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  1. I've been working with a bariatric clinic since mid 2020 and completed my 6 month supervised diet with them, however, I've decided to move to a more robust and supportive program somewhere else. I have my first visit with the new place on 1/28 and am hopeful that everything will transfer over and they will simply need to resubmit the authorization to my insurance. (I had already received my authorization letter for the initial clinic) The person I spoke with at the new program made the comment that it would "help a lot if I could lose some weight and weigh less than my last appointment with the old program". This is not a requirement of my insurance, so, I'm thinking this is more a requirement they have set. Anyone have any pointers on how to lose several pounds over the next 10 days? I have an immensely hard time losing weight. I have been able to maintain the weight I had at my last appointment, but, my scale has not consistently gone down. I'm lucky to lose and keep off a pound a month and my scale has crazy fluctuations from day to day. I already do the following: - carbs at or under 100g a day - 128-152ozs of water a day - only eat 3 meals a day with no snacking Appreciate any advice or guidance.
  2. Thanks for the input! The person who advised that it would help if I weighed less than my last supervised diet visit was a bariatric coordinator. She said it was because they have to document a downward trend...but...you all have a good point as she likely does not know that my insurance simply requires 6 months of visits. I did not have to lose a certain amount of weight and was already approved. I'm going to try to not stress about it and just see how the appointment goes. Hopefully once I meet with the surgeon it will work itself out.
  3. Hi all! I just got word my original surgeon (Dr. Udelhofen) is leaving the practice and Dr. Schumacher will be performing my RNY. Sounds like he has done thousands of surgeries...has anyone here had him as a surgeon? If so, could you share your experience and if you would recommend him?
  4. Hi all! Just reaching out to see if anyone has had any experience with Dr. Udelhofen at Journeylite Cincinnati. I'm coming up on my 5th supervised diet (out of 6) and just want to get a feel for how surgeries went with him and the general experience through Journeylite. Dr. Curry did my initial consult, so, I haven't even met Dr. U yet. I think this is making me even more nervous than what I need to be. I'm hoping to get my surgery in by the end of the year. Appreciate anything you can share.
  5. ltaylor9597

    Dr. Udelhofen!

    Dr. U will be doing my gastric bypass as well (hopefully in December). I've been trying hard to find people who have had him as a surgeon and it's been tough. Have you had your surgery yet? How did it go?

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