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  1. I uses Dr. Barbat, great doctor at Atrium. I love the office, everyone is so great to work with. The only thing I wish they have is the support groups but they are canceled due to covid. I am so excited to meet someone near me.

  2. I went in alone and did fine. I am single and didn't want to make anyone sit there waiting on me plus the hospital was 1.5 hrs from where I live. I had my brother drop me off and pick me up since I couldn't drive and the hospital was great with calling my brother telling him everything that was happening. I would definitely keep a phone near you for boredom or maybe something on audible. I wish you the best and if you get nervous, feel free to post on the forums....there's usually always someone on to reply.

  3. Congratulations to everyone! I had my surgery on the 14th and am doing pretty well. I've been sick a few times due to eating too fast and will continue to keep training myself to fix that. My question to everyone is have you found an online accountability group that has a zoom, or whichever online forum, monthly group? Due to covid, my surgeons office has stopped all support groups and I feel like it would be beneficial to talk with others and hear how they are doing and suggestions for any issues that arise etc. I am on several FB groups but find that a lot of the post tend to be related to the same things and wanting others to tell them its okay to have soda or do things that they know we shouldn't be doing. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  4. On 9/16/2020 at 12:24 AM, MagentaMom said:

    I has mine last week on Thursday. I'm surprised at how good I feel! I was nervous about getting enough Water but it hasn't been an issue. Pain is manageable.

    The only thing I have trouble with sometimes is finding a comfortable position to sleep. Sometimes it's not an issue and other times -- like tonight -- I'm stuck awake because no matter which way I lay, it's uncomfortable.

    I'm glad to hear all is going well. I had surgery on the 14th and im feeling better but still hurt when I stand or like you try to sleep. sleeping is terrible and is really the only time I wish my surgeon prescribed pain meds. The first two days were constant throbbing but I found walking to help and again wasn't anything I couldn't live through.

    I have been able to drink all the fluids and Protein required everyday, so I am happy about that. I've been loving all the bariatricpal Soups, hot chocolate and Cappuccino so I can have the protein and fluids at the same time.

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