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  1. This may seem like an odd question but I don’t know so I’m picking your brains... so I was talking to my brother and his wife’s sisters and mother had WLS but afterward, at some point they all had to have their gall bladders removed!!! I freaked out because of course I just had surgery and my doctor had never mentioned that side effect. But here’s the kicker, we all had the same surgeon by coincidence (Gasp!) There is one difference, they had gastric bypass and I had the sleeve...Should I worry????
  2. Cherié H

    This Pre-op diet is a b$@!:

    One, you are gonna be ok. It’s a hump and it takes time to make the change. I was so hungry too, but eventually that passed I got used to the liquid thing. Thankfully, after your surgery you will progress from liquids to solids in stages. Weeks 5-6 post op were the worst for me. I could not drink one more shake. But, I had to get the protein or I wasn’t going to heal properly. So I found infusers and that worked to get me through and to this day I still drink them. There will be so much going on with changes just try to remember why you did it and stay the course. This is a lifelong change for the better and things will be different than you had been used to. But you can get through it😉
  3. Cherié H

    This Pre-op diet is a b$@!:

    Just focus on the goal. It’s hard I know. I kept thinking I wanted my liver to be shrunk really small so it would make the surgery as smooth as possible. I just wanted to minimize any risk I could. But it’s worth it. My health is so improved, I’ve lost almost 60lbs and I’m at week 10 post op. I walk and swim and workout and I can even cross my legs now. Hang in there.
  4. Cherié H

    This Pre-op diet is a b$@!:

    I never did the popsicles and I got sick of jello ( cuz I could only eat half of the serving which what was allowed) But, what I couldn’t keep down by phase 3 was protein shakes. What really helped was water infusers and I Am in phase 5 part two so 3oz. Protein 3x a day. I’m still having to supplement. I used protein2.0 water and Isopure water infuser powder instead of protein shakes. That made it tolerable and palatable for me. Now at week 10 post op and I’m still supplementing at least 20oz. But I can live with it.
  5. Yeah, that’s about right😊
  6. Cherié H

    This Pre-op diet is a b$@!:

    I think it’s so interesting how much variety there is in the pre-op diet from doctor to doctor. I absolutely had no solid foods during my pre-op only 3 protein drinks ( 20g of protein no more than 5g sugar) plus 64 oz of water and sugar free popsicle or jello and chicken broth. No solid food whatsoever. And that’s what I had 2 weeks before and two weeks after. So interesting....
  7. I love this response!!!
  8. Cherié H

    Can I see some before and after pics?

    I never thought to take photos. I guess I should now
  9. Just reading the conversations here I wonder if the decease in stomach size reduces the need for as many kcals to maintain function. I’m fairly new at it, but I don’t imagine ever eating as much or what I used to eat again. But again I don’t really know due to lack of experience. But I’m thinking I’ll probably be protein supplementing for the rest of my life...
  10. One week from today I will continue on my phase 5 journey with food but adding another ounce to my intake making it 4oz. So after eating real protein for a few weeks now I wonder if anyone else is dealing with the mindfulness issue of chewing, and choosing and thinking so much about food. I’m allowed 3oz. Per meal 3x a day. No breads, pasta, rice basically no carbs and some fresh veggies. No fruits, sugars, juices. And then I have to chew my protein til it’s the consistency of applesauce and taking about a half hour to eat it. I’m still supplementing protein, taking vitamins 3x a day etc etc you get the picture. I feel so overwhelmed with all the thinking I have to do about food. I’m not a grazer but I used to be grab and go. And I miss my coffee🙁. Any stories to share about how it’s going with you?
  11. Cherié H

    Mindfulness about new eating

    Ty Sue I got a lot out of your share. Some good tips/ideas. Good to know others experience some of the same issues
  12. Cherié H

    This Pre-op diet is a b$@!:

    The reason for the pre-op diet for two weeks is to shrink the size of your liver so it will not be in the way when they perform surgery lessening the risk of them knicking it while performing surgery.
  13. Cherié H

    This Pre-op diet is a b$@!:

    OMgosh! My pre-op diet was totally liquid and two weeks post op was also only liquid. Mostly protein drinks and water and bouillon and jello. At 4 weeks I was having trouble keeping down one more protein drink without wanting to puke! I finally solved weeks 5 and 6 using water infusers for protein instead of shakes. I’m at 9 weeks and just started getting protein from food (2 oz) x 3 a day. I’ll be moving into adding 1 oz. protein every 2 weeks until I reach max of 6 oz. veggies and little carbs have to be eaten after protein. Protein first always. Pretty soon I won’t have to supplement if I get enough food protein. I’ve lost about 55 lbs so far. But the most important thing is my health is so much improved already which is my goal along with getting fit. Im learning how much I can eat, what I can’t eat and what things don’t like me. For example, anything with oil, made in oil hurts and/or gives me diarrhea. And how to eat. But those liquid diet and shake days made me cry....
  14. Hey Tim, 2 hours after surgery I woke up having to pee! My lips were so chapped and dry and I wanted water but all I could barely have was a sponge on my lips. Plus the mask ( which didn’t help). Anyway, because there was still anesthesia In my system, the very little water I had gave me dry heaves. So listen to the nurses. I had to blow into this contraption and make a ball go up and down so I wouldn’t get pneumonia. A few hours later though, I was going to the bathroom and walking the hallway because they want you to get mobile so you won’t get blood clots. My wounds were glued closed so no stitches or anything and other than the inconvenience of being hooked up to everything IV, oxygen, leg massagers, heart monitor I felt good. Then though came the pressure of having to drink so much water per hour etc. that stuff was harder for me than the actual procedure.
  15. Two words: jealous & mean. Definitely not your true friends. Friends don’t do that to friends. It is not cheating and you won’t be where you were in 10 years unless you totally abandon your new knowledge and eating habits. I think you’ve made the decision to have surgery because you needed help to get your health on track. Stay the course and remember who you are and why you had surgery in the first place. Eliminate people who put “you” at risk. I hope to read good and positive things about you in the future😊
  16. I ❤️ Your attitude! Keep moving forward!
  17. I’m post op week 8 and I’m still needing to supplement with protein drinks. I really struggled especially about week 6. I had tried several brands and flavors and types . When I started realizing I wasn’t even getting 20-30g, when I was supposed to be having 60-90g I started to panic. And the doctors had no suggestions except to change flavors or brands. It didn’t really help. I began throwing up the protein because I drank too fast or too much trying to get it down. The smell physically made my stomach hurt just making it. My son gave me a brand called HUELL which was better because it had little flavor or smell. It was the best of all of them but What finally has helped was protein water infusers. The one I preferred was ISOPURE because it used stevia instead of artificial sweeteners which gave me headaches. Now I seem to do better because I can water it down but still get my protein although I have to drink more. Still takes me all day to finish 60g but at least I’m not throwing up or dry heaving. My experience
  18. Thanks Tim C. The management of all this is intense right now, but I’m trying to stick to the plan. I appreciate your encouragement. Best of luck to you too.
  19. Cherié H

    Protein supplement struggle

    Such good suggestions from everyone. Ty for your experience and input. Definitely helps
  20. Wow! So good to hear and know. The journeys of others is so helpful and inspiring TY
  21. Cherié H

    Protein supplement struggle

    Thank you for your share! Good info, I’ll look forward to that time also Never thought of Pinterest! Thanks Cherie04 and HealthyLifeStyle
  22. Cherié H

    Sugar Free/fake sweeteners drinks

    All the drinks with fake sugars, especially Sucralose gave me headaches. Drinks with stevia were better but I honestly drink water and I really like HINT water. Infusers for water like Isopure were good too because I’m still supplementing protein. I just water it down a lot.
  23. HI Everyone New to this But so glad I found it because I’m all alone on this road. I lost 10 Lbs pre-op and I’m at 8 weeks since surgery, phase 5 on the food plan. I’ve lost 55 lbs total up to now but I’m just moving from 2 oz to 3 oz of food 3X a day so let’s see how it affects it.