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  1. PuddinJasper

    May 2020 Surgery

    @Machalo haven't heard from you ...how are you making out?? It's MY time!
  2. PuddinJasper

    May 2020 Surgery

    I was sleeved on 5/15 as well. I am now on full liquid and probably wont move to puree for at least 2 weeks by my surgeon's standard. Getting fluids in and keeping them down very nicely.[emoji1692][emoji1692] It's MY time!
  3. PuddinJasper

    Surgery soon

    You got this!!!! I'll be waiting for you here on the other side! You worked hard and you deserve this![emoji173][emoji173] It's MY time!
  4. I got the same meds...before I had surgery those prescriptions were filled. It's MY time!
  5. PuddinJasper

    I did it!!!!

    The only thing that I'm using the most of is...lip balm. I tried some Gas-X for the first time today. I think I have prepared myself more for the full liquid and puree stages. I start the full liquid tomorrow. Right now I'm still on the clear liquid phase. And it's pretty bland. It's MY time!
  6. PuddinJasper

    I did it!!!!

    Heyyyyy.......I was trying to figure out where to post it![emoji23] I was in by 7am and out by 6:15 and home by 7pm. The gas was trapped all over my body..especially the shoulders but that has now subsided! I've been sipping when I haven't been sleeping. Slept in my recliner...the bed was not going to work for me! Water seems to stay down nicely as has the Premier Clear. I'm getting ready try some broth that I pre-made. It's MY time!
  7. PuddinJasper

    Any new surgery dates yet?

    Sure....how can I send you a message actually? I'm all over the place!It's MY time!
  8. PuddinJasper

    Any new surgery dates yet?

    And people.thought I was exaggerating! I'm so glad it's over for you!! Ya ready???? It's MY time!
  9. PuddinJasper

    1 day post op

    I'm soooo happy to hear everything went well. Continue to rest up! Onwarf and upward from here![emoji3059][emoji3059] My day is tomorrow! It's MY time!
  10. PuddinJasper

    Surgery soon

    I go on Friday...feeling the same way...but we've come THIS far...we NEED this..and we can DO THIS!!![emoji173] It's MY time!
  11. Surgery Twin! Good luck![emoji3059] It's MY time!
  12. Make sure it's in correctly....it should have kinda burned when it went in. Sit down on it. I wouldn't rush to the emergency room. It's MY time!
  13. Super stoked for you!! It's MY time!
  14. [emoji3059][emoji3059][emoji3059][emoji3059][emoji3059] I'm sooooo happy to hear this!!!!!! YOU DID IT!!!!! I'm happy it was uneventful and you an even make this post! Get some rest and come back tomorrow to tell me more!! Super proud of you!!![emoji173] It's MY time!
  15. I can't wait to come back and let you know how I did! Thanks so much for your kind words!! I will DEFINITELY do all the above!! It's MY time!
  16. Thanks...but it's this Friday...5/15...definitely need the positive vibes though![emoji173] It's MY time!
  17. PuddinJasper

    Where to start?

    I would go directly to the bariatric surgeon. They will take care of the insurance and then all you have to do is go to your PCP for a clearance. At least that's what I've known people to do. Good luck! It's MY time!
  18. I agree..we are all here cheering you on! It's MY time!
  19. PuddinJasper

    Covid Test!

    I am sooo sorry to hear this. It sucks even more because you were actually doing the right thing. I hate this crap. It's MY time!
  20. My surgery is Friday...if I didn't know any better...I would think that I wrote this post. I feel the same way. I don't know if this is a natural feeling. I have been telling myself that IT IS. Not everyone goes in (as some of these posts would have you believe) without any feelings of fear. I am more scared that if I don't get this reset...I will leave this earth waaaay too early. I'm going to do the BEST I can. If this tool doesn't work for me...it won't be because I didn't try. Being alone is honestly the only thing that is bothering me TODAY. I don't know how I'll feel tomorrow. I deal with these feelings as they come. But one thing is for certain...I/We will get through this. It's MY time!
  21. Thaaaanks!!! It's MY time!
  22. Never had one...can you tell me what that is? It's MY time!
  23. PuddinJasper

    My story begins...

    We have ALL...no matter how confident...had those same feelings in some way. Just KNOW that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Right now. This moment. Take comfort in that. It is YOUR time. I am scheduled for 5/15...I only discussed MY DECISION with my husband...4 days ago. I decided that whether he agreed with me or not...this is something that I NEED to do. He was supportive but I couldn't be sure. But I knew what I havw decided will make me the best version of ME. I need this reset. I'm happy for you...if no one else is. Love & Light It's MY time!
  24. PuddinJasper

    Any new surgery dates yet?

    I'm sooooo glad you got through it. Here's hoping to a negative result!! Let me know as soon as ya do!! It's MY time!
  25. PuddinJasper

    Covid Test!

    Had it done Monday and for ME....it was terrible. The only way to go into it...is to expect the worse and look at it as the only thing standing between you and your ever after. I made the mistake of not doing that...and was terribly disappointed. BTW...got my negative test results today. So yayyy...there's that. So it was worth it. It's MY time!