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  1. I am curious as to how much time you need to take off work after surgery. I have a desk job but I work about 10 hours a day and I need to be quite alert and able to think. If my energy level is low, effecting concentration, I won’t be able to do anything - so might as well plan for a longer leave. Would 3 weeks be enough time?

  2. 13 hours ago, Arabesque said:

    One of the reasons I was leaning towards sleeve surgery was because issues with malabsorption were less frequent than with other weight loss surgeries, or so I understood.

    I stopped taking my Vitamins early this year after I started maintenance (made me nauseated so I wouldn’t eat) & my bloods have come back twice since then with all my levels being very good. My bone density is excellent too. My surgeon & dietician are happy with me but we’ll keep monitoring just to make sure. I do eat a balanced diet: Protein, vegetables, fruit, dairy, whole/multi grains, low fat, etc. And I think I just absorb my nutrients well - genetics play a part here I think.

    We’re all different & those who’ve had issues may naturally not absorb nutrients via food &/or supplements as well as others. Some sleevers happily give up regularly taking Vitamins yet others continue to take supplements for myriad reasons.

    Follow your team’s instructions re vitamins & keep up with your blood tests to monitor your levels. That way it there are any significant drops in your levels they are picked up quickly & something can be done about it. There’s a difference between being aware of possible complications & worrying about something that may not happen.

    Good luck with your surgery.

    Thank you all for your helpful responses

  3. Hello all -

    I am going through the pre-op process for Gastric Sleeve and have been doing some research to be better prepared post-op.

    One topic that is really concerning me is the risk of low Thiamin/B1, Iron and Vit D3. My original understanding was that as long as you follow the post-op instructions and take your recommended vitamins/supplements long term, that you will be Ok. However, after reading a number of posts online, it sounds like even then you could develop major complications due to extremely low levels that Dr's may not be able to address?

    Any info, pointers, or advice would be much appreciated.


  4. Hello all - I just started the process for Gastric Sleeve surgery after doing a lot of research on my own. My insurance requires 6 month on a nutrition program, which thankfully I am already in Month 5. The part that has me nervous is the referral requirement. I really have not had a steady primary care physician for the past 6 years - mostly due to the fact that I’ve been so ashamed of my weight. So I really don’t know if I can just walk into a Dr’s office as a new patient and ask for a referral. Can I ask my OBGYN? Not sure if she would be open, but I can try.
    I have a BMI of 43 along with high blood pressure and sleep apnea so from that sense I don’t believe qualification is an issue. I have completed the initial application for the bariatric surgery clinic and am waiting for them to contact me for next steps. I am concerned about the referral becoming a blocker.

    I would appreciate it if anyone who has gone through a similar situation can share their experience or advice. Thank you!