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    Ada_1 got a reaction from lizonaplane in Lose, lose, stall   
    That made my day and gave me the drive to keep on trying
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    Ada_1 got a reaction from lizonaplane in Lose, lose, stall   
    That made my day and gave me the drive to keep on trying
  3. Congrats!
    Ada_1 got a reaction from Arabesque in Lose, lose, stall   
    I have had a stall for 6 weeks and it’s depressing me I lost 54 pounds in 5 months is that good?
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    Ada_1 reacted to SouthernGirl601 in Any December surgery   
    Almost 1 week out. Surgery date was December 18th. Look forward to interacting more on the forum. ❤️
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    Ada_1 reacted to Betty1971 in 7 days post-op.   
    All I can tell you is just keep your mind busy. You can drive yourself crazy wondering if your hungry, sore, full or constipated! If your busy this month will go by quickly and life will get better.
    Just drink lots of Water, try to get the Protein in, but walk around ALOT and keep busy.
    time is your enemy, the more you think about things the more it will bother you.
    your job is to drink water, protein and walk and before you know it you will be at week 5 sitting down to supper with the family eating 1/2 a chicken breast and carrots and will have forgotten all about the liquid diet I promise this too shall pass.

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    Ada_1 got a reaction from Dadof5 in 7 days post-op.   
    Congrats and I feel the same I am in the mental phase of trying to understand how things will be as well the Full liquid diet is not fun, I have also swallowed too fast and it felt funny just have to get use to this new life as well
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    Ada_1 reacted to Dadof5 in 7 days post-op.   
    Well I am officially 7 days post-op. I took a big hit from the anesthesia. Took me all night Monday and all day Tuesday before I could focus or feel like I wasn’t going to fall asleep the second I relaxed. The day after I got home from surgery the doctors office called and when I mentioned I struggled with anesthesia she said. “Yeah I heard.” LOL And the pills. I was taking a ton of pills. Felt like I ate more pills in those two days then I had eaten anything since my pre-op diet started. Reflux hit as well as gas pains and it was rough so I stayed an extra night. I am doing well now. Managing pain with Tylenol and trying to get up to my 64 oz of Water and 60g of Protein. Motivation is hard at times but my wife is great. It’s a slow process and I am working on getting my mind wrapped around what happened and what life is going to be like. And my kids have been amazing. Well not all the time. But they have been really careful around dad and I’ve gotten a ton more cuddles from the kids. My oldest (11) does get worried and when he came home from school today he told my wife he felt like something was wrong. I was in bed taking a nap. She got out of him that he was worried about me. So we talked and I was able to reassure him that I was okay and things are getting better. It’s a good feeling to know that your kids care about you enough to worry. 😀
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    Ada_1 reacted to Ada_1 in Any December surgery   
    me too!
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    Ada_1 got a reaction from Dadof5 in Any December surgery   
    Hope you feel better, I had my surgery 6 days ago
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    Ada_1 reacted to Jennifer1979 in Any December surgery   
    I went in 12/15
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    Ada_1 reacted to MzBrennie in Any December surgery   
    Mine is new year eve - 12/31 🙏🏾
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    Ada_1 reacted to Lolalita in Just had surgery on 12/15   
    My doctors allow yogurt and Jello and sugar free popsicles during my liquid diet phase. See if they’ll do the same for you?
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    Ada_1 reacted to merraculous in Just had surgery on 12/15   
    I threw up a lot at the hospital too... honestly thought I was overdosing on morphine, but they kept giving to me regardless of me telling them the pain was manageable. Honestly felt like a drug addict lol, I would wake up from a sleep drooling and then throw up. And then do it all over again. I would suggest you start writing everything down, how much you intake and how you felt after. Maybe after a week or two you will notice a pattern.
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    Ada_1 reacted to beachparty in Upcoming December Gastric Sleeve   
    I see my Surgeon on the 3rd. I am going to ask if I can have my surgery in December. Lol. I have to go to California to see my son for Thanksgiving thia year.

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    Ada_1 got a reaction from ChubRub in December 17 Surgery   
    Yay congrats I had my surgery on dec 15
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    Ada_1 reacted to FramingFailure in Any December surgery   
    Mine is December 15th! I feel like it is forever away 😬

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