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  1. 3 minutes ago, jaymecaye said:

    Okay. My surgery was yesterday. Going home soon. I have incision site pain on my right- where the two stitches in my muscle are. Took forever to be able to urinate on my own- started to scare me even but now everything is well in that area. Kinda questioning wtf did I just do to my self tho.

    you will be fine. the pain will go away soon

  2. 1 minute ago, LilaNicole20 said:

    UGH!!! My surgeons office just called. My Jan 4 RNY procedure is canceled until further notice thanks to non-vaccinated idiots taking up all the hospital space.

    This is very frustrating.

    Do you mind sharing the location? since I am also worried about my 1/3 surgery getting canceled and I am starting my pre-op diet next week. Don't want to go on diet for nothing.

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