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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. On 03/06/2022 at 11:37, idk4w said:

    Obviously not looking for a psak on this forum ;) and I'll end up asking my rav, but curious to know what you've all done about arba kosot and shiurim of matzah if up til now I've been makpid with shiurim (even the smallest shiurim are still a lot!) and how it worked out for you.

    (Sorry to those who are reading the question and have no clue what I'm talking about, I don't mean to be exclusive, but I'm using terminology referring to Jewish law)

    I know others who had the sleeve, weren’t careful on pesach and got themselves quite sick so I’ll be speaking to my rabbi….

  2. On 04/01/2022 at 12:18, vikingbeast said:

    (I am not Jewish, but have Jewish family and have been immersed in Passover for decades.)

    It would depend how far out from surgery you are and how strict your particular observance is.

    If you follow a rabbi who insists on five kezeitim during seder, you might have a lot of trouble fitting it in. But Halachic observance does take second place to medical reality, which is why the very sick (or those who would become very sick) are not allowed to do ta'anit on Yom Kippur or Tisha b'Av.

    At six months out, I would be able to eat five kezeitim, but not much else. I am not sure I would be able to eat an entire Hillel sandwich, for example, not with maror and karpas and extra charoset and all the rest of it. If I drank arba kosot, I'd be drunk off my tuchus.

    But if you are willing to abide by the Halachic spirit if not the strict letter of the law, you could use a thimble-sized glass for the arba kosot, you could eat a small Hillel sandwich and a total of two kezeitim during Seder and have room for bites of other things depending on your tradition (Ashkenazim would have things like beitzah and gefilte fish).

    You should have a serious discussion with your rabbi about it, because your interpretation and mine are probably quite different, and it's your observance, not mine.

    Explanation for those who are scratching their heads at the random Hebrew sprinkled in these posts:

    The OP wants to know how a religiously observant (frum) Jewish person who had had a sleeve surgery would manage to do the required eating of the unleavened bread (matzah) during the Passover seder. Some rabbis say that Jewish law (Halacha) requires that every person eat five pieces of matzah during Seder, each one being about 26 square cm or 4 square inches (kezeit). Some require two kezeitim. Some have different requirements depending on what the matzah is made out (you have to eat more if it's made from oats and wheat, less if it's all wheat). And some don't have any minimum amount required. There are also other things required—dipping herbs into salty Water (karpas), eating bitter herbs (maror, usually horseradish), making a sandwich out of matzah and fruit compote (charoset, called a Hillel sandwich), eggs (beitzah), etc., and you must drink four cups of wine (arba kosot), though they can be very small. Ta'anit means fasting, which happens twice a year for Jewish people, on Yom Kippur and Tisha b'Av holidays.

    For someone who isn’t Jewish, you sure know a lot! I’m an orthodox jew and there are thousands of us although not sure how many on this site. I’m nervous about this too with passover coming up. I’ll be speaking to my rabbi for guidance. A lot depends of course on how far out you are. At seven months out there’s no way I’d be able to eat all the amounts

  3. I’m actually going through this Hair loss cycle for the third time in a year and a half. It basically happens anytime your body experiences a traumatic/ hormonal change and in the last 18 months I had a baby, got Covid and then had the sleeve done. Each brought on the hair loss so as an “expert” I’ll tell you that though it’s distressing, for most people it slows and then stops. When you start noticing fuzzies around your hairline you know you’re on the rebound. Good luck!

  4. On 11/30/2021 at 07:40, sunshineangela said:

    I had the surgery gastric sleeve a few months ago. My weight has stalled at 45-50 lbs lost. I understand your frustration. I have a issue getting all the Protein. When I do consistently get all the Protein 60grams a day thats when I start losing. Maybe that can help you too. I don’t lose weight when I am not getting the protein.

    I find the same thing happening with me. I’m 4 months out and sort of stalled at 50 pounds.

  5. So guess what? After three weeks on the same pound the scale finally started to move again!! For me I think the trick was eliminating carbs to shock my system and drinking a lot. I also added a probiotic and stool softeners to get my digestive system back in order. Hoping I could ride this wave for a while now! Good luck to all of you!

  6. On 08/09/2021 at 21:50, Grace85 said:

    Mali, Dr. Sadek 😁 is my list. I'm just uncertain about the follow up care. Did you have Robotic or regular laproscopic surgery?

    Hope your doing well. Thanks.

    So I’ll be honest- I’m just three weeks out so i only had one post op visit so far. I only met him once before surgery. Otherwise I addressed concerns to dr antoine who has the most amazing bedside manner. I’m not sure if it was robotic but I will say that i had an amazing quick recovery. With a large hiatal hernia I barely needed pain meds and was back to normal a week later except for lifting. Three weeks out i can eat everything, my incisions look great and I’m lifting my twenty pound baby. Most of his patients had similar experiences. I know some practices might have more of a focus on education which I found lacking here. I did a lot if my own education

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