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    Hi all,
    New poster, but long time lurker here. I have a gastric sleeve scheduled for next week on 8/27. A week into the 2 weeks pre-op liquid diet, woo!
    I'm struggling right now thinking about Water post op. This week, I found out that my job is not going to be easy to be sipping water all day. I say just found out because I only started on 8/3. My surgical team tells me that I need to be drinking "0.5oz of water every 3-4min" a day to get to 64oz. With my job, we aren't able to do that. It is a health inspecting position, and we aren't really allowed to have drinks with us especially in food establishments due to code. In addition, constantly drinking water while talking with an operator and inspecting the establishment (temperatures, measurements, etc) would not really work. The inspections typically range 1-3 hours, but can last much longer depending on establishment.
    Of course I can drink while driving, in between inspections, etc. But getting the 64oz a day, at least on most work days, is not going to be realistic based on the requirements they set in terms of drinking rate and drinking before/during/after meals. I messaged them about my concerns, and it isn't going well. They now want me to take 6-8 weeks off, which again is not going to happen because this is a brand new job. I'm able to get the 2 weeks off (that my surgical team and I agreed upon) due to having sick leave that followed me from another state job.
    I'm nervous. I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to meet the hydration requirements, and the more I think about them the more I think that they can't honestly expect every single patient to be able to drink that small amount every 3-4 minutes. I know there are others that have jobs more active or restrictive than mine that still go through the surgery.
    Does anyone have any advice or words to share? I'm afraid at this point, but I've come so far and want to finish. But I don't want to get sick and end up in the hospital, or not have weight loss due to not getting the water they require.