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  1. 7 hours ago, MandoGetsSleeved said:

    Sorry you're in pain - Hopefully it subsides soon! If you're able... walk walk walk - If it's gas pain, that will help more than you can possibly imagine. FYI, it feels really strange to start walking and burping - It's not a painful burp, more of a quiet release of air.

    They have given me a steady amount of medication for pain. That's been helpful. I've walked around the unit twice now and it does feel good. 💚

  2. As a survivor, I can tell you it is something thatholds you up in a lot of places that it wouldn't make sense to. Even the guy doing the eval was saying when he first started doing this people with mental health conditions were usually denied.

  3. Despite the apocalypse, my program had switched over to doing zoom appointments!

    I did the psych eval today with him. He said ultimately the surgeon is the one who decides, but he's classing me as moderate to low risk of mental health complications. Overall a green light!

    I seriously thought I'd get denied because I have PTSD related to domestic abuse.


  4. 12 hours ago, BoredFatGirl said:

    It's such an exciting journey.. Doesn't it feel that much more 'real' once the meetings begin?? Personally, I am so excited for the journey to my new future self. I know it's going to be a BIG change, but I know it's going to be 100% worth it.

    Yes it doesssss. I've been reading everything I can get my hands on, and researched the surgeon. I practically felt like it was a fake thing until she walked in. Then, on my way out the check out receptionist gave me a bag with the presurgical soap wash with instructions. So that "I'm ready for surgery once I get my date". I have it on my desk so it's an everyday reminder. Yes, this is really happening!

    We got this!! 🤯😁😁

  5. Had my first appointment today with the surgeon. She was great! I was able to ask questions, and tell her about where I'm coming from/why I'm pursuing this opportunity all that. Gave me things to start thinking about in preparation.

    She said she'd recommend the bypass instead of the sleeve, which is what I was going for. Doesn't see any medical problems that cause her concern.

    Asking about a timeline what to expect, anddddddd she said that within the next 4 months I should be able to meet the requirements! I need to lose another 25 pounds to meet the weight for ideal safety. I've lost 12 pounds in the last 3 weeks. Super excited!! After I get that last 25 off, I have to do blood work and get cleared by the phychiatrist.

  6. Hit my personal "OMG that scale said WHAT" moment in November.

    Did some blood work, some intense research, soul searching, and asked for a referral to the local bariatric surgery clinic in December.

    Got the appointment set in January. First meeting with the surgeon on Tuesday (2/11/20). It's with Michelle Toder in Bangor Maine. She seems to have mixed reviews on the internet, but I'm still excited to get this journey going.

    I've told a couple people close to me that I'm pursuing this change with mostly positive feedback. But because of where I'm at in my life, this community and the supports from the paid professionals are who I'll have for a while.

    Super excited, and just had to say HI! :)

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