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  1. That moment during your wls journey that the weight loss starts to slow down and you hit a wall 🧱 and the dreadful stall begins then you start juggling 2-3 lbs up and down up and down ughhhh after loosing 104lbs in 7months i couldn't have hit that wall any harder i literally just want to scream its so discouraging and such hard work physically and mentally.....

  2. Tomorrow is my Big 2 week PreOp appointment and i have to start the pre op diet my surgery is scheduled for June 1st so to say that am nervous is an understatement. i have never been so scared in my life the what ifs that constantly go through my mind are such a heavy burden the whole what if i medd up the diet and my surgery gets postponed or what if something goes wrong during surgery am i going to be able to manage the pain i been in recovery for the last 6yrs what if this is all it takes am so overwhelmed.

  3. Im scheduled for June 1st i was originally scheduled for may 26 but it got postponed im glad it did i was a nervous wreck lol im still kind of nervous mostly just anxious you wanna know that your making the right decision but their isint really a way to know that the whole uncertainty of it all is killing me i also keep running into negative stories and other people negative experiences

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