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  1. shultz

    Taking pills after surgery

    Surgery was on 3/31. I took a bunch of meds. They added more meds after surgery and some went in via IV and not pill form. Six days post op and things are look well so far. Although I do seem to be consuming quite a bit of pills. Pills almost make a full meal for me.
  2. shultz

    Out of surgery

    Jello - like gelatin or sugar free chocolate pudding??
  3. Sorry you've have to deal with the insurance co. I have been on Depakote for over 40 years for seizures. I have tried numerous other meds to control which didn't work. Insurance didn't care - they denied me and denied my appeal, even with 7 physician letters. I determined that this surgery was my last chance and scraped and borrowed to pay for it. I have SelectHealth and no one has been able to tell me how to get them to listen and understand how critical this surgery may be for people who have no choice but to take depakote for a normal life.
  4. Happy friday all - I am scheduled for surgery next Wed and the MD wants me to lose between 10-20 lbs. I have been adhering to the 3 protein drinks, 2 cups of veg and 2(1/2)c of broth each day. I have been on it for 7 days and only lost 7 lbs. Any ideas/tips? I'm hardly eatting anything and it should be falling off me. Thanks!
  5. Hi all - going to be starting my pre-op diet. The directions have a list of vegetables, but it doesn't say anything about raw vs cooked or using spices or oil to cook them in? Help?
  6. I was what some of you ate as a special last meal before you had to start the pre-op diet?
  7. shultz

    Any March 2021 Sleeve Patients?

    I am scheduled for March 31, just set the date last week. I have like 10 appts for different tests and meeting with surgeon, it's very overwhelming maybe because it's happening so fast. I've had a lot of "stuff" happening in my life recently and found myself trying to catch my breath last night. I finally realized that it was either stress of everything or the fear of the surgery. And the insurance denied me so I have to pay for it out of my own pocket. I'm a single mother so I guess I finally just started feeling overwhelmed. Has anyone faced major anxiety yet?
  8. shultz

    What to say to the psychiatrist

    I found the interview helpful. My psych had bariatric surgery 10 years ago so I had as many questions for her. About 30-40 minutes but basically just a chat.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm looking to talk to someone with epilepsy who has had the surgery? What their experience has been? I'm a little nervous. Thanks J