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  1. 4 minutes ago, kellym1220 said:

    I think god is telling me it's not my time. Last night, my daughter (24) who would be my primary caregiver, chauffer, etc was lighting the grill and it blew up and gave her second degree burns on her hands and burned her hair (honestly I think she feels worse about that!) We called 911 and she spent the night in the hospital. I know she will be fine, just not sure she's up to caring for me in 7 days. I called and told them I will be available as soon as the hospital's re-open/ Meanwhile, off the liquid dirt and back on low carb!

    Honestly, I think you made the right decision. Everyone's case is different and you could very well do absolutely fine! I had quite a bit of nausea and pain for the first 18+ hours. You may do absolutely amazing with minimal, even no pain or nausea! But, why take that chance? I will be praying that things will open up very soon and you will be able to have an uneventful surgery!! Also praying for your daughter's recovery!!

  2. 53 minutes ago, IWantTheDream said:

    I had VSG and Hiatal hernia on July 7th and at 7:30am and stayed one night in hospital. Some how in surgery or transferring they messed up my hip I could barely stand on it the first day. Now it’s starting to go back to its normal bad hip self. I have been in a crazy amount of pain. One of the cuts is really inflamed and it burns when I move. I can’t bend at all. I am drinking fine but I bought an unflavored Protein Powder and they lied it has a very gross taste to it. What kind of unflavored Protein powder are all you guys that had surgery already using

    I have nectar unflavored Protein powder that I made some protein Jello shots with! It has no taste at all! The jello is a little grainy but not so bad I can't eat it. I taste the flavor of the jello actually. Oh! Sugarfree jello that is. My surgery was the 6th and just now starting to feel a bit better. I pray you feel better soon as well!!

  3. 3 minutes ago, WishMeSmaller said:

    Thanks for the recommendation! At this point I only have 3 days left and plenty of my Protein Powder left, so I am just going to power through. Believe it or not, I used to like my shakes pretty well...up until I had to drink 3 per day. Lol. I also got the vanilla and add different flavors. If I want chocolate I add unsweetened cocoa powder. I also do crystal light for different flavors. I think the texture of the shakes is what I hate the most and I think it is caused by the Fiber. I just use 16 oz Water instead of 8 and add more flavor. It helps. Good luck to you with your diet, @Judy1107! 😊

    Best of luck to you as well! I have two more days of three shakes a day and then one day of Clear Liquids. Surgery is Monday!! WOOHOO!!!! I'm so excited to finally get this done!!!

  4. On 7/1/2020 at 7:39 AM, WishMeSmaller said:

    My surgeon says no to Premier Protein because the Protein is not a Protein isolate😢 So 5 more days of the nasty stuff. I have gotten this far without cheating, so pretty sure I got this, thanks in part to all the encouragement here. I also started a day early because I wanted to start on a day off rather than a Monday, so I am 10 days in. Just a bit jelly of your haul😊 I like premier Protein Shakes. We have had them around for quick meals for years. Wishing you a wonderful pre-op diet, buddy!

    On the advice of my dietician I am using Dimatize Protein Powder and it is honestly very good! I chose plain vanilla in case I didn't like it so I could add flavoring of some sort, but the vanilla tastes just like a vanilla shake! The next container I buy will be the Cookies and cream flavor!

  5. I’ve completed all my requirements, submitted for insurance approval, and received my approval letter last week! Looks like I will be sleeved JULY 6th!! I go Tuesday, June 23rd to finalize everything with my doc and pre-register at the hospital. I’m so excited! I can’t believe it’s finally happening!!

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