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  1. June 2021 sleever here, just popping in to your thread to say good luck & share some motivation. This time next year you are very likely to be at your goal & feel like a million bucks! You can do this, it’s not half as bad as it seems. Best thing I ever did for myself, I only wish I did it sooner. You got this!! 🥳 It is worth it.

  2. I found so many of the broths so gross! Especially bone broths. I live on pho and was very happy. Don’t dread liquids too
    Much, one day at a time. It’s really not that bad. And it’s only a few weeks out of the whole process. You got this.

  3. Everyone is different and it sounds like you have come a VERY long way- so congratulations!! Seriously, 177 is great! I only chime in because I am the same age & height. I’m not sure what you do for diet but, I keep track of my calories, Protein, carbs & fat. I stay under 1200 cal/day (was closer to 800-1000/day first 6mo) & min 70g protein per day. TBH there are days where I feel like I didn’t eat a lot but my calories are high because of seemingly healthy choices that were higher cal and I need to adjust how/if/when I eat certain foods. If I didn’t track I would have no idea this was happening. I’m now WNL but that last ONE POUND took 6 weeks to lose. Lol. Notably, I don’t exercise a lot but am trying to increase.

  4. Hi! I had a similar issue post op- the only ones I could tolerate were fairlife shakes, Unjury unflavored Protein Powder & collagen Protein powder. (Pre Op I had everything) You may want to try out different types of protein powder, sometimes whey protein is not tolerated but others like pea protein are. costco & Vitamin Shoppe have generous refund policies so you can return what doesn’t work for you. I was putting unflavored protein powder in Soups a lot when I was at your stage. You’ll be moving on to puréed and soft foods soon, so you won’t be as dependent on protein powder/shakes soon.

  5. Every week I buy a rotisserie chicken and use that in a variety of places. I also always have a frozen bag of cooked shrimp (TJs Argentinian Shrimp) & frozen chicken skewers (Costco) in the freezer, which just need to be defrosted and warmed. Some of my regular "no cook" meals are: chicken & green Beans, chicken & roast squash (pre cut), Shrimp & green beans, chicken veg Soup (TJs). They probably sound boring, but I enjoy them and they all end up low carb & under 200 calories for plenty of food. A no cook splurge = Amys burritos (so good! but adds up fast). (For Breakfast I always have coffee w/ unflavored Unjury Protein powder.)

    If you are willing to cook a little, I also sometimes make Banza Pasta & shrimp or cauliflower latkes (TJs). And at the end of the week, I turn the left over veggies & chicken into soup and freeze that.

    I will also note that I keep canned veggies on hand. I know they are not as nutritious as fresh, but they also aren't bad (if low sodium, as I understand) and they are still low calorie. In a pinch they are better than pasta or crackers or a lot of other options. I often don't cook fresh fast enough and I hate seeing them go bad.

    Hope that helps. I appreciate seeing everyones suggestions, they help me a ton.

  6. Can I just say, I feel good in my OOTD everyday lately?! Everything looks good, fits, feels good… (also don’t mind my granny cart, it’s the only way to shlep files for WFH)



  7. Wish I had somewhere to wear this outfit. But it felt good to get into an old skimpy dresss! Also LOST a pound over thanksgiving, shocked I didn’t gain. :)


  8. I was shocked at how much energy I had when I was only consuming 500/600cal in the beginning, and how well I feel on under 1000cal a day currently (5mo out). I can’t tell you the how or why, but I can tell you it works! I can see where you are coming from, I would have been hangry or dizzy before surgery if I only had 500cal in a day. But, now I feel like a million bucks & hope I never feel the need for more. You may just have to experience it. :)

    Oh and yes, nutrient dense, Protein rich foods & Vitamins are key. 🥦🥕

  9. Hi Tapioca- I am no expert and I love the idea of a Bariatric Therapist from @Jaelzion! She sounds like a pro. It also sounds like you are doing great and are at a healthy weight!

    Like you, I've found myself snacking on more unhealthy things lately and a few tricks that have helped me include:

    1) Going for a walk for about an hour. During this hour I naturally don't snack, and drink a full water bottle. Even if i don't want to go, I tell my self to do just 20min and I always end up doing an hour.

    2) Paying attention to what I am craving when I snack- usually its salty or sweet/chocolate, so I've tried to swap for healthier salt/sweet (Salt- hummus & carrots, soup; Sweet- SF hot chocolate, Protein hot chocolate, 100 Cal Chocolate bar, strawberries & whip cream)

    3) I stick to an eating schedule, and eat basically the same thing M-F, so I don't get too hungry and don't have to think about what I am going to eat.

    4) Sometimes I force myself to have a Protein Shake before a snack, and 90% of the time I don't want the snack after the shake.

    5) I turn off the TV/regular shows and replace them with computer (unhealthy in other ways, but nonetheless), documentaries or books. I am easily influenced by what people on TV are eating. If they are having Cookies, I want cookies.

    6) Controversial but, I weigh myself everyday. It keeps me motivated. I know others say not to, but it works for me.

    7) Balancing out an unhealthy day, with an extra healthy one. It was my Dad's bday recently and ya know what, we had cake, pizza & wine. I had a little of each. I think long term success includes balance. So, following a day like that (which is rare, but is life) I try to have an extra healthy few days focused on Protein Shakes & veggies.

    Again, I am no expert but hope these ideas help. I know ideas from other members have helped me a ton.

    Take care! You are doing great!

  10. I can cross my legs with ease!!! phew!

    Also, this weekend I flew in a very old WWII plane. Allegedly this was a 2 seater (open cockpit) but I had to sit sort of sideways to fit. 6 months ago, I would have been embarrassed that I had to squeeze thinking the reason would be because I was too big (and I prob wouldn't have fit) but, now I know I am healthy and was not embarrassed at all- just a little squished.

    Other weird NSV: underwear is too big! to the point of unwearable. lol.

  11. Here are my thoughts, I had a great experience- hope you do too. Good luck!

    How did your tummy feel after the surgery? Were you able to *feel* your stomach, internally due to the surgery? Couldn't feel it at all. But, I didn't want to use my "ab" muscles to sit up, so I kind of slid off the couch/bed and stood from there. That was probably more due to the incisions.

    • Did you have to have a drain? Nope, no drain.

    • How long did you have to be on clear fluids after the surgery? If so, what clear fluids did you have?
    - 3 days maybe? It was fine, I didn't want to eat. Pho Soup was my savior, I found chicken broth and Bone Broth gross. Get plain pho broth from your local Vietnamese place, eventually I added plain Protein Powder to it.
    • Did you prefer cold, room temperature, or warm fluids? I didn't want very cold or very warm liquids, but soup was warm, Protein drinks cold, Water cold. It was fine.

    • Sipping. Just don't take big gulps or chug anything. Approx 2 tablespoons at a time would work. You need to drink, hydration is extremely important. Sometimes I would end up with a big gulp in my mouth accidentally and would just sort of hold it in my mouth and swallow small sips.

    • Something I read said you won't be able to drink anything for the first 24 hours and that fluids will be through the IV, is that true? I was allowed to drink (tea, water, soup, Vitamin water zero).

    • How did you sleep in the first week? If you are a side sleeper, when were you able to finally sleep on your side? Sleep on your back, my pregnancy/Ushaped pillow helped. I only took the prescription painkillers at night & they knocked me out. I tried to be careful about it, probably slept on back for a month.

  12. Zero regrets. None. In hindsight, I had nothing to be nervous about. Rest for the first few day/week, go easy for a few weeks & you’ll be amazed at how good you feel. Honestly, I’ve had dental work that was more of a struggle. Good luck!

  13. I am 5 weeks post op. I bring crystal light sticks in my purse, and add those to Water. It looks like a cocktail and tastes like a lil bit of a cosmo. I went to a wedding last weekend and asked the bartender to make something with no sugar, carbonation or alcohol. So he made a mojito mocktail- water, muddled mint & lime. I hardly noticed I wasn’t drinking. I’d say try to avoid alcohol and bring provisions to help you - like a lot of things, you may not miss it as much as you think you will. Otherwise, maybe add a lil booze to a crystal light type drink.

  14. Hey y’all- day 6 here & feeling great. No incision pain, just normal bruising discomfort. I haven’t needed prescription pain meds at all, just Tylenol. No stomach pain, but taking small sips. Only challenge is I ended up with thrush- yuck! But got medicine for that and it’s fine. Cannot stand Protein Shakes anymore, so mostly living off of Soup with unflavored Protein Powder mixed in. No problem getting enough Protein & Water. I’ve been using the Baritastic app and it’s perfect- I often have more water & protein than I realize.

  15. June 30th surgery went fabulous! Nearly no pain post-op, only mild discomfort. Grant it, they said I was the best VSG post op they have seen (maybe they were just being nice). But, I share for encouragement to others. I accredit this to a healthy, active lifestyle before surgery, and a phenomenal surgeon and surgical team. Home today, walking and small sips are super important (big sips hurt). Positive vibes for an equally smooth home recovery! Back to WFH tomorrow! lol. "Just keep swimming"

  16. I’ve been to two doctors offices. One private practice, one non profit hospital based. The private one was selling the BA with their name on it. So that says to me it’s all a business/money making thing… which for the shakes makes me skip the BA and go to the premade ones. But, I will say that the for profit office was much more well staffed, helpful and efficient than the non profit hospital, so there are pros to for profit places. They all have their benefits and drawbacks. Just always be your own advocate and do your own research. I love the premier & Orgain shakes.

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