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  1. Hello everyone! My liver biopsy came back normal, and the bruising stopped several months ago. My ALP is goes up and down randomly. I feel great, but continue to get my levels checked every six months. I did find out that taking steroids will through my ALP numbers off. It takes 3-4 months for liver enzymes to level out for some people. No new tests are scheduled. It is a wait-and-see thing now.

  2. Hello ClareLynn, My AST and ALT are finally in range as of the last three months. The ALP did decrease but not within the normal range. It has not been as high as last year when I was hospitalized. The last set of liver enzymes taken did show low Protein which is new. Bruising on the arms and legs increased in the past six months. My general practitioner, hematologist, gastrologist, and hepatologist have concluded it is the liver function. The next step is a liver biopsy which I will know more about on Monday. I will say I feel good and would never know anything was wrong without the bruising and the bloodwork. I did not have issues prior to the DS surgery and still don't know if it related to it. General Practioner believes the liver is not processing my protein properly. I looking forward to my appt on Monday with the hepatologist.

  3. I completely understand and felt bloated as well. Everyone moves at their own pace after surgery and no two cases are the same. My mom and I both had the surgery with very different experiences. Our doctors said take sips and until you recognize how your body feels. For my mom, it was a slow process with Fluid intake and I was the opposite. Best advice...slow and easy. You know your body better than anyone else. Remember your body is recovering and learning something new along with your mind. It is not a sprint to your goal. It is a well paced marathon. You got this!

  4. My surgery was Oct 2020. Started having elevated ALP, ALT, and AST levels 6months post op with enlarged liver. In the hospital for a week with no answers to the cause. It's been 3 months since the hospitalization and the ALP is elevated again. All other blood work and Vitamins are excellent levels. Doctor ordered an Alkaline Phosphate Isoenzyme test to determine the source of the elevated ALP. The results shows both liver and bone as the source.

    Anyone else have this happen? What could possible be the issue?

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