ok breathe. You haven’t messed up.
    First, because a lot of nerve endings have been cut during your surgery you won’t feel full like you used to until you’re healed. Now you’re on soft food you’ll likely start to feel full sooner as soft food takes longer to pass through your tummy than liquids & purées. But try to avoid feeling full. (You don’t want to stress or put strain on your healing tummy - remember all those stitches & staples holding your tummy together.) Because it takes time for the message to get from your tummy to your head, by the time you think you’re full you’ve likely past full. Make sure you eat slowly to allow time for the message to get through. Asking myself if I needed the next bite or just wanted it was a game changer for me. I still ask myself that question.
    Second, portion size is very important. What portion size were you advised? Mine was 1/4 - 1/3cup.
    Thirdly, our weight always fluctuates. Fluid retention, constipation, eating a little more one day, etc. can cause us to gain. Plus, there are stalls. Many experience the first one at about 3 weeks - can be earlier can be later. They tend to last 1 - 3 weeks. You can experience a couple of them as you lose. Your body is going through a lot of changes & it just needs a break to come to terms with everything. They do break. Just stick to your plan.
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    Measure out your food. At 3 weeks you
    should probably be having 3 oz per meal.
    I’m 3 years out & still measure my food at home. Eating until you are full isn’t really a good idea.

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