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  1. Thanks all, appreciate the confidence boost and hearing your stories. I had surgery mid-summer (full hysterectomy + stuff) to treat endo and ovarian cancers. The recovery was brutal, and I had vertigo as well so I was tilting over whenever I walked, at an alarming angle LOL. Having had that experience so recently I was not sure how this would compare, if it would be as intense. At that time I was bubbled with one other person, and he came and stayed for a week, and then popped in as needed. Learning to fly solo is hard for me, I might be under confident, I guess. Am so excited for my surgery and for all of the positive things this will bring to my life.

  2. Hi all, excited to be here.

    So -- surgery is in one week -- NOV 23rd -- and I have been wondering what the recovery process is like for those who live solo or in solo "bubbles" (COVID distancing in place). The only person who comes to my apartment is a PSW once every two weeks to help with laundry, vacuuming, etc (things I could not entirely manage on my own because of other pre-existing health issues like fibromyalgia). I asked the hospital social worker if I could get an increase in hours for the few weeks post surgery and she said no.

    Am interested to hear what the immediate post-surgery experience is like. Will I be okay while living alone? I expect some pain, and tiredness. What else should I expect?

    I have friends who can drop groceries at my apartment door, as needed (and I have been stocking the freezer). We plan to check in via zoom.

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