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  1. I didn’t even try to get my insurance to pay. Their criteria is you need a year of documentation of failed treatment for skin infections/rashes before they’ll pay. I had none of that.
    Well that's bogus! Hopefully my insurance doesn't do the same , how much is a good price for the 360 body lift ? Or how how much did u end up paying , I don't know how much to save up

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  2. You're very welcome. Just don't do edibles of any kind if it's post WLS. But if it's post skin removal, edibles are good to go. But listen to your body and take it easy. And if you do smoke, hold a pillow over your tummy in case you do need to cough...it helps. Just be gentle. THC and even delta 8 is a lot more effective than the opioids they prescribe. My surgeon gave me norco 5's post RNY. A week's worth. Was like taking tylenol. They did nothing for the pain. But herbal "meds" worked like a charm. Gotta [emoji180] mother nature.

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  3. 26 minutes ago, Highly_Undermedicated said:

    I wouldn't smoke after surgery. Just due to coughing and it putting the risk of damaging your suture/staples/incisions inside and out. Try doing tinctures for now or if you want to smoke, just dont inhale deeply or hold it in long enough to make you cough. One thing I have found that works EXTREMELY well is Delta8 CBD vape. No cough. Takes just a little. Get it at most any vape shop and same effects. They do cause munchies though. So watch out for that.

    Forsure , thank for the advice !

  4. 1 hour ago, kristieshannon said:

    Yes. A Tummy Tuck, arm lift, breast lift & augmentation.

    Congrats! Thats amazing I'm happy for you! I've been thinking about skin removal surgery for years! lol just gotta lose all the weight one and for all. I want to lose about 160lbs. If you don't mind me asking , was your skin surgery covered under insurance or did you pay out of pocket ? because i have a surgeon in mind, but would rather not pay out of pocket you know ?

  5. it's the infamous three-week stall. You just got it a little early. Almost everyone experiences that - if you do a search for it on this site, you'll find over 17,000 posts on it (and no, I am NOT kidding...). Mine was weeks 2 and 3. During week 4, it broke and I dropped something like 6-8 lbs in about two days. Just stick to your program and stay off the scale for a few days if you need to. It WILL break - they always do - and then you'll be on your way again.

    Thanks for the reassurance, it feels good to know its normal! I just keep sticking to my diet and doing yardwork, I figure if I burn calories it will help aid it right ? Lol thanks again , hope your journey is going well also [emoji108]

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  6. I had a 4 day stall last week, then Saturday, the scale started to move again. I think it is our bodies recalibrating, then on to the next lower level. Just stick to your plan, and the scale will start moving again! [emoji4]
    Forsure! feels good to know this is normal! Lol

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