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    Actually its not all about reps. Low reps and high weight still breaks the muscles down and gives them the need to rebuilt just as much as low weight high reps. I did a program before surgery that was 1x a week, low reps high weight and I increased all of my maxes by quite a bit in a short time frame.
    That said - anything is better than nothing!
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    Thanks for all the input! Don’t worry I know to take it slow. I’m advised not to lift more than 20lbs.

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    stefferz09 reacted to MOHOJO19 in FEBRUARY 2020 Surgery dates🌹❤️   
    February 24th, PISCES SEASON... Whoot Whoot!!! So ecstatic.
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    Hi all! I just had my sleeve done this past Wednesday, 2/12. I’m so grateful that I actually decided to go through with this! I came home Thursday and other then some nausea and a little bit of pain, I’m doing really well! Although trying to get 64 oz of the liquids down is definitely a challenge :) Two of my pre-op nurses had the sleeve and it was a very positive experience for them both. They were able to answer a lot of my questions, put my mind at ease prior to surgery. While in post-op, I was able to get up and start walking! My biggest concern right now is staying hydrated for the week. I wish all of you the best with your upcoming surgeries!!
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    Had my miniGBS yesterday morning. I wasn’t prepare for the level of nausea and pain. Also very dizzy, so I didn’t walk at all yesterday. Feeling more myself this morning. Mouth is insanely dry, but can only drink Water 2oz at a time, 15-20 minute apart.

    I don’t want to scare anybody, just wants you to know that if you do get the same symptoms, they won’t last too long.
  6. Congrats!
    stefferz09 reacted to Steph x in FEBRUARY 2020 Surgery dates🌹❤️   
    Hi everyone,
    I'm pretty new to this as I didn't know these forums existed. I'm from the uk, not sure if this is an American forum but I'm pretty sure they're all the same. I have surgery booked for 6th April and am SO nervous and excited at the same time, as I've heard mixed reviews. Hoping this forum will reassure me lol.
    it sounds although alot of you are already doing amazing!😃 which makes me more excited to get it done. Good luck to all having it done soon and those who are on their journey xx
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    Feb 3rd

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