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  1. I almost never post here because I hate the format on this website and prefer fb but wanted to try to inspire more people. The first photo is how big I was the night before the surgery. The other 3 were taken within the last week. I had the duodenal switch December 30, 2021 at the age of 24. My weight immediately going into the procedure was about 301. (My highest weight of all time, I believe was 320) I now hover between 157-160 and basically eat whatever I want. I'm fairly active and also malabsorb a ton (common channel length is 85 cm) Depending on the day, I eat somewhere between 3500-4000 calories a day. My weight doesn't budge. Still, life sucks in other ways. I struggle with serious depression that has crippled me. Mental health is always a work in progress. Any questions feel free to ask.
  2. I am currently scheduled for December 30th. Duodenal Switch. Cautiously optimistic but slightly anxious (family is driving me nuts)
  3. For those of you that know, what was the common channel length for your DS procedure? I am looking to get the Duodenal Switch but I would like to find a surgoun who does a shorter CC. I've seen horror stories of people with longer CC regaining significant amounts of weight.
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    Taking soooo long

    God damn Covid postponed my surgery for months and I couldn't even get the testing done because they don't test until you're a month from a scheduled date. Pissed off. Just take solace in the fact that once you get it, they can't take it away.
  5. Hello everyone, After researching the various weight loss surgeries I have decided that the original duodenal switch operation is best in line with what I want in terms of weight loss. The problem is that I live in NY, and only the modified version is offered here. After doing research, I found Dr Keshishian in California, who seems to be very credible with alot of experience with the DS operation. However, I am trying to find a way to get insurance approval. I am currently on medicaid and it is highly unlikely that they would approve an out of state operation. I can afford private insurance, but am unsure of how I would go about getting the out of state approval that I need. I thought about getting insurance in California, but I would need state Residence and would have to live there. Any advice on what I could do would be MASSIVELY appreciated.

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