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    Letseeaboutthis got a reaction from Meganator in October surgery friends??   
    My surgery was Oct. 5 and I lost 48 lbs so far. I stalled for about 4 weeks but I was not hydrating as I should have. I’ve recently picked back up my Water intake and the weight is coming off steadily now. I’m still getting used to a lot of changes. My body is not tolerating too many foods, especially lately.
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    Letseeaboutthis reacted to ClareLynn in Back to ER   
    Turns out I have gallbladder sludge? Gross. Next up is a HIDA scan to see how my gallbladder is doing.
    It's been over 3 weeks with constant pain from this, so I want some resolution but also... I really don't want another surgery! So far my attempt to return back to work isn't going so well because I feel so sick all the time.
    Thank god I'm working from home so no one can see me with my heating heating pads hunched over typing. 😅
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    Letseeaboutthis got a reaction from Liz989 in Advice Needed   
    If I were you, I would double check to see if the weight loss program have to be in person or could it be completed via telemedicine or another method. I just found out that my insurance approved a three month course, in place of the 7 months weight loss program. If the program is online, you have the option of putting in the weight yourself. Just a thought...

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