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  1. Layken

    Protein Shakes

    My favorite pre-made protein shake so far has been Premier Protein. I really like the Caramel, Strawberries & Cream, and the new Peanut Butter Chocolate. For powders, I've been using Bowmar Nutrition. They have TONS of flavors and I've really liked each one I tried. Question for anyone: are you guys counting your protein shakes as part of your caloric intake with tracking apps? I'm about 7 months out now and am focusing now more on calorie intake to try and get over these stalls 😶
  2. I had the vertical gastric sleeve about 3 months ago and I STILL have not noticed an increase in energy levels. About 4 weeks post-op after I started feeling somewhat normal I was able to get in a few 30min walks a day, but then my energy just went away after that. I'm sure its a mixture of COVID (not working) and my body adjusting but I thought with a 50lb weight loss that I would feel way more energetic than I do. Any others have issues like this post-op?
  3. Layken

    Energy Levels After WLS

    Yes! It is so awesome to be off of most medications. I’ll take vitamins over them any day! And I feel you on the mental energy. 2020 period has been draining
  4. Layken

    Energy Levels After WLS

    This is something that my doctor told me was okay to do! My surgeon had me stop taking 2/3 bp meds right before surgery and I pretty much have to self monitor now. Of course, I call my dr with my bp readings, but my surgeons office didn’t do much with medication monitoring.
  5. Layken

    Energy Levels After WLS

    I have not have them done post op yet but have an appointment coming up at the end of the months! Hopefully I will get some answers then. Never had any thyroid issues but have had low vitamin d levels in the past.
  6. Layken

    Energy Levels After WLS

    Soooo I didn’t think of it until yesterday but I was on 3 blood pressure meds before surgery and went down to half of one after. I checked my bp today and it was 128/78 so I’m going completely off of the last one to see if that helps.
  7. Layken

    Energy Levels After WLS

    That’s awesome!! Congrats on the triathlon!!!
  8. Layken

    Energy Levels After WLS

    That’s awesome that you get that much cardio in everyday! I’ve experimented with some healthy carbs like baked plantains and avocado but haven’t noticed much of a difference.
  9. Layken

    Energy Levels After WLS

    Thats true! I have been trying my best to keep up with my vitamin regimen and water intake but who knows if it is spot-on.
  10. Layken

    Energy Levels After WLS

    But what breeds activity? 🧐 jk! thanks for your input
  11. Layken

    Anyone else stalling?

    Same thing happened to me around week 3-4 and again this week at week 9-10!! The first stall was because I actually wasn't getting in enough protein or calories (crazy right) and my nutritionist says that stalls and fluctuations are common and normal, due to water weight, retention, etc.
  12. I am also SUPER afraid of this happening. Getting back into old habits, cravings, overeating, etc. So far, so good, but only about 3 months post op.
  13. Layken

    Sex after sleeve surgery

    Soooo I noticed that us both laying on our sides worked well. For some reason sex has been kind of painful lately, but we also haven’t been doing it as often.

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