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  1. I am surprised to hear a few people saying they drink soda after this surgery. I was told NEVER!! I am too scared to even try it.
    Im 7 months out and have drank some of my husband's coke here and there. I was told never to drink it either. I'm not encouraging you to break the rules. Cokes was never my thing though. I need to stop the iced coffees and redbulls again though[emoji5][emoji51] oh and I'm a sleever. Idk what group this is posted in because it doesn't show for me on mobile.

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  2. The 10th going to the pre op tomorrow very excited [emoji16] wish me luck [emoji120] 20210102_130430.thumb.jpg.f1633e311bc0ac07c5740bc60d90e2a9.jpg 20201107_121651.thumb.jpg.54eac7468b677f4fab04dfe8c58b2afa.jpg
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    Congratulations!! That's so exciting to finally have a date!! You won't regret it! This site is an excellent community of support, encouragement, experience, and advice. Prayers for ur upcoming surgery next month!

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  3. “The body keeps the score” is a book on scientifically why our body holds traumatic experiences. I’ve read in a lot of places that as people loose weight these emotions (stress toxins) come to the surface... and we can no longer stuff them back down.

    That sounds exactly like what is happening.I love science and psychology! I will go look for that book right now. Thank you for your response![emoji847]

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  4. Day 6 post PS:
    Days 2,3,4 were the most painful I’ll say. Doing great today. Calling surgeon w my Fluid out take and he will decide when I’m coming in for my next appt based on that. Since I have a almost 4 hour drive he doesn’t want me coming in unnecessarily. Hardly have anything coming out of them so I bet I go in this week.
    Abdomen has very little pain now. Breasts feel swollen and sore.
    Think I need a better supported bra to hold them closer. Im in a fruit of the loom front button sports bra. My body is smaller than the cup size so the around part doesn’t fit secure but the cup area I’m def filling that part up.

    Not sure what I would do without this forum. Everyone has been so helpful w tips and encouragement. [emoji169]Thanks everyone!![emoji169]Wish we all lived closer and could do a yearly get together!
    So glad to catch up on ur updates! Prayers for a quick and healthy recovery! [emoji847]

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  5. I have been blessed in life to be able to work with Dr Gabor Mate out of Canada in a few projects and love, love love his books. I am a poster child for trauma. I come from a family fueled from addiction, I was lucky to be able to say my addiction was good food and bad relationships in the past instead of drugs and alcohol. Fast forward 25 years and one amazing marriage (two failed) and now WLS I hope to have food addiction under control.
    If you have a chance to read any of his books I strongly suggest it. It’s amazing to see how trauma and the body have so many connections, long term!!
    Dr Mate opened my eyes to so many connections to my past and current situations and gave me the keys to get in control of my life, his books are amazing!!!

    I will definitely google and find some of those books. Thank u! I am sorry u have experienced such traumas and im happy to hear u are succeeding in ur healing journey[emoji847]

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  6. I know this isn't directly related to wls, but this is my only "social media" outlet so i wanted to ask if anyone has had successful sessions of emdr while they have aphantasia-the inability to visualize mental imagery. I am considering emdr therapy for trauma and am afraid this would be a significant obstacle in my process. I have only recently begun researching emdr (like a week ago) and am reading some people's stories online that have had success but didn't know if anyone of u personally have experience with this? Thanks in advance and if posts like this aren't welcomed here I would happy to not post once aware of this expectation

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  7. Hi!! Lots of trauma here [emoji2] I’m trying to think of each pound that is shed is me taking back my power. I have had tons of therapy and I’m going to start my book. I Hope that’s healing too.
    Hey britt! I hope ur recovering well from wls and can find whatever works to heal/cope with ur trauma. It's very unfortunate that u have suffered so greatly and i will keep u in my prayers for the Holy Spirit to guide u in the right direction on ur healing journey. I would love to read ur book so get on it, girl!! [emoji2]

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  8. This may not sound like an answer about weight loss surgery to begin with but it is: are you familiar with ACE - Adverse Childhood Experiences study. Its a pretty amazing concept and I am going to dumb it up just to shorten this post. Basically its a few questions you answer and it gives you a numerically score and that score tells you how messed up you as an adult should be. I should have childhood amnesia (I do) and I its not just you. [emoji4]
    If you are interested in a few books about healing your inner child and allowing yourself to heal as an adult I would love you send you some ideas. Private message me if you a reader or an audio book fan. Its pretty amazing how the body builds protection mechanisms as small children and adapts throughout life some in healthy ways and some unhealthy but all to survive ..... the human body is amazing.
    Hey hey! Thank u for ur response. I scored an 8/10 on the ace test (not considering all the traumas unaccounted for in the 10 questions) and 2 on the resilience test. I have childhood amnesia and also short term memory problems today as well. I would love book suggestions and will mssg u. I am currently researching emdr therapy. Any thoughts or experiences with emdr?

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  9. Hi everyone, I had my surgery less than 24 hours ago and writing this in the hospital now.

    I made it very clear to my anesthesiologist and care team nausea is a concern for me and they’ve done everything they can to mitigate. So much that I’ve only felt one bout of nausea.

    The pain I’m feeling is uncomfortable but not unbearable. Feel like I did crazy ab exercise and feeling sore.

    Overall I feel good but this could be the fact I have an IV. Am I dreaming? Will I feel like crap when I get home?
    I agree with everyone here. It sounds like ur doing great! I felt like i did 1000 crunches for abt 4 dayd i think and nothing else..no nausea, no real pain..minor discomfort when i felt like i was sewn up real tight in the biggest incision but that goes away quickly too..just fatigue to look forward to and naps help that. Congrats on finally getting it done!!![emoji122][emoji2]

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  10. 3 minutes ago, catwoman7 said:

    no - I was writing about gummy vitamins when I realized she meant Gummy bears. So then I tried to delete my post, but it wouldn't let me delete it. It said I had to put something there. UGH.

    ugh yeah idk why it wont let us delete posts..that's weird to me. Totally off topic and not gonna take over this thread but OMG congrats on ur stats!! We're the same height and ur at my goal weight!! It encourages me to keep going!:):):)

  11. Is Gummy bears, worms etc okay? Was told they aren't good for sleeves

    Hmm ive never heard of that but my doctor says no gum because my new tummy can't break it down if i accidentally swallow it..maybe along the same lines? I know other ppls' surgeons let them chew gum tho so idk[emoji2372] im finding a lot of this stuff to be a guessing game, as so many professionals have differing opinions and so many patients have different experiences...google it maybe? Lol

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  12. Disclaimer: this is a long-winded post and could possibly be triggering for some ppl.

    As i watched tons..and i means TONS..of youtube videos during my "research" period pre op I heard lots of ppl mention the emotional and mental part of this journey post op. I gathered from those videos that i would probably be dealing with past trauma that needs healing as I lose the weight..uhhh i had no clue though to expect THIS! Does anyone else feel like as the pounds fall off, emotional scars are uncovered and smack u in the face randomly? I'm all about healing and psychology so I'm down for the ride but whew! I had a panic attack today and have cried all damn day, not knowing exactly which trauma i am supposed to be addressing in my mind. I had a nightmare/flashback two nights ago and woke up sweating and crying with a full blown panic attack. Thats not abnormal for me but i typically can identify the trigger and what specific trauma was triggered. I couldnt do that today, and the traumatic event that was relived in my nightmare the other night was what caught me by surprise bc that event always seemed like "just another effed up, unfortunate event" that occured to me as a child..not something i necessarily considered big traumas like my father's death, being homeless and on my own as a child, sexual abuse, etc. I'm 75lbs down, abt 6 months post op now. Everything has been super positive and ive been elated since surgery. All of a sudden tho its like as i lose this weight im on a healing journey of integrating the "little broken me" with the "grown healthy me"..if that makes sense..im a very positive, encouraging person (friends always get onto me for having "rose colored glasses"), but lately i am just floored as im slapped in the face with extreme emotions or memories from the past. This could be unrelated to wls...maybe just typical ptsd...i know we like to connect wls to everything we're experiencing now lol but it makes me wonder..are others experiencing extreme triggers now? As bad as it sounds, its still a very good thing..or is that my "theres always a silver lining" defense mechanism speaking for me? Lol..but seriously i can't even put it into words how extreme the trigger is but also the healing i feel im receiving! I ended up in the bathroom speaking all the things to myself in the mirror that i would speak to a child having gone through the pain i experienced as a child...I was giving myself permission to be happy and feel safe and to embrace all my blessings bc i am worthy and do deserve it.i was telling myself that i am a good girl and that im proud of myself (as i look into my 32 year old eyes lol)..encouraging me to trust myself to protect myself and reasuring myself that ill always be here to show myself the love i deserve etc..it was so beautiful and pure..not conjured up at all.. and i wasn't even "thinking" during all this really...it was just flowing from my heart and was really cool!! For the first time ever, i saw how beautiful and precious and strong i am and meant every word of affirmation i was speaking! It was truly amazing! Again, sorry im so long-winded, but i really wanna know, "is this what ppl were talking abt? Are others experiencing this or is this just a me thing?"

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  13. This is going to sound silly but I’ve been stubbing my toes in my kitchen a lot over the last few months. Kicking the dishwasher, the fridge, the skirting boards, cupboards - lots of swearing, hobbling, cracked toe nails & pain. Couldn’t work out why I mean it’s my kitchen. I know where everything is.
    Then yesterday, when I was putting ice on my bruised big toe, I realised why. I don’t have a large stomach that protrudes out & reaches the kitchen bench before my toes do anymore.
    How ridiculous is that. Subconsciously, I walk up to the bench & stop when my tummy hits it. Now when my tummy reaches the bench, my toes have already slammed into the cupboards.
    Also realised while I often have bruises on my lower legs now, probably for the same reason I stub my toes, I don’t have the bruises I used to have on my upper thighs which I’d get from knocking my old large body into furniture.
    Boy do I need to work on my spatial awareness in regards to my smaller body... if only to protect my poor little toes. [emoji16]

    Haha ur post gave a giggle to end my not so great day so thank u for that![emoji16] i can totally see how it all makes sense actually. I hope ur poor little toes make it through this adjustment period lol!

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  14. I’m having a terrible time getting all my Protein in. Where do you get the body armor light drinks? What kind of Isopure do you put in. I got two bags of isopure, vanilla and plain I mix with Water & I can’t take it. Ugh.. I’m afraid my low protein levels are gonna hurt the whole purpose of getting the sleeve. Please help! 77 g is awesome.
    Just checking in. How u doin? How's the protein coming?

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  15. Covid test was negative! I'm one step closer!
    Pre-op is on Wednesday. Happy New Year everyone!
    Congratulations on surgery tomorrow! I bet ur stoked!!! Prayers for peace during ur stay, no complications during ur procedures and that u will be in the least amount of pain as possible during ur recovery! I look forward to ur updates[emoji847]

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  16. I had my gastric sleeve surgery 12/12 one month ago. What different things can I eat ?
    Meal plans post op vary depending on surgeon and bariatric team but i figured id post my team's plan in case that helps u[emoji6]
    Weeks 0-4: 1-2oz liquids every 15-30mins
    Weeks 5-8: 3 tablespoons(1.5oz) puree..no red meat no veggies..cottage cheese consistensy. Very moist very soft
    Weeks 9-6mos: 2-3oz (limit 1 oz fruit and veggies) ground beef okay now. No other red meat or starchy veggies (corn, peas, potatoes).
    6months+: 4-6oz (1/2-2/3 of meal should be protein). All meat and veggies okay now. Limit starches to 1 oz.

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  17. I am abt 6 months post op vsg now and freezing all the time. I used to sleep naked at night with a fan and sweat profusely through the day prior to surgery. Now my husband hates it because I have sweatpants, a hoodie, 2 blankets and a heating pad to go to bed every night[emoji1787] i have had hyperhidrosis since I was a child. This made my hands, feet and armpits stay soaking wet with sweat at ALL times. Im 32 years old now and as much as i hate being cold, i am so happy to have dry cold body parts since surgery[emoji1787] oh and i also feel faint and even queasy often now but i assume i need to up my Water intake[emoji2372] anyways tho, it's all very "normal" apparently because many ppl talk about experiencing it as well. I hope u find what works for u! Good luck!

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  18. This week I am 4 and a half months out from gastric bypass and down 113 lbs! I am 20 lbs away from goal but more importantly, I've gone from a size 28/30 barely fitting to a 12/14 depending on jeans or shirts and slacks. The red outfit I have was in a photo from yesterday; the outfit has been in my closet through a move from one state to another and 5 years as a 'goal oufit' that I was always depressed to think to never even come close to wearing!
    I was jumping up and down when this size 14 outfit easily slipped on yesterday. I honestly teared up seeing it finally come unfolded and the tags come off. Well, we are in NY, it's COLD and by the time winter subsides, I will be out of this outfit for summer and down at least another size so I'm wearing it in the house now lol. I still remain amazed at how much easier it is to move, breathe and even curl up in a ball or take a bath. I can work now in a very physical job and feel tired but not excruciating pain; it's absolutely unreal to me and delightful.
    before3.thumb.jpg.44a2e568c8a175dcdd800a70de00a405.jpg before1.thumb.jpg.fd1087cb513eccfc582437de6abc0070.jpg beforexmas.thumb.jpg.f4cd40fe77e4a15d552ca22e6586a6b2.jpg 136475348_225550549147974_3500529575698997861_n.thumb.jpg.fc6c0f774ead297ebc92126692dcfa8a.jpg 136719398_3382525695203968_2695028182689676043_n.thumb.jpg.cd5f680bad9f2c22437927dd1a2e0c7a.jpg 138346550_160188995567433_7173354401229202832_n.thumb.jpg.d42103f94f97b6de565f6324635d0e85.jpg

    Congratulations!!! 113lbs is amazing and I bet u feel it too!!![emoji122][emoji847]

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