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  1. I'm a month out and have developed gastritis. Went to the hospital 2 nights ago because the pain is UNBEARABLE. After 10 hours and a CAT scan later. They came up with gastritis. Scan showed everything internally healing as it should, no leaks...sleeve is perfect.

    I woke up last night and snatched my mask off because I could FEEL. A gigantic gas bubble develop in my chest. For the past few nights I've only worn my CPAP about 3-4 hours because it feels like I'm suffocating after a year of having it.

    Anyone else experienced or heard of this?

    It's MY time!

  2. After being stalled at 203-204# for a little over a WEEK, my stall is finally broken AND I’m in ONEderland!!! I can’t even believe it, I’m so happy. 199.4 as of this morning.

    Appetite still sucks and I have to force myself to eat. I was only able yesterday the whole day to eat one ham croqueta, a few (bariatric-size) bites of black Beans, and a little tiny piece of yuca.

    I’m about to go downstairs and make myself a glass of Spark to get in some extra Vitamins, B especially, and add a scoop of GENEPRO.

    Daaaaamn.....that's GREAT!!! What was your starting weight.

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  3. Maybe a dumb question. I’m 3 days post op. I’ve been setting my 20 minute timer and pouring my 1/2 c. of Protein Shake to drink. So far I’ve only gotten down 1/4 c. at each meal before my timer runs out. The info from my nutritionist also says to stop when you’re full, don’t feel like you have to finish the whole thing. But EVERYTHING feels weird right now. It’s all so new and I don’t know what I’m feeling at any given point. Any advice?

    I'm 3 weeks post op today...for me...I get an pain in my shoulder...sometimes a runny nose...burp..or hiccup. Each person is different. When I first started...I only allowed myself 3 ounces...to be full. Hope that helps.

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  4. Hi everyone -
    I’m a little over 2 weeks post-VSG (5/15). Everything has been going great and I’ve already dropped 25# from my surgery weight. The problem is, I have ZERO appetite. I thought some hunger would begin to return as my body healed, but if anything, it’s declined further, because just the thought of eating anything, including sipping broth, gives me terrible waves of nausea. Yesterday, it was so bad, I dry-heaved into the toilet for 5 minutes, but nothing of course came up except Water.
    I’m really struggling to get at least my Protein in, sneaking scoops of GENEPRO into anything and everything, but it’s so hard because really the taste of anything except really cold, unsweetened iced pineapple black tea (yes I know, very specific [emoji1787]) turns my stomach. So even Protein Water is a no go. And I cannot do Protein Shakes - something about the texture of that cold, thick liquid grosses me out to my bones ::shudder::
    Has anyone else struggled with this? If yes, what did you do? Did it abate on its own?

    Hey surgery Twin! I'm right there with you. No appetite AT ALL. Not even hunger. Protein has come in the form of (and I am nowhere near my daily amount) sliced deli turkey...cod fish...salmon and cheese. I have EVERY Protein Shake and powder and they have all turned out to be a waste of money!

    I'm trying different foods...seeing what I can tolerate. Right now...and since surgery...my greatest battle is constipation. Drinking is a full time job...as I have to remind myself. I realize that it could be worse. I'll just keep trying...taking my vitamins...hopefully something will give for BOTH of us soon.

    It's MY time!

  5. Surgery went well. I totally don't remember more that hunching for the spinal, then the "You've had a few drinks relaxing med" took me away. I was crazy cold after surgery, shaking with a sharp pain bilateral under my ribs so I got a few meds to combat both issues. Thriat doesn't hurt but is dry so I am hoarse.. pills one at a time but went down easy whole. No gas feelings so far or coming out, except one tiny burp after taking a large sip to wash away gabipentun. The nurse said patients say it tastes like black licorice; I am not ruining that lovely flavor for me! It tastes like Anise! Lol [emoji2961]
    I've been sleeping but trying to do an alarm to do my Water every 15. Takes me 3 sips, and less than 1 minute to do a ounce, but I could do more. Just taking it easy in case of issues. If I keep it up for 3 hours, I can switch to Protein and get home tomorrow if I can do the same 3-4 ounces an hour with that. 0 issues drinking.... so far. I know that might change. I'll be up and walking later, but I have like 5 tubes all over and extra meds so I (and the nurses) don't want to risk a fall. Too much paperwork! [emoji1]
    So... that's it. Great experience so far. The staff is AWESOME! And its super quiet between visits, which I love.
    Congratulations! You made it to the other side...all uphill for here!

    It's MY time!

  6. Hey y'all, got my sleep test results back...mild sleep apnea. And I mean like the range is 5-15 and I scored a 5.5....has anyone else dealt with such a low level apnea? I don't feel the apparent effects of it but now apparently I have to get and use a cpap machine.
    I am going to talk to my pcp and call the bariatric surgery department, there is no part of me that wants to pay money for a contraption that looks horribly uncomfortable...anyone have any thoughts or use a cpap for such mild apnea that has seen life changing changes for the better?
    Thanks guys! [emoji4]
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    The best thing that I never knew I needed...until i tested and was labeled severe...with ZERO snoring. Insurance paid for mine. Not uncomfortable now...like anything it takes getting adjusted to.

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  7. Hey everyone. I had VSG on 5/25. So far, it’s been a struggle. They found a sizeable hiatal hernia so they repaired that as well as completed the sleeve, so I think that may be why I’m experiencing some additional unsavory side effects. I am pushing myself to get in the necessary fluids, but there is so much gas and pressure inside that I just feel crappy. Also, today I started having this weird chest pain radiating towards my back. I can feel it intensely whenever I swallow something, but it’s a dull pain there consistently. This just started this AM when I woke up. I’m trying to just be patient with the process, but I did not anticipate this much discomfort. I’m praying it subsides soon! So far, Protein Water, applesauce, Gatorade & broth & hot tea are the only things really agreeing with me. My body doesn’t seem to like regular water much right now.
    Congratulations! PLEEEASE walk. It's gas. Try a heating pad. Make sure you are sitting upright when you intake anything. It will get better. If you are VERY concerned please dont hesitate to contact your surgeon.

    It's MY time!

  8. 2 weeks today! Slightly nauseated all of the time. I made some chicken with ricotta cheese purée that wasn’t too bad, and have discovered black refried Beans With a little cheese and a little chicken. Heated up with some guacamole sauce it isn’t bad. I still have to down a Protein Shake to get in enough Protein but I’m happy to have some flavor.
    I haven’t tried eggs yet but I like my eggs hard so that may have to wait for soft food stage. I tried to make some sugar free pudding with added protein but it never set up. Glad to hear everyone has been able to go forward with their procedures this month.
    2 weeks tomorrow! No nausea at all. Thank God! I discovered the black refried beans yesterday in my supermarket. Can't wait to try. A bit nervous...I would hate to get sick to find out my stomach doesn't like something.

    It's MY time!

  9. I'm 2 weeks post op. I actually just had like pureed deviled egg. (Like a condiment cup size) and I fee nauseous. It's probably because of egg, sometimes it did that to me before surgery, but I was just craving something hardcore. haha Should have gone with the guac!
    I actually hate scrambled eggs...gonna try a mashed hard boiled egg...

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  10. You got this!!!! The pain post op is probably worse in your mind than it actually is. I know I convinced myself that it was! Congratulations on the next step to a happier you!!![emoji3059][emoji3059] I'll be waiting to hear all about your experience!

    It's MY time!

  11. I'm sooo glad to hear that you are having an uneventful experience. Funny thing is...I am having the EXACT SAME experience!!! I don't know what's gonna happen at the puree stage but liquid is fine for me right now. I'm going to add some thinned out pudding and/or yogurt today. I'll see how it goes! Keep up the good work![emoji3059]

    It's MY time!