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  1. Slightly Less Fatty Matty

    Can't drink any fluids

    I’ve always preferred my water and Gatorade room temp, even more post op. At first water was painful but Gatorade zero was absolutely fine (as long as it was room temp). For the first week or so that was all I drank (excluding broths and protein shakes etc).
  2. Slightly Less Fatty Matty

    New Tastebuds

    I’m four months post op and my tastes haven’t changed at all (as in what food tastes like). What has changed is my desire for the crap that put me in the operating room in the first place, hunger level, and of course my capacity.
  3. Slightly Less Fatty Matty

    Cannabis and WLS

    I’m not in a legal state.... so someone I know has used cannabis (vape pen) for chronic back pain without issue and thankfully no desire for food since sleeve surgery
  4. Slightly Less Fatty Matty

    Tylenol pills while still in hospital?

    I had to take giant purple antibiotic pills in the hospital it went down fine. When I got home I tried breaking them in half and they got stuck in my throat and it wasn’t easy to gulp enough to get them down, after that I just took them whole and had no more problems.
  5. Slightly Less Fatty Matty

    How many calories are you guys getting in per day?

    It doesn’t bother me in the slightest. So many doctors have such different post op requirements. Mine only gave me a four week plan, after that I was on my own. When I first started drinking carbonated again I took it really slow at first, I shook out most of the carbonation. It didn’t bother me. I’m always hesitant to suggest doing things your doctor says no to, but when I did meet with a local nutritionist (I had surgery in Mexico so once your back home you really are on your own) she said that typically doctors give the safest advice possible to limit phone calls from patients and of course actual harmful situations that could lead to malpractice lawsuits. If I doctor had a patient who had a bad episode from say... carrots they may just add a blanket “no raw veggies” for six months, etc. it’s to protect them, and isn’t necessary for 99% of their patients but better safe than sorry. Once I heard that (and it does make sense) I just went for it with raw veggies, carbonation, etc. perhaps I’m an anomaly but nothing has bothered me. I still make good choices when it comes to food, and even though I know diet sodas aren’t the most wonderful of products it’s not hurting my weight loss which is my main focus right now... and they really do keep me full and satisfied all day.
  6. Slightly Less Fatty Matty

    The Process

    Welcome and congratulations for making this choice, I’m confident you’re doing the right thing and I hope soon you’ll be saying “I wish I did this sooner I feel great!” My experience will be vastly different than yours as I did self pay in Mexico. My whole process was three weeks from phone call to surgery, and it would have been just a week if I didn’t have a schedule conflict. My insurance wouldn’t cover the process and to be honest it was so cheap to go to Mexico I probably would have done it anyhow to skip all the drawn out steps insurance typically requires. Some people most definitely benefit from all of that, so don’t assume I’m saying it’s not necessary for most people. The most difficult part for me was the preop diet. It just sucks (depending on what your Dr allows of course). The post op diet, even though it was basically the same as preop didn’t bother me though, the combination of being ready for the journey and stomach discomfort made it easy to not want solids. The surgery itself was pretty easy. I’ve been put under so many times I actually look forward to the experience so no anxiety at all. Recovery was a full day in the hospital they had me up and walking within a few hours. Five hour drive home (I didn’t drive) wasn’t that bad, I had no pain meds so it could have been better but I don’t remember being in much pain but I was very groggy. Day three I had really bad gas pain, particularly in my left shoulder and arm, walked around and it subsided. After that it’s been smooth sailing. I’m four months out, down 85lbs and have more energy than I’ve had in probably 25 years. I wish I did this years ago. Again, welcome and don’t worry about starting new threads for yourself. There are a lot of wonderful people here who are eager to help, it’s a great community.
  7. Slightly Less Fatty Matty

    Hungry and not even a full week yet?

    I felt what I think was hunger the first two weeks or so. It was probably stomach pain from the surgery as the stomach contracted. Hard to tell for sure. Since then I haven’t been hungry at all (four months out).. occasionally I’ll get what I remember as hunger pangs but they last literally a few seconds and are gone.
  8. Slightly Less Fatty Matty

    How many calories are you guys getting in per day?

    I’m four months out and typically get around 400-500 a day I guess. I’m capable of eating more I just don’t want to yet. I’m losing fast and I don’t want to hop off this train just yet. I do a ensure cafe mocha shake for breakfast and lunch and for dinner I’ll have a couple slices of different cold cuts, a little cheese and some raw veggies, usually cucumber or bell peppers. I keep hydrated with diet mtn dew. It’s certainly not a model diet but it works for me, keeps me satisfied and my second round of blood work came back all perfectly normal.
  9. Slightly Less Fatty Matty

    Comfort food ideas please

    Tek nailed it. I would just like to add one thing.. is there anything else you can turn to to make today a little easier to handle? Relying on comfort foods when things aren’t going well is a slippery slope... to give an analogy I once quit smoking for five years, cold turkey no issues or cravings.. but one day something really stressful happened and I bummed a smoke off someone to help calm myself.... a week later something a little less stressful happened and I had another, and another and suddenly my old unhealthy habit was back. For many of us (I’m not speaking for you specifically) turning to comfort foods on bad days is a dangerous thing, and if there’s something better we can turn to it’s a good idea to find it before the old habits that got us to where we are come back.
  10. Slightly Less Fatty Matty

    Confused with Doubt

    It sounds like 1 and 3 are the cause of 2, so surgery or not they’ll have to go or be significantly reduced. As far as just doing it yourself, statistically speaking it’s unlikely to be successful in the long term, but that’s statistics... where on that line you fall isn’t something anyone here can honestly answer. As far as answering #3 it’s hard to for me.. Ever since I was a kid I was a cereal junkie and I’d pour a crap ton of sugar on my corn flakes, like a layer of milk/sugar mud on the bottom. But I can’t say I was ever addicted to it, I just really liked it. Never had compulsions to eat it like I imagine a true addiction would be like. But, I haven’t had a touch of cereal in four months since my surgery. I think it’s more about me wanting to be successful though. Even though I’m never hungry and I have to remind myself to eat anything at all, I know this honeymoon phase won’t last forever so I’m really trying to always make good choices today so when that time comes I’ll be more prepared.
  11. Slightly Less Fatty Matty

    Body Changes Post Surgery

    I’m four months post op, down 83lbs and the skin isn’t as loose as I thought. What is weird for me though is almost every day now I’m noticing something different about my body. I’ll get an itch somewhere and WHOA I HAVE RIBS or my bones in my shoulder feel weird. I lay on my side and my knees knock together differently... it’s all good, I’m enjoying all of these discoveries I got off the couch yesterday and it was suddenly...easy. I’m sure the skin will be more of an issue later but I don’t care. I’ll decide later if it’s something I need to address or not. The only thing I don’t really appreciate is my man-titties are the one part of me that seems to reaaallly not want to go away. :)
  12. Slightly Less Fatty Matty

    Anyone have their surgery in Mexico?

    I went to Dr Galileo Villarreal in Nuevo Laredo and my wife went to Dr Alvarez in Piedras Negras, both a nice drive from Houston, TX. Mine was done in a local hospital and hers was done in a dedicated facility with hotel rooms and whatnot. Both of our surgeries went very well with no issues. I’m down 84lbs since June and feeling great.
  13. Slightly Less Fatty Matty

    Surgery date will not change on profile

    Yup you’re right. I put mine as June 13 and it changed it to the 12th (my actual date). Thanks!
  14. Slightly Less Fatty Matty

    Surgery date will not change on profile

    Mine is the same I accidentally put in a day early and when I change it it won’t persist. This is in app, haven’t tried to change it on the web version.
  15. Slightly Less Fatty Matty

    Surgery in 2 days!

    I know you’ve probably read this phrase here 1000 times from different people but I’ll say it one more time. I had the vsg four months ago and I’m amazed already how much better I feel, so “I wish I did this years ago.” For me, if I have to have another surgery in five years I honestly would consider it a small price to pay for what I’ve already gained in my life, let alone what is to come. It’s perfectly normal to be nervous at this point. That being said, whether or not your doctor will be mad at you should be at the bottom of your list of worries. S/he is a professional. Not to diminish the you, but you’re just a slot on a schedule not a partner on some lifetime project that’s walking away at the last minute. If you can’t go forward with the surgery that’s your decision and the feelings of the doctor are irrelevant. They experience cancellations all the time for various reasons and they’ll just skip you over and go on to the next one, you won’t be a second thought to them for more than half a day.
  16. Slightly Less Fatty Matty

    Energy Drinks?? Bangs?

    While I obviously don’t speak for everyone, I have had zero issues with carbonated drinks. My restriction is still the same four months out and I drink a LOT of carbonated drinks daily. I won’t say what I drink because that’ll start another discussion entirely but I will say they don’t make me crave sweets or anything like others mention, and they keep me feeling full. Ok it’s diet Mountain Dew. It’s always been my favorite drink and I’ll die on a hill extolling their virtues. ;)
  17. Slightly Less Fatty Matty

    I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)

    Broke the 80lb mark today, almost at 250 (which opens up a whole new world of ladders I can safely climb!). I didn’t think I looked that different until I did this side by side, probably the first time since surgery I’ve really looked at pics of me “before.” Even though I’m not at my goal I’m just dumbfounded at the change to be honest. FYI I never once wore that shirt, it was a 3xl and assumed it would fit, so it’s been hanging sadly in my closet ever since. I tried on a size large regular shirt and it fit!!! Crazy, not even in high school could I have done that. I’m tall so I will still probably need to get some new clothes from a big and tall store but at least I’ll only be there for half of that. As every says, wish I did this years ago.
  18. Slightly Less Fatty Matty

    Anyone go into surgery alone?

    They can tell you this all day long and most people just go along with it because “doctors” but you’re not in prison, they cannot confine you against your will. Worst case scenario they ask you to sign a waiver, but they can’t even force that. If they feel you’re a danger to others driving they can call the police on you but again they cannot legally confine you (there are exceptions for psych evaluation of course but that’s not what we’re talking about here). I had to do it once... “am in in custody?” “No.” “Bye.”
  19. Slightly Less Fatty Matty

    Smoking struggle

    Five days is pretty close as far as detecting it in your urine or blood. It’s possible it could go either way. My doctor told me they would test but the definitely didn’t, but don’t let my experience guide you. I had self pay surgery in Mexico and I suspect once I forked over the cash there was little that would have interfered.
  20. Slightly Less Fatty Matty

    2 week before sleeve sugery and just stopped smokinh

    From: https://www.webmd.com/smoking-cessation/taking-nicotine-test Generally, nicotine will leaves your blood within 1 to 3 days after you stop using tobacco, and cotinine will be gone after 1 to 10 days. Neither nicotine nor cotinine will be detectable in your urine after 3 to 4 days of stopping tobacco products. If you smoke menthol cigarettes or breathe in secondhand menthol smoke, cotinine may stay in your urine longer.
  21. Slightly Less Fatty Matty

    Truck Driver needs research help

    And to add to my previous comment neither my wife nor I needed any of the tramadol, we only brought it with us just in case (and it’s currently a pita getting it in the states if we did need it). She got opioids in the hospital the day of and day after surgery, I got nothing and was fine.
  22. “My anus fell out and until I get it replaced I can’t eat... well I CAN eat but I care too much about my coworkers.”
  23. Slightly Less Fatty Matty

    Truck Driver needs research help

    You can’t (legally) bring back any controlled substances. I wasn’t checked the two times I went (once for me and once for my wife). One time we were driven across by an employee of the surgeons office, the other time I opted to just drive across my self. We had some tramadol both times coming back but they never searched. They can search and they can confiscate it and they can fine you, or any combination of those depending on the CBP Agent. Going into Mexico was easy, they only did a COVID temperature check on us one time, didn’t ask for passports or where we were going etc. Coming back in US customs just asked what city we visited, how long we were there and one asked why (“stomach surgery”) and we were on our way with no further questions, no search etc. I was advised to NOT say we had medicine if asked, that would make a search more likely. I was also advised that a fine (if levied) would be the same whether I declared it or not. I’m not a lawyer, I’m not versed in CBP policy, official or unofficial, that’s just what the guy who transports medical tourists across the border every day for a living told us, I’m sure he’s seen every scenario. I’m similar to you in that I like to know every detail so my own research into crossing with medicine for the most part confirmed what our driver told us. In most cases it seems like CBP is pretty reasonable if it’s a small amount clearly for personal use (you’ll have wounds to show) and while some did have small amounts confiscated anyway, the fines I read about were for people bringing back 100s of pills, not 10 or 30. BUT AGIAN, it’s always possible you get someone having a bad day or who won’t be understanding...
  24. I tell people I’m eating better and exercising more. Both true. If they press I don’t commit to any one named diet I just say I have a protein shake for breakfast and lunch and a small meal for dinner. Adjust as needed if they see you eating something else during the day. It’s none of their business but I understand the difficulty with being blunt and rude to people you have to see every day. If you give a named diet I find it opens up the door for more questions. “Oh I heard that.... etc” . End it with “I’ve tried so many fad diets in the past but I feel like I’m doing good and I hope it’ll stick better, wish me luck!” That kind of puts a close to the conversation, tells them that you’re worried about success which is more in line with the mentality of people dieting vs surgery and leaves them with little else to say other than good luck etc.
  25. Slightly Less Fatty Matty

    Truck Driver needs research help

    I didn’t need any physicals or preop anything for my self pay Mexico surgery. I literally called, they asked my weight height to get BMI (40 at the time) and booked it with a $300 deposit (I think, it may have been $200). Showed up when they told me and had some minor blood work done the day before at the facility and surgery the next morning.