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  1. 2 hours ago, Arabesque said:

    As you progress you will be able to eat more. And don’t worry, you won’t have stretched your tummy. It takes a lot of concentrated effort of eating large portions & over a long period of time to stretch your tummy. If you eat until you have had enough or until your restriction kicks in you’re fine.

    As you’re male & taller, you’re dietary requirements will be a different from mine. Plus I’m in maintenance. I do snack several times a day but when I was losing I snacked on yoghurt or cheese initially then added fruit. I alternated eggs with rolled oats for Breakfast. I love rolled oats. Lots of fibre, a good carb, & if you make it on milk you boost the Protein content. You could even add Protein Powder as well though I didn’t. I eat it with blueberries now - yum. I try to ensure everything I eat is of nutritional benefit to me & not empty calories. I eat multi/whole grains twice a day, fruit twice a day, vegetables 2 or three times, dairy 2 or 3 times, meat &/or seafood twice a day to reach 50-60g Protein & eat <30g of fats (salad dressings are my weakness). Some serves are the recommended serving size but others are less it just depends.

    Some people find they have no issues eating a wide range of foods but others discover their tummies just don’t tolerate certain things. I can’t do char grilled meats or vegetables, mashed potatoes, oily fish, fatty meats, breads, rice or Pasta. Some fruits make my restriction kick in early (like mango & apple skin 🙁). I don’t do Beans often because they give me terrible wind. Lentils are fine & I’m going to try some barley soon. I can eat lots of lettuce - it’s a slider food for me so my salad lunches are huge 😁. It’s a bit of trial & error to work out what you can tolerate especially in the first few months. Don’t give up though, you may be fine with something a few months on. Check with your dietician if you are unsure. Plus they should be able to give you a list of foods you could eat &/or a template diet plan to work from.

    Good luck.

    Much appreciated for the thorough feedback.

  2. 17 minutes ago, HealthyLifeStyle said:

    I am 9 months out and didn't start eating fruit until 6 months.

    When I do, I eat strawberries and blackberries. I cut them up and put them in a bowl. I crush up some raw, unsalted walnuts, and mix it all together with a little bit of lite cool whip. So I am getting my fruit intake but making it also be Protein because of the added walnuts.

    I will take a pear and peel the skin off (I can't tolerate the skin) then I cut it up into small pieces, mix it with some raw, unsalted crushed almonds, and put a little bit of honey on it. Sometimes I put it in the microwave for about 20 seconds. It is so delish.

    If I eat any nuts at all they are always raw, and unsalted. When I started I counted out 12 as a portion size. Now I count out 20.

    I still can't eat that much because I get too full quickly. Just use Portion Control and you will be fine. I use a scale and measure everything I eat.

    I am looking forward to eating some peaches and nectarines. The summer is almost here (I live in NH) so better fruits are becoming available. I just have to figure out what I can pair them up with for Protein.

    I recently started enjoying watermelon with feta cheese (I am part Greek) and love feta. I only eat a small amt. due to the salt, and fat content.

    I try to pick one fruit a day for a snack. I plan ahead of what I will eat for the entire day. Like today I had an apple with Peanut Butter for a snack. Sometimes I eat an apple and have some walnuts or almonds on the side.

    Many thanks for the useful information.

  3. 24 minutes ago, HealthyLifeStyle said:

    I eat 5-6 times a day. I write down everything I eat. I only eat things that have Protein in them. If I eat fruit, I pair it with nuts. Keep sticking with the plan and it will work. Everyone plateaus at some point, I did a few times.

    May I ask what kinds of fruits and nuts do you usually eat? Also, do you feel that you can eat larger and larger amounts? I can feel this and I am still only 3 months out, so I wonder if my pouch has already screeched. Thanks!

  4. 1 hour ago, catwoman7 said:

    plateaus are a normal part of weight loss. I just stuck to my program, stayed off the scale for a few days, and my weight loss would eventually start back up. Plateaus usually last 1-3 weeks.

    re: Greek yogurt. I've had that almost every day for Breakfast for the last six years - that's been my usual breakfast since soon after I had surgery in 2015. A denser Protein does tend to keep you satisfied longer, but there's definitely nothing wrong with eating Greek yogurt!

    and yes - I usually have a morning snack and an afternoon snack - I just make sure to work the calories in to my meal plan for the day.

    I eat all the stuff you mentioned - Beans, seeds, fruit. I can't remember when I added them - but probably around where you are now. Check with your clinic and see if it's OK to start adding them.

    Thanks much.

  5. Hello,

    I am almost three months out and I have hit the dreaded plateau for two weeks now without any weight loss. I am told by my NUT to stick with the program, but I really feel bored with my diet. for Breakfast, when I don't wat eggs, I eat feta and gouda cheese or low fat greek yogurt, but I read somewhere that these go down quickly and may not be considered "solid food" as such, and cause one to get hungry much sooner. For lunch and dinner I eat a small piece of chicken and grilled veggies. I don't have fruits. I try to get as much Water in between as I can.

    I also feel hungry just an hour or two after the meal. Any of you experience the same?

    Do you snack or only do three meals a day?

    I exercise at least three days a week.

    I am also curious to learn your diets. For instance, how did you break the plateau? do you eat lentil and fava Beans (I love both!), fruits, seeds, and if so when did you introduce them after surgery.

    Many thanks.

  6. 18 minutes ago, Rosie_flips said:

    Hi Steph, I was sleeved on the 31st too, yesterday was the first time I met my liquid goal. Some things to look out for with dehydration are the colour and smell of your pee. Clear and light coloured with no distinct odour is good, but if it’s dark in colour and has a strong smell, that’s not great. Another thing to try is the pinch test, if you pinch the skin on the back of your hand it should spring back to shape within a few seconds.

    Defs call your team if you think you need extra fluids/support.

    I found that setting a 5 or 10 minute timer and portioning out 1oz of Water (in a medicine cup) really helped me focus on getting the fluids in. And I added chunks of cucumber to my Water for flavour (I’m pretty sick of sweetness) but of course I don’t eat them!

    Wishing you luck and I hope it gets easier for you.

    While I am no means an expert, I have been through this as well. I found that water was the most difficult to drink, but I did better with Decaf iced tea. I also added a few drops of mio to water and it made it easier to swallow. The easiest by far at the liquid diet stage was Premier Protein chocolate and the Bone Broth. I think this is a trial and error and you will find out what works best for you in terms of fluids. Good luck.

  7. 7 minutes ago, ShoppGirl said:

    I have the Baritastic app installed but hadn’t started using it yet because my team hasn’t given me calorie goal yet. Just Protein and amount of ounces to consume although I’m sure it’s not much because i am still on soft food diet so it’s just meat and veggies. Well, plus two Protein Drinks which is 250 calories but one of those is a shake and I have it for Breakfast most days. I just started Baritastfic when you mentioned it today though so I will let you know.

    It is very interesting how different bariatric programs differ in terms of some of the diet recommendations. For me, I am supposed to abstain from meat until 3-6 months from surgery date! At any rate, best of luck and let's keep each other updated since you are my surgery twin 🙂

  8. 50 minutes ago, ShoppGirl said:

    My sleeve was March 9th and my weight loss has stalled as well. Several people on here say that the three week stall seems to be a common thing. We can hang in there together.

    Indeed ShoppGirl. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the stall would be over.

    On another note, I am curious what calories level are you consuming. I plugged in a couple of sample plan that was provided by my NUT, and it was around 550 calories. I am around this level, and try to reach 70 mg Protein. The surgeon actually cleared me to ease into the last diet phase, and I know this is earlier than others. I used to use myfitnesspal, but yesterday I started experimenting with Bartastic app and I like it.

  9. 10 minutes ago, Hop_Scotch said:

    Many have experienced this. Its a stall, they can initially appear anywhere from week one up to who knows. Most of the initial stalls are experienced between week two up to about week six and can last anyway up to a week to three weeks or so.

    Keep following your post op plan, and the scales will reflect your efforts again soon.

    By the way it would be helpful if you filled in our profile...Surgery type, surgery date weight, current weight, height etc - it provide context to questions etc.

    Many thanks for the prompt response, and glad to see that this is not uncommon. I will try to complete the profile, in spite of being technically challenged 🙂

  10. 39 minutes ago, ShoppGirl said:

    I was March 9th and I am down 10 pounds from surgery 25 total. I am doing great though. No pain and not a lot of hunger at all. Some when I’m board but I just ask myself why am I hungry and it’s usually just boredom. I am hoping that this summer in south Florida will not be as dreadful as I will be losing weight as it gets hotter and hotter. Ooh and mine stays the same for days too so I shouldn’t weigh everyday but when I wake up I always check anyhow. Lol

    Hi all,
    My sleeve surgery was on March 10. I lost 10 lbs pre surgery and 10 lbs forst week post surgery on liquid diet. Since I switched to soft food I started feeling hunger and the weight loss went down to 3 lbs. However I am glad that now I am better able to figure out my body's signals. For example, I don't feel full but if I eat a whole egg for example or if I eat it faster than I should, I feel pain under my sternum and I am not a happy camper! Luckily I didn't throw up and I am able to walk a bit every other day (I have had multiple back surgeries). No surgery pain or puncture site pain otherwise. Hope all are doing well.

  11. I had my gastric sleeve surgery ten days ago. Was having difficulty tolerating Water. Today was my first followup with my doctor. He gave me the greenlight to proceed with soft food phase (a week earlier than the expected date on the center's program). I managed to eat some of the food suggested (e.g. chicken salad for lunch, tuna salad and soft veggies for dinner) with absolutely no discomfort nor feeling of any restriction. I only had to stop to stay within 2 oz but I could probably eat twice of three times as much as that amount. I feel hunger pains and I can drink the 11 oz Premier Protein within a few minutes.

    I thought the whole point of the surgery is to feel less hunger, or to only be able to eat very tiny amounts without feeling hungry. Should I be worried? Has this happened to you? Any suggestions? I mean I am happy I can keep the food I eat, but wonder if I will lose weight this way!!

  12. 8 hours ago, LoveSimcha said:

    Hi Everyone! I’ve been sleeved today! Feeling pretty good - not much pain but during surgery they did give a pain med that is supposed to last three days so who really knows how I’m actually feeling lol
    I’ve been drinking with no issues except if I sip too fast, I get a cramp in my stomach so I won’t be doing that again.
    So far so good and I get to go home tomorrow G-d willing

    I was sleeved yesterday evening. Overall, the pain from the incision sites is almost non-existant. I walk every hour and this is fine. However, every sip of liquid I drink causes irritating pain near where the esophogaus meets the stomach. This as well as gurgling noises and nausea.

    Do you guys think this is normal based on your own experience? I still haven't seeny doctor after the operation. Thanks.

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