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  1. Hi please bare with me I’ll try to explain my best! so I have Medicare as my primary insurance and state medicaid as my secondary insurance. Typically I don’t get a bill bc the state insurance picks up what Medicare doesn’t pay. Well my surgery is approved by Medicare but the Medicaid is saying they won’t approve it bc they require 1 year free from alcohol/ drugs as I use marijuana for pain management that violates there rules. Typically I follow Medicares rules as they are the primary n the medicaid They would cover the part A Deductible and the leftover copayment 20% etc. I feel like the medicaid denial is based on if they were they primary which they are not. So I basically have no idea of I’ll have a huge bill or not. has anyone been through something similar?
  2. The use of medical marijuana to treat chronic pain conditions isn’t what I call drugs but yea throw a bit more rude n judgmental smh
  3. My surgeon refuses to do both and states it can cause issues with identifying postop complications and increases risks. I guess it makes sense, I was kinda annoyed bc I have had a couple gallbladder attacks.
  4. Alicia.vsg

    What to do in the mean time???

    I have been working on eating healthy for over 3 months now. It’s important to get yourself ready for after surgery. I stay around 1200-1500 cal a day 80-100g protein and under 50 carbs I have lost 31 lbs so far!
  5. Alicia.vsg

    Any December surgery

    December 9th for me!! Start my 2 week liver shrinking diet this Wednesday.

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