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  1. Congrats!
    star618 reacted to njlimmer in ONEderland!   
    Normally I'm not a toot your own horn kinda gal... but bring out the trumpets!! I hit ONEderland this morning. Friday will be my 6mo anniversary from surgery, but I started the journey in Oct. 2020. Thanks to everyone on this forum for all the knowledge and support!

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    star618 got a reaction from sillykitty in It happened- I got canceled   
    Good luck! I hope they can figure something out for you
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    star618 got a reaction from sillykitty in It happened- I got canceled   
    I had the same surgeon and i was canceled back in January it really sucks. I don't know if you are through Kaiser but you can call your bariatric case worker and see if they can get you in at another facility i know west la and a few other facilities are still doing surgeries and there are cancelations all the time. My friend who was canceled did this and got in a few weeks later. It's worth a shot. Good Luck and hope you can get something figured out.
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    star618 reacted to Tinyhounds in It happened- I got canceled   
    I am with Kaiser. I will definitely call and try to find out. I really appreciate the suggestion!
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    star618 reacted to FutureSkyDiver in Seasoning?   
    I’m only 20 days out, but I have been using salt and chili powder on my eggs with no negative consequences. Other things get seasoned well too.
    I’d rather stay on liquids than eat bland food.
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    star618 reacted to catwoman7 in Seasoning?   
    yes - it's fine. I was pretty sensitive to spicy food the first few weeks (fortunately, that didn't last long as I love spicy food!), but as long as you can tolerate whatever seasonings you use, they're fine
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    star618 reacted to ShoppGirl in Seasoning?   
    I used seasonings without any issue. Some people can’t do spicy early out like others said so keep that in mind.
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    star618 reacted to Officially Not Fatty Matty in Seasoning?   
    I had no problems at all with seasonings and like future skydiver (love the name I’ve always wanted to do it and now I’m not afraid of snapping the harness) said, it helped keep me on the mushies longer. For me, nothing felt any worse than pre op spicy wise, if I could handle it before it was the same after.
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    star618 reacted to Arabesque in Seasoning?   
    Oh, yeah season to your heart & your tummy’s content. Just watch herbs to begin - they can be too coarse & dry & also watch spices as your tummy can be a bit sensitive for a while.
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    star618 got a reaction from sierra.1834 in July Surgeries??   
    Premier Protein has the chocolate Peanut Butter shake, never tried it myself though.
  11. Thanks
    star618 reacted to Jacqueline11 in July Surgeries??   
    Yes! I was up and at it the next day, and out and about that weekend! Just listen to your body, and you will be fine! Also no matter where you go take water!!!!

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    star618 reacted to Cutechick marie in July Surgeries??   
    Just had my surgery July 26th! I’m about 3 days out!
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    star618 got a reaction from Jacqueline11 in July Surgeries??   
    are you able to basically do your normal route at this point? I have some scheduled for 3 weeks out and i'm worried i'll be to tired and run down to do it.
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    star618 reacted to Suzi_the_Q in I hate food....   
    It all sorted itself out. Guess it was just my body healing?
  15. Hugs
    star618 reacted to Ashlore87 in July Surgeries??   
    Good luck today 🤗
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    star618 reacted to Ashlore87 in July Surgeries??   
    Yes! May it be smooth sailing for us both. I’m hoping I don’t get stuck staying at the hospital. I was told you just stay the one day 🤷‍♀️ I’m honestly not looking forward to the first 2 weeks.
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    star618 got a reaction from Ashlore87 in July Surgeries??   
    you too! I'm about to leave for the hospital!
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    star618 got a reaction from Kayla Joy in Scared   
    Excellent to hear! Hope your recovery is smooth sail from here 😊
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    star618 got a reaction from Kayla Joy in Scared   
    @brendasansan how did your surgery go?
  20. Congrats!
    star618 got a reaction from Bulabula in July Surgeries??   
    Will do! Started my liquid diet today and had my covid testing it's getting real!!
  21. Congrats!
    star618 reacted to deenayas in July Surgeries??   
    Surgery July 19
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    star618 reacted to NorthernMaine in July Surgeries??   
    That is great to hear! Mine is scheduled for next Tuesday at 0730. How long where you in the hospital?
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    star618 reacted to Bulabula in July Surgeries??   
    Exciting! We’re the same height, similar weight, and have similar goals! Keep me updated on how you’re doing as we’re only a month apart!
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    star618 reacted to Bulabula in July Surgeries??   
    Tip from a June surgery post op: start taking benefiber preop! The constipation is bad after surgery.
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    star618 reacted to awholenewme in July Surgeries??   
    July 16 is my big day!

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