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  1. I have my consultation with the surgeon this Thursday. I was told I need to have the yellow paperwork filled out prior to the appointment. I'm seeing Dr. Im. He was at the orientation a few weeks ago. He seems cool, and I'm hearing good things about him.

    I've been sticking to the pre-op diet, well, new way of eating. It took me over a week to get used to not drinking and eating at the same time. I like to have my glass of Water next to my plate when I'm eating. But I have noticed that I stay fuller longer (eating Protein first) when I don't drink with my meals.

  2. For people who are post op, what activities or things do you do to cope during stressful times, boredom, moments of wanting to snack, etc? In other words, what are your coping mechanisms that you use now since you can no longer turn to food? Someone said they learned to knit. I've heard others say they journal, turn to something physical like taking a walk.

    Thanks in advance

  3. Does anyone who is pre-op or post-op watch YouTube channels that talk about WLS? During my research, I have watched a few people's channels, and they have been very informative for a person like me who is in the very beginning stages of WLS. If anyone has some YouTube channels they watch, please feel free to share.

    Just passing along the information....

    Dr. Duc Vuong

    Clusie L

    Dr. Matthew Weiner (more of the technical and medical perspective about WLS)


    Minnie Me in TN

    Chrysalis - With Kelsey (Bariatric Beauty & Finishing School)

  4. Thank you, loridee11 and MJinNorCal for the info! I just got off the phone with the bariatrics depart over at Kaiser Richmond and they scheduled me for this Thursday for the orientation. That was quick. My doctor just sent in the referral yesterday afternoon. Well, I did call the department but only to find out if I had an options program to go to (like my doctor told me) or an orientation. So with you two's guidelines (thank you again) and speaking to them now I know what's happening.😁