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  1. I had my sleeve done on Sept 14, lost 15 pounds, I am barely drinking fluids and suddenly stopped losing weight. 3 days and no changes in the scale with the exception that today I gained one pound. I have my 1st post op appt tomorrow and am curious to know what my surgeon will say. I would like to know what you all think.

    I did the same thing but at about a month and a half to 2 months out I really started losing. It will happen! Just be patient.

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  2. If it is too early to get labs done for your surgeon (it's often not until six months,) talk to your surgeon or PCP about your problem and maybe get your Iron and B12 levels checked to see if either of those are your problem - a sleeve does not markedly change your B12 absorption (that's more of a bypass thing) but some people do run intrinsically low in it. Our program doesn't call for any B12 supplements for VSG or DS patients, and I never needed any.
    Electrolytes were mentioned, and that is something to look into. Another area where this is a common problem is simple dietary balance. Our early diets are usually by default low in carbohydrates, and some go overboard even further in limiting them, but they are also our primary energy source - lethargy and brain fade are not uncommon side effects of low carb dieting, so there may be something that can be tried there to restore balance a bit. While I never had any real lethargy problems after the first month or so, I was running out of gas after swimming for an hour, Working with my RD, we added some complex carbohydrate to my lunch before I went to the gym, and a simple piece of toast did wonders, and broke that wall I was having at an hour. That is a simple thing one can try (I didn't add any calories, just reallocated what I was already consuming. A bit of carbohydrate for Breakfast - oatmeal perhaps - can help set the stage for more energy through the day (as opposed to late in the day.)
    I have seen references to some programs that specifically want their early post op patients to do a bit of carb loading (bit of fruit juice, apple sauce, oatmeal, etc.) specifically to help maintain energy levels (nothing big, we're mostly talking about minor adjustments here.) Something else to think about.
    Lots of good info!!! Thank you so much! I am actually supposed to go next week for my labs. I believe my surgeon does them every 3 months for the 1st year or maybe 3 then 6, not really sure. I do not exercise much but I'm forcing myself to stay busy today so I actually do feel better.

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  3. Oh, yeah I was the same. I’d nap just about every afternoon. I was so tired one day, I thought I was going to fall off my treadmill. I’m not a good sleeper but I’d be out for 8+ hours a night. The energy levels picked up at about 6 months when I started maintenance was eating more & added small amounts of whole or multi grains. Unfortunately this last month or so I’m back to sleeping poorly.
    Oh no! I'm glad to see I'm not alone on this but I really hate being sleepy all day. Thanks for the response!

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  4. I'm 3 months post ESG and average 60 grams Protein and around 700 calories daily. I too was feeling tired. I started a Water aerobics class and it has boosted my energy. It may be just from getting out of the house but it has worked for me. I did notice an increase in appetite the first several days but my appetite has returned to baseline.

    I am about to join a gym so maybe that will help me too!! Thank you!

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  5. ....As I am with how slowly the weight is coming off? I have been discouraged, but now I’m just getting downright disgusted. I am 10 1/2 weeks postop and have only lost 30 pounds. No, I do not think that is a lot. My surgeon told me that he expected me to be down 100 pounds by Thanksgiving. That is never going to happen.
    I have a coworker on weight watchers and she is losing weight faster than I am. I am doing everything right, so I know that is not the problem.
    I really don’t want to hear the speeches about how losing slower is better. This is just too slow. [emoji45] I would just like to hear from the folks that are also losing weight slowly and how you kept it going.

    Same here. I've lost 33lbs in 9 weeks. I've been at 33 for a week and a half. I've also been doing everything right. Very discouraging. I really thought I would have lost 50lbs by now.

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  6. Hi all,
    Just thought I'd check in and see how everyone is going now that we are at, or coming up to our 3 month surgery anniversary.
    How is everyone feeling? Anyone having any issues?
    I'm doing pretty well, coming up to 12 weeks next week and terrified of the dreaded 3 month stall!

    I had mine June 9th and don't feel like I've lost much. Down 33 lbs since the week before surgery. How is your weightloss?

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