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    lori040981 reacted to ms.sss in Alcohol 😳   
    During weight loss phase, I had the occasional glass of red wine or gin (or vodka) & soda Water with lots of lime.
    AFTER weight loss phase, I do drink more, but generally stick to dry red wine or gin/vodka/tequila (less carbs in these). I stay away from sugary mixers, and sugary liqueurs (with the exception of Kahlua...an IMPORTANT ingredient in espresso martinis, lol)
    It's also worth noting that post-wls it doesn't take a lot for me to feel the effects of alcohol. One and I'm done. Though I do also sober up very quickly now...
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    lori040981 reacted to notmyname in Buys at Costco   
    I don't like flavored yogurt, so I usually buy plain greek yogurt (it is usually either the Kirkland brand or Fage). If I need flavor, I flavor it myself (I like getting the really small frozen blueberries and adding them in frozen - but I wouldn't do that so soon after surgery.)
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    lori040981 reacted to catwoman7 in Buys at Costco   
    I almost always have a package of their marinated chicken skewers in my fridge because they're a super convenient snack or meal if I need something quick - but then, I don't think I could have tolerated chicken breast for at least the first couple of months after surgery. But once your a ways out, that might be an option.
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    lori040981 reacted to notmyname in Buys at Costco   
    Premier is typically cheaper in the costco store than at Costco online. Also, they often has $5 off, so watch for that.
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    lori040981 reacted to Lanie992 in Buys at Costco   
    Good question. I plan to go on Thursday.. I have my post-op visit tomorrow and start "week 4" of the diet. I am going to wait until I see the doctor to see if I am allowed grilled/baked chicken at this point before I head out to CostCo.. (I've read diet stages for the sleeve online, so I know what other doctor's recommend for week 4, but I am going strictly by my doctor's recommendations).
    I know they have Premier Protein shakes - which I plan to get. I don't think they're that discounted compared to Walmart, but they're a little cheaper. 18 pack costs $33.99, according to online pricing.
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    lori040981 reacted to notmyname in Buys at Costco   
    How far post-op?
    First phases:
    Yogurt, cottage cheese, milk, Protein Shakes (for me, it was premier protein)
    Later phases:
    shrimp (shrimp is so good - easy to defrost and you can easily tailor the amount)
    sargento balanced breaks nut/cheese snack packs
    string cheese
    canned veg
    frozen fruit
    Parm chips (sometimes they have single serving bags, sometimes they just have a big bag
    Veggie burgers
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    lori040981 reacted to lady10000000000 in Low BMI Gastric Sleeve story   
    I wanted to write about my experience with a lower bmi because while I am about 50 lbs overweight 182 5 ft 4 inches - I haven't seen too many posts that describe the surgery with this kind of weight loss. It took me a long time to decide to do this but I kept gaining and have a history of family members who get very very obese after their 40s. I am on the same track.
    Anyway I am getting sleeve may 13. flyint to texas bc I actually have a friend who is a surgeon that does this. I feel good about that and I am staying with another friend.
    I have 10 days and started the first day of a soft diet which is various soft Proteins, shakes, cottage cheese, eggs. I was basically good but ate too much. My goal today was just to get used to no carbs. I have had a splitting headache from giving up the caffiene but I am taking liquid tylenol and that helps a bit.
    I was nervous about this but feeling better about it now and committed to doing this. Ill write about my experience so someone else in the future can decide if this makes sense for them. Ever since I decided to do this surgery I felt like I had control over my body for the first time in a long time. I also had smoked which I stopped. And started drinking tons of Water. Never could do that before.
    So the surgery has instigated a number of great behaviors. all good. And this forum is key because people are so supportive. I really appreciate it.
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    lori040981 reacted to SabP in Protein shakes besides Bariatric advantage that you like?   
    Evolve, chocolate. Also, almond butter powder. (I'm allergic to peanuts, soy, eggs & dairy. Fake sugar upsets my stomach & gives me migraines.)
    Greens detox pwdr, the Dr was very pleased with me having these. It made the surgery so much easier. (I had Liver detox pills also, which he liked. I started on them about 2 months prior.
    I get Protein Water for my mom who is Diabetic.
    And Bai for the antioxidants, cuz I can't stand most gatorade. I also get infused water.
    Protein crisps for my mom and me when I am up to that level.
    The Maca Up is best in something like mashed potatoes. It is a little texturey in shakes.< br>The unflavored Organic Protein, I put in Soups and mashed potatoes with plenty of broth pwdr or other seasoning. It has a very light vanilla-ish taste. But is easily seasoned over.
    You know, I'll just put pics. Also, I get everything I can on subscribe and save at Amazon.com.
    Hope this helps.[emoji4]         

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