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    Iluvbats reacted to catwoman7 in Liquid diet help   
    yes - it's pretty awful. You just have to white knuckle it. I was relieved the morning of surgery because it was O-V-E-R!! (it's not bad after surgery since most of us aren't hungry then...)
    I had my surgery on June 3, too (of 2015)
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    Iluvbats reacted to Mary soza in Liquid diet help   
    I started my liquid diet on June 20 2021 my surgery is on June 3 this part of the diet is getting sooooo!! Hard for me from 8am to 4pm im fine about when it hite 5 to 10 pm im soo hungry i just want to cry [emoji24][emoji24] my husband has been making his dinner i love him for that very supportive what can I drink that will full me up beside broth Jello premium Protein Shake that all I can have for two weeks [emoji24][emoji24][emoji24][emoji24] help
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    Iluvbats reacted to GummyBearQueen in Liquid diet help   
    Liquid diets are the worst. I’m in the post-op pureed stage right now and my only advice is to power through. This is the work and sacrifice we have to make. We’ve all been there!
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    Iluvbats reacted to JAKE H in never been happier 2 years later....almost.   
    Coming up on 2 years post op and life has never been better. The gastric sleeve opened up a world to me that i thought would never exist. Ive learned so much about health, nutrition and exercise, that i wouldnt have if i didnt take the first step with the sleeve. I have a healthy relationship with foods now. I try to keep myself to the 80/20 rule. But i probably am closer to 90/10. Make good choices 80% of the time, and enjoy some of my favorite things the other times. Its funny tho, a lot of my favorites have no become healthy choices. So that makes life easier. I started this journey first just focusing on losing the weight. So for the first year i ran a lot and set a goal to run a half marathon. i completed that last may and then began to switch my focus to putting on muscle. This was hard because it meant i had to up my calories which for anyone in our situation, is a scary thing. So i bought a WHOOP strap and really dialed in how many calories i was burning and spoke with my nutritionist about a plan to get where i wanted to go. (whoop strap is apparently the most accurate fitness tracker out right now and ive found that my apple watch says i burn 800 more calories then the whoop says. just a heads up. IT wasnt easy but ive been doing it and got on a great routine. My lowest weight was 208. i now hover between 225-230. i weigh every few weeks but dont get too obsessed with the scale anymore. i know that if i stay within my calories that im fine. Its been a process and i had to learn a lot. it wasnt all easy but 110% worth it. This surgery opened a whole new life for me. I am extremely greatful.

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    Iluvbats reacted to ClarkKent in June Surgeries   
    My surgery is the 16th too and my diet is pretty much the same as yours. Started a day early and so far so good just missing my carbs!!
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    Iluvbats reacted to Dave In Houston in June Surgeries   
    The pre-surgery diet they gave me was called "semi-liquid." It was about 1000 calories, 90g Protein and 90g carbs. I was supposed to do it for 14 days, but I started it 12 days ahead instead. I did it pretty well, but I did sneak in a chicken sausage on a Greek pita the last day.
    My surgery went ahead as planned, so I wouldn't worry about them cancelling.

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    Iluvbats reacted to Sleeved pleased in June Surgeries   
    Surgery is June 14!! So nervous but so excited to get over it!!
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    Iluvbats reacted to NewMe_2021 in June Surgeries   
    I had to finally walk away from most of the FB groups, support boards and YouTube channels as I didn't want to scare myself before surgery. It's already really nerve wracking to think I am choosing to have this surgery rather than it being a medical emergency. My primary care doctor put it into good perspective though - she said "isn't it nice that you can choose to have a surgery that may help you avoid needing a surgery you don't have a choice about in the future?" I keep reminding myself it is a pretty straightforward surgery and most people get through it without any issues. People get on a lot of those groups and do videos looking for help with the issues the are having...all the others are out there living life! I feel like it's important to be aware of the slim possibility of complications, but, chances are not many are going to have them. Maybe step away from some of the videos until after surgery? Hang in there!
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    Iluvbats reacted to NewMe_2021 in June Surgeries   
    Stay busy!! I have found the key is distraction. I have had a lot of people tell me to drink lots of Water, but, I find that doesn't do anything for me with regards to silencing the hunger. I try to ensure I stay as physically distracted as I can, stay out of the kitchen when my family is making their food and have been focusing on getting lots of extra sleep. There's no easy way through it that I have found...just be stubborn and stay focused on the goal at the end.
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    Iluvbats reacted to Shyree Wimberly in June Surgeries   
    I'm scheduled for June 25th I'm nervous but excited.

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    Iluvbats reacted to Nsch1018 in June Surgeries   
    I’m leaving to fly home in about three hours. Dreading the flight but anxious to shower in my own bathroom and sleep in my own bed.

    I had sleeve and hernia repair on Tuesday afternoon, and feeling really great. Others have mentioned nausea and so I’d like to share my tips since I get nauseas so easily.
    pre Surgery I was given zofran and Pepcid in IV. They also gave me a patch to wear behind my ear and sea bands for my wrists. After surgery I alternated between zofran and phenegrin by IV and then orally. I was discharged just a few hours after surgery so worried I wouldn’t be able to swallow pills ,but strangely that hasn’t been a problem for me.

    I was also given “queues ease clip on” to wear and that helped a lot. They can be purchased on Amazon and you just clip to shirt and the aromatherapy is mild but effective. I also find that rubbing Vicks baby rub under my nose helps as well and plan on using that on the plane. It’s invisible so you won’t feel like Claire’s from Silence of the Lambs.

    Since I get nauseas when laying down, I walked as much as I could and my companion did back percussions which helped a lot and felt good.

    I know this journey is not easy, and that I’m far from perfect, but I am going to try as hard as this 62 year old body will allow to take advantage of this tool I’ve been given.

    Good luck to everyone. I know we can all do this!
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    Iluvbats reacted to Tonya1986 in June Surgeries   
    Had my surgery on June 2nd and yesterday was really bad today is a bit better... wishing all June Dates the best of luck

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