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  1. 8 minutes ago, Allie Still said:

    I WISH I had done this surgery when I was 23! I was probably about the same size as you at that age (just turned 30) with no health issues either. I've always struggled with my weight and have gone up and down with diets too many times to count. Nothing stuck for me. I realized this year that I needed to do something to make it stick before I developed any major health issues related to my weight (my BP was elevated and had fatty liver but everything else was ok). If you are confident that you can do it on your own and be able to stick with it then the surgery may not be for you! I know that, for a long time, I was confident I would do it on my own but I just couldn't. I think you know yourself best! Trust your gut! The surgery did come with pain and major life changes but it is 1000% the best thing I've done for myself. All this to say, trust yourself to make the right choice for you! This site really helped me when I was making the decision!

    thank you so much for your response, the consensus seems to be that people wish they'd done it earlier, I'm glad you got the surgery and are feeling good about it! I'm going to go ahead and go on with the surgery because I believe I was led to this path for a reason. ❤️

  2. Hello everyone,

    I'm 23, don't have any co-morbidities, and scheduled for surgery July 28. Blood pressure 122/78, lab work is good, endoscopy/cardiology etc were good. My BMI is 40.16 as of this morning. Thus, I barely qualified for the surgery. I'm currently on my preop liquid diet , day 6, down 8-10 lbs. As I've been on the liquid diet, I've started to have doubts. No one but my partner and sister know I'm doing this surgery, my parents do not know. I just wonder if the change I'm making to my body at such a young age is worth it and if should just try to lose weight by myself. I have done it before. Some of the side effects some people experience that I've read: GERD/gallbladder removal etc, seem daunting since I have always been/felt very healthy, have had no major surgeries, I don't even have allergies, nor do I smoke or drink. Introducing such a change to my body feels very scary. However, the opportunity to finally become who I want to be within the span of 1-2 years is promising. I don't want to pass this opportunity up but I'm scared of complications. All this being said, would any of you have done this surgery when you were 23?

    Thank you,

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