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  1. vikingbeast

    What to expect at pre-op appointment

    My surgeon weighed me, took some vitals (BP, heart rate, respiration rate, temperature, pulse ox), worked with me on setting a realistic weight loss goal, prescribed post-op medications (painkillers, anti-nausea meds, and stool softeners) and gave me the rest of the half-hour to ask whatever questions I had. He also ordered the pre-op testing I would need: EKG, blood work, urine sample, etc.
  2. vikingbeast

    Had my VSG October 25,2021 ... yikes 😳

    It does get better. The first few days are the absolute WORST and I swear to anyone you like that it gets better, and fast. And yes—you have to walk around, it hurts but it helps much more than it hurts.
  3. vikingbeast

    Sharing a huge NSV 😊

    This is one of my goals! I just haven't flown yet.
  4. vikingbeast

    Male Tummy Tuck Thread

    You can see how it's going to turn out—congratulations!
  5. My clinic has not had a dietitian/nutritionist on staff for months now (part of the Great Resignation, I guess). So they've been contracting with people, and I finally had had enough of it. She asked what I have been eating. I track religiously, down to the teaspoon of mustard (which probably isn't necessary, but...). So I told her. It came to about 850 calories. She absolutely lost her mind, whipped out a booklet, and told me I'm to be eating no more than 1/3 cup of food five times a day. I pointed out that I run or work out literally every day, that I am going back to a pretty physical outdoor job, that I'm losing weight steadily, and that eating this amount gives me the energy I need. I asked how I was supposed to get the protein goal the surgeon gave me (80-100 g a day) on that little food, and she told me to stop being difficult, that I was obviously going to just gain it all back (lol, on 850 cal a day, lol lol lol), that too much sodium would spike my blood pressure and heart rate (lol, it was 114/74 during intake with a resting heart rate of 54), etc., etc. So I fired her. At the top of my lungs. Which meant that a bunch of other people came running and there was kind of a scene. I don't care. I asked a friend who's had VSG who she uses for a NUT and she recommended her folks, so I signed up there and will be given macros to meet by someone who has experience with athletes who've undergone bariatric surgery. I'm not going to be wedged into a one-size-fits-all kind of thing because she's reading from some Nth-generation copy of some manual.
  6. vikingbeast

    Bariatric surgery and keto?

    My surgeon's plan was very low-carb but also low-fat. It wasn't working for me, and my weight loss slowed and then stalled. My new NUT and I put together a plan that was a little higher in carbs, and it worked—apparently my body needs carbs to prepare for working in the beet fields of the gulag or whatever. Added in about 100 calories of carbs a day (that's 25g, math people) and the weight loss resumed its 3-4 lbs. a week swoosh. Every body is different.
  7. vikingbeast

    Get ready for my surgery

    I was ALL up in my feelings before surgery and just had to be reassured constantly. But here's the thing. The weight is going to come FLYING off you. The first few weeks are hard while you work off the fluids and gas and get used to the new way of things. But once you pee away the extra surgical fluids, you are in the serious honeymoon phase. I could step on the scale three times a day and have it be lower—and I started at a lower weight. Once you get used to it, you're going to notice so much energy. You won't be stuck in bed. You'll be up and about before you know it. I know you got this. You're gonna rock it.
  8. vikingbeast

    Post op 1 day pain and food

    They pump you absolutely chock full of both fluids and surgical gas. As much as it hurts, walking will help dispel the gas. I had sleeve, not bypass, but all laparoscopic surgeries require gas to keep certain bits inflated and give the surgeon room to work. I lived on chewable Gas-X (simethicone tablets) for three days post-op, and then it just... stopped.
  9. vikingbeast

    CPAP on Surgery Day

    I'm in much the same boat as @ColieCallwell, but I'm waiting for my sleep doctor to re-evaluate my settings (or if I need it at all).
  10. vikingbeast

    CPAP on Surgery Day

    You should call your DME (durable medical equipment) provider who sold you the CPAP so they can replace it with one that doesn't.
  11. I use my weight the day I called for the referral to be put through. However, my total weight loss from my heaviest is what's on my ticker, because it's more motivating that way and durn it, I did the work!
  12. vikingbeast

    How long for hospital weight to drop off?

    My doctor (my primary) told me to take my blood pressure/water pill combo the day after surgery and I peed like a freaking racehorse. I was under surgery weight by day 3. Now, six weeks out, I'm done with the first stall (it was more like a slowdown) and am losing relatively steadily at around 3 lbs/week, which is elating.
  13. vikingbeast

    Jumping in

    As long as you qualify for surgery by your insurance's rules (usually BMI>40 or BMI>35+comorbidities) at the time your bariatric center applies for authorization, you should be good to go.
  14. Oh, I bet they're similar to the words I wanted to say. (I only used the f-bomb once, and as a proud son of New Jersey, that counts as INCREDIBLE restraint, we toss that particular four-letter word around like it's a comma.) I went to see a different doctor for a workup today, a cardiologist, and he congratulated me on the weight loss and said it shows in my heart health. So NYAAAAAAH to the now-fired NUT.
  15. vikingbeast

    As soups go through me

    Swings of a pound or two are totally normal no matter what. It could be fluid retention, it could be your body going into the "third-week stall" (which there are like 20,000 posts about, it's NORMAL) a little early, it could be hormonal, it could be constipation. Don't freak out. Follow your plan. It will right itself.
  16. vikingbeast

    ms.sss: 3 years, baby

    So inspiring! Congratulations on your surgiversary and your success!
  17. vikingbeast

    As soups go through me

    My surgeon said as long as I chew everything to a purée, it's probably okay, but to avoid things like grilled meats for a while yet. I doubt you're going to harm yourself, other than not yet knowing what your 'full' signal is like and having some pretty gnarly experiences with overfeeding.
  18. Also, some solid foods "sit" longer than others. Ground meat just sits in my belly forever, but lunch meat just slides right through. It's so weird. Learn what your body's new "full" signal is like (for me, I start to get the burps and a feeling like someone is pulling a rubber band across my chest) and then stop one bite earlier.
  19. I've had lay-flat seats... but my shoulders are too broad to lay in them, even at a lighter weight.
  20. vikingbeast

    Alittle Confused

    I don't think that's overzealous at all. My surgeon scheduled about a month or six weeks out. That gives you a month to get everything done.
  21. vikingbeast

    6 Months and Stalled

    This is a weird suggestion, but it's worked for many people here—have you tried *increasing* your calorie intake by 100-150 or so a day? Especially if it's (good) carbs.
  22. vikingbeast

    Phase/Week 3

    Not on my plan. That would've been more like 2 months out. Protein first, then veggies, then starches.
  23. vikingbeast

    3 weeks post op Rny

    I was on purées and soft foods, though I had VSG.
  24. Welcome! It'll change your life. You'll feel twenty years younger a month or so out from surgery... you see if you don't. Just mind all them absolutely delicious Southern dishes... we do love to sneak those calories in! I don't think I ate a vegetable without meat the whole time we stayed in Georgia. 🤣
  25. C'est normal. I never peed more than when on the post-op liquid diet. It does get better.

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