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  1. On 2/12/2020 at 6:23 AM, deej25 said:

    I just had my surgery Monday and I’m in so much pain. I think it’s mostly gas because I haven’t been able to pass any or have a Volvo well movement. I’ve been up and walking quite a bit, but all I’ve been able to manage is a few burps. :( Anyone have any tips? I’m desperate for sleep and relief!!

    So sorry you’re going through that I had something similar and my nurse recommended milk is magnesia. It helped tremendously

  2. 2 hours ago, lisafrommassachusetts said:

    Congratulations! A "little sore" sounds very encouraging. I hope your recuperation is smooth. Can I pick your brain for a minute, are you able to walk up stairs? My bedroom is on the 2nd floor and I don't know why I did not think of this before....

    Hey there!

    yes I can walk up the stairs I didn’t really have any issues there for me the worst part was not having a wedge pillow to sleep on...I ordered one last night from Amazon but it would’ve been helpful day 1

  3. 3 hours ago, lisafrommassachusetts said:

    OH NO! I'm scheduled for surgery on Monday and I have a cold! I felt a bit run down and scratchy throat, but by last night I was sneezing, woke up this morning and I can hardly swallow and I am losing my voice. I'm so scared that they won't do the surgery on Monday. I have emailed my surgeon (the pre op instructions said to notify your surgeon if you had cold/flu like symptoms)…. :( I'm ready to just cry.

    Hope you’re feeling better I’m just getting over something from last week and it was bad my dr called in an antibiotic for me - and I consulted with my surgeon before taking he was ok with the antibiotic

  4. 8 hours ago, ResaRoo said:

    9 days into my 21 day pre-op and I'm down 16 pounds. It's a good motivator to stick to the diet. I keep thinking "almost half way!" My diet is pretty strict (3 Protein shakes/day and up to 250 cal of low glycemic veggies). I don't always get in all 3 shakes, and am still working on upping my Water intake. I find evenings are the worst for cravings. How is everyone else doing on their pre-op (if you've started it yet).

    Congrats! 16lbs is amazing!

    My surgery was on then off now on again for Feb 4th

    I find my night cravings to be the worst too my preop diet is shakes Water tuna oatmeal and broths I’ve only been doing the pre op diet for 5 days and I’m about 6 lbs down

  5. I’m so angry just recd a call saying my surgery was denied doe Feb 4th because I had a 2lb weight gain at my December visit I’m sobbing right now office says we can try to start all over again for a may date but I’m done I give up and can go through all this planning again

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