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  1. On 09/20/2020 at 12:39, xFatBoy007 said:

    Happy Happy Birthday 🎉🎁🎈🎊🎂. I’m going in 3 weeks post op still having some issues with some foods but everything else is going great.

    Same. I’m just over three weeks and having sporadic issues eating in general. What was fine one day I can’t stomach the next. I’m trying to just hit at least 60g of Protein a day and supplementing with shakes when I need to.

  2. 1 hour ago, RichelleGetsFit0309 said:

    Moved on to soft foods. I had chicken last night and I was scared at first but I took everyone’s advice and chewed very, very slowly. Who knew a meal could last thing long. So far I can tolerate chicken, tuna and ground beef. I tried salmon which I love and prefer over tuna but peachy (my pouch name) doesn’t like it at all. How is everyone doing?

    I've been too scared to try chicken yet, but so far crab, salmon and cheese are ok!

  3. On 8/29/2020 at 3:59 PM, dcontois said:

    I had gastric bypass on 8/25 and really was regretting it in the hospital. My pain was unbelievable. I am home now and doing better but really struggling with the Protein mixes. I would rather just drink Water. I cannot stomach the Protein Drinks or mixes. This worries me. I get to go to full liquid starting on Tuesday and that will help but for now I am just not getting the Protein.< br />
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    I mentioned this to my nutritionist and she said that it's probably the smell of the whey. She wanted me to focus more on my Water and really getting in the 64oz and then protein. She also suggested doing a non flavored protein and mixing it with chicken broth instead. I picked up a can of Vital collagen (I'm hoping the Collagen will help with the Hair loss as well) and I couldn't taste/smell it at all so I'm using that to supplement.

  4. Hi all! I had mine on Aug 27 and overall minus some soreness and just trying to figure things out it went ok. I kind of felt like I wasn't doing the best job but had a talk with my nutritionist and she felt like I was right on track so I will take it.

    Started phase III yesterday and I have to say I was really nervous about it (dr. cleared me to start a day early). I have yet to throw up since surgery and I really didn't know what to expect. My first two meals went ok - I measured out a 1/4 cup and started there. I couldn't really tell if I was full and I never feel hungry - ever. I figure I'll just eat what I'm supposed to - put myself on a schedule and go from there.

    I'm down 31.2 since I've started, 19.2 preop and then 12lbs since surgery (2 weeks today).

    I guess I just have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that I will lose weight... none of it seems real to me at the moment but I have hope that things will continue to progress over the next few months.

    I will say that I'm grateful for this forum - I scoured it before surgery and again after as I was running into different issues over the past two weeks. It's been so helpful so thanks to everyone who has posted their experiences!


  5. Hi all. Thought I’d check in. Sounds like most of you are doing pretty well.

    Mine was on the 27th and while the pain wasn’t too bad, I had a high heart rate and low o2. So ended up back in the hospital the weekend after (I called the surgeon and was asked to go back).

    Since then, I’ve been doing better. Trying to get at least 50+ grams of Protein in (I’m honestly over shakes at this point but still have a few days until the next stage) and as much Water as I can.

    I definitely haven’t been feeling great. Just low energy and not able to sleep all night due to my stomach waking me up. I also have been having diarrhea, which I thought the opposite was supposed to happen but after searching the forum, I guess it isn’t that uncommon.

    Thanks again for all of the encouragement (and yes - I was able to get my ring off before!) and I’m down 30lb total since starting the process, 12lb since surgery.

  6. On 08/17/2020 at 11:20, RichelleGetsFit0309 said:

    Hey Everyone. My surgery is on the 19th. The nerves are setting in but I’m doing my best to remind myself why I’m having this surgery. Even though it’s risky all my other health issues are putting me at risk and that’s been helping me somewhat. Also I can’t wait until I’m done with these Protein Shakes. 😂😂

    Right? Ha. I’m day 4 on the shakes (10 days left) and I’m already over them. The good news is I’m down almost 8lbs - so I’m hoping I can lose 15 before surgery with them. Hopefully that will be enough so I can get my wedding ring off before surgery (otherwise I’ll have to cut it😢)

  7. 8 hours ago, Corrine2020 said:

    What post op eating plan/schedule did your surgeon give you? Are you allowed to drink an entire shake in one sitting? Did they recommend slim fast?

    Everyone else, what is your post op diet? For example, mine is to get 64 Oz of Water and 60-80 grams of Protein a day via very small one ounce increments. I do this for the first 2 weeks until my post op follow up where I advance to soft foods.

    Mine is the same. 64 oz Water and 60-80 grams of Protein for 2 weeks. Then I start back up my Vitamins and hopefully progress to pureed food.

  8. On 8/5/2020 at 5:11 PM, Lychee said:

    @velise, I'm also having RNY for same reason, heartburn. I'm so relieved to have made my decision after thinking about it for 10 years! But I'm also rather anxious. I don't know anyone who has had the operation so this forum is really helpful.

    Me too! While I do know a couple people who have had this surgery - I'm not really comfortable talking to them so this forum has been great.

  9. On 08/12/2020 at 11:45, lynneanne said:

    Hi, Yes, my surgery was a waste of time, has left me in worse shape, and it has been 5 years and 4 months. I come on here every few years, but you won’t find anyone who understands. This is a site for the cheerleaders of the surgery. I came today to see if anyone knew of a site for support for failed surgeries or food addiction. NOT OVEREATERS ANONYMOUS. My overeating is still 1000 calories a day, but the surgery destroyed my body.

    The Cleveland Clinic has a program for this. They shared the guide with me in advance- I can share that with you if you DM me your email.

  10. On 08/02/2020 at 02:52, GingerStylz said:

    I had heard horror stories about RnY surgery. Regarding issues further down the road like Vitamin issues. One of major reasons I chose Sleeve. I hope you get everything fixed! Thoughts and prayers that you can start eating and drinking like normal.

    when I had sleeve, my doctor removed my gall bladder as I had stones and also did hiatal hernia repair then.

    Did you miss where she said this started with the sleeve? If she’s had that and is now looking at other options to try to help I don’t see how this is helpful? Maybe I’m missing something here.

  11. Early morning is key for me. If I wait it’s not going to happen. So now that COVID is here - I walk in the am with my husband. Started at 30 mins but now we do between that an an hour. We also just bought a rower-but that is going to take some time before I get going longer than 15 mins. They’re hard!

  12. I haven’t had surgery yet but had known issues with Vitamins so to prep my nutritionist wanted me to start doing the vitamins I would need.

    I started with the Celebrate and couldn’t do it. Switched to the chewable ProCare 45 and started with 1/4 a chew 4 times a day, then half, then a whole one. They don’t taste great so I ordered the capsule form and so far so good.

    Not sure if I’ll still be able to take it after surgery but figure worst case I could go back to breaking the chew up.

  13. Thanks all. Yeah I think that’s what I need to work on the most. Just not eating for comfort. My physiologist gave me some book recommendations that I’ve been meaning to check out and read. I think overall I’ve been doing better but night time is tough when I’m not busy.

    I also have a pretty fit husband who says he’s on board with this but also has terrible eating habits which make it hard for me sometimes and when I do comment about them he gets offended so it’s like I can’t win there. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    My hope is that during my liquid diet phase he gets on board more and is more conscience of what I need to do to be successful.

  14. Hi all!

    So I'm in the middle of doing my prep work for surgery - initially my insurance wanted 6 months with a nutritionist but recently swapped it to 3. I'm doing it at the Cleveland Clinic and they also have you meet with a psychologist to walk through best start guide of all the things I can work on ahead of time.

    Some of those have been:

    • Vitamins - I'm currently on the ProCare Now barbaric Multivitamin, Calcium chew and Biotin everyday (I think the last is me hoping it helps the tiniest bit)
    • Water - 64 oz a day (bought a water bottle to help with this)
    • Daily food diary (where I track what I eat, how I feel when eating, what my thoughts are, and where I'm eating)
    • Walking for at least 30 mins a day (now shooting for 45 mins +) - I'd go to the gym but COVID 😐
    • Drinking a shake for Breakfast and lunch with a small snack in the middle, and then a Protein focused meal
    • Buying healthier snack food just so I don't make bad choices if I'm making the choice to eat something extra during the day
    • Losing weight - 18lb goal, I'm down 5 so far
    • Focusing on trying to eat more mindfully and eat when I'm actually hungry (which is probably the biggest struggle - I feel like this is such a mind game)
    • EKG, Ultrasound, and chest x-ray are this Friday

    Is there anything else that I should be doing that I'm missing? I guess when they said I could now submit to the insurance (even though my weight loss isn't quite there yet) it freaked me out a bit... I think I felt like I'd have more time to prepare. But now that I've found the forums and I see how excited you all are and thankful that you've done this it's easing my worries a bit. I just want this to be successful and I don't end up going right into my bad habits - so I want to be as proactive as possible.

  15. Hi! I'm new as well to the forums. I don't have a date just yet but just finished up the program to prepare me for surgery.

    I've been a bit of a lurker just to see what advice others are giving, and I was glad to see you post this as I've been debating myself.

    In general I'm a pretty private person. Only my husband knows and one other friend that deals with weight issues. Some of my best friends have always been skinny and I think I just feel like I'm going to be judged by them. I'm sure the reality is they would be super supportive and want me to make the right choice for me - but my heads just not there yet. :)