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  1. Manyloves

    Feeling Hungry @ 17 days post op...

    that is cool. I don't meet with the nutritionist until next month. Ill have to ask.
  2. Manyloves

    Anyone for October 2020?

    In 15 days i dropped 21 pounds but my Dr says i need to increase my calories and protein. I have no hunger so trying to figure out how. He also says no soft food until week 4-5. i literally have about 200-300 calories a day if that.
  3. Manyloves

    Feeling Hungry @ 17 days post op...

    what is the app you are using for your food breakdown?
  4. Manyloves

    Feeling Hungry @ 17 days post op...

    Im 18 days and have no appetite for anything, not even liquids. Unfortunately it makes me quite sick, so not sure which is better, hoping it all goes away soon.
  5. Manyloves

    Unflavored Protein Powder

    following, because i need some suggestions as well.
  6. Manyloves

    Severe LPR 3 years after sleeve

    I was sleeved in 2016, on 10/22 had a revision to DS with hiatial hernia repair. 9 hours of surgery, wasnt sure it was the right thing but immediately no more GERD, 20 pounds down in 2 weeks, I can sleep. Wont front the revision surgery kicked my ass, but two weeks later i'm thinking it was the right thing to do
  7. Manyloves

    Any October Sleevers?

    Had my sleeve to DS revision. I was in OR like 8 hours. But I’m walking and takings sips of water and broth. Biggest pain is getting up and sitting down. Also had hiatal hernia repaired
  8. Manyloves

    Anyone for October 2020?

    Hope all went well!
  9. Manyloves

    Anyone for October 2020?

    anyone else sucking on their liquid diet. i had a bite of food today, just wanted to chew something. I didn't drain my soup like I should have
  10. Manyloves

    Anyone for October 2020?

    Hope all went well!
  11. Manyloves

    Anyone for October 2020?

    Why taking off? they cant make you. I pay way to much. They can get you oxygen from your ear.
  12. Manyloves

    Not Having Support

    I'm sorry to hear this. Support is important but it doesn't have to be family. I had to learn to let them be and not discuss it at all and find support elsewhere. In my case its forums and a coworker. I even connected with folks who took the pre-op class with me
  13. Manyloves


    maybe do some writing? I don't think anything makes it go away but you can start getting excited and writing out how you are going to celebrate milestones.
  14. Hope all works out! I had two EGD-a month apart . Biggest side effect was I slept so good after getting home. Was happy the next day was Saturday. Sore throat was worse on the second one. I am a revision patient. Sleeve to DS
  15. I am a sleeve patient now having a revision due to GERD/reflux and other issues. I wanted the bypass and my Dr talked me into the sleeve because of my age and its success was close to bypass, I was also sold on the less invasive aspect etc. Should have went with my gut to avoid a second surgery.
  16. Manyloves

    Anyone for October 2020?

    My surgery is outpatient as well. My doctor doesn't keep folks in the hospital/ Part of me is OK with it because i would rather be in my own bed.
  17. Manyloves

    Anyone for October 2020?

    Hope all went well!
  18. Manyloves

    Anyone for October 2020?

    I live in Bellevue! Having surgery in Kirkland. Not scared but I am scared! Anxious nervous all of those things wrapped in one! I thought of moving to Lynwood.
  19. Manyloves

    ParkWest Dr Williams

    Had my daughter at Parkwest in TN. However, I am in the same situation. I originally wanted bypass or DS but Dr pushed for sleeve, now I'm getting DS. Based on having the sleeve the best revision is the DS from my understanding. When is your revision scheduled?
  20. I haven't used him, but I go to Dr Srikanth in Federal Way and he is awesome! great attitude, everyone is helpful and he has been doing this a long time. How was your surgery?
  21. Manyloves

    Duodenal switch

    I am also getting a DS but from sleeve. My Dr literally drew out everything for me because I was having a hard time finding info. I am aware of the success long term which is what im looking for.
  22. Manyloves

    Anyone for October 2020?

    I'm in Washington as well!
  23. Losing weight I've lost height...figured it was the padding on my feet.lol
  24. Manyloves

    Anyone for October 2020?

    same date. ill start my diet on Mon i need this weekend lol
  25. Manyloves

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    Just wanted to say congrats on your weight loss so far

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