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    Aroddy got a reaction from blackcatsandbaddecisions in November 2020 sleevers   
    Finally caved and bought some new pants over the weekend. Down 70 from pre-op, buckling down to get as much off before the 6 month mark as possible as my doc said it pretty well stops there. I’m 15 lbs away from his benchmark goal for my 6mo follow up.

    I have NOT been a good patient. Between switching jobs, helping with my nephews, and going back to school to get my teaching license, I have really dropped off on the walking. Sat down with my planner this week and designated an hour each day - wish me luck!
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    Aroddy got a reaction from Shalaura1 in Right Incision Pain   
    Thank you everyone!! I’m 2 weeks post op and I’m finally able to move around with little issue.

    I still have an ache if I bend down or stretch too far, but it stopped hurting as bad once I started to hit my Water goal (and about 45g protein) each day - about 9 days post op for me.
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    Aroddy got a reaction from GivinItMyALL in November 2020 sleevers   
    Hey all!! Had my sleeve done today at St Thomas Midtown in Nashville.

    I’m still very sore, and had some lingering nausea while in recovery, but I’m currently sipping my hospital tray broth. The warmth feels great on my throat, and is helping me burp to get rid of some of the gas they inflated me with. Sitting and and walking really help with the gas too. My dr requires me to walk 4x/day while I’m in the hospital recovering, and about 5 minutes every hour I’m awake when I go home.

    Hang in there everyone! It’s going to be so worth it in the end! 💕
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    Aroddy got a reaction from GivinItMyALL in November 2020 sleevers   
    That’s a great idea! I just hit the join button. 😊 I’ve been scouring for post-surgery liquid diet recipes. Surgery on the 10th so getting to crunch time! 😬
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    Aroddy got a reaction from GivinItMyALL in November 2020 sleevers   
    Finished day 2 of my pre-op today, and I’ve got the worst headache I’ve had in some time.

    On mine I get one RTD Protein Shake as is, mix one RTD with 8oz unsweetened soy milk, one snack (2 pieces deli meat and a string cheese, 3/4 cup cottage cheese, 6oz Greek yogurt, or a Nature Valley Protein Bar), and one meal (3-6 oz lean meat and 1-1 1/2 cup non-starch veggies). Must have 64oz Water a day. Unlimited sugar free Jello, popsicles, herbal tea, and broth.

    I have 10 more days of this diet before swapping to straight liquids, but I’ve found adding some dried seasonings to my broth makes it feel a little more filling.

    Hang in there everyone!!!
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    Aroddy got a reaction from Tilli13 in Corona delaying weight loss surgery dates? Anyone?   
    I had just started my process and was close to getting my surgery date. I just hope I can get my date schedule this year before I have to meet my deductible all over again.