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  1. Hey Lisa. It is frustrating trying to find the balance between Water intake and especially Protein intake. I haven’t felt the confidence of doing both well. I just started my stage 2 with puréed foods and it’s easier to get the Proteins in now. I too am setting a stop watch on my phone for 30 min increments. It is a lot of work but I try to remember that when much is given, much is required. So, I digress and try to focus on reaching my weight loss goals of being healthy, coming off these medications and looking cute in a bathing suit. Lol. I just can’t wait to get past the stages of food and be able to eat normally and reasonably. I understand that my stomach suffered a major transition and it has to make adaptations to heal and become 100% functional again. I wish you luck and everyone else in this new journey. Right now, the road is rocky but I look forward to it smoothing out soon.

  2. 11 hours ago, jaymmee said:

    I’m feeling the same feelings when I drink. Taking pill sucks. I feel the getting stuck. And the dry mouth part really sucks. I’ve been having a lot of dry heaving and that’s very painful. I’ve been walking a lot and hopefully get to go home today.

    Yes. Crunch the pill before taking. Good luck.

  3. 3 hours ago, doublepau said:

    I have a desk job as well. I’m scheduled for the 21st and I put in for 2 weeks off. I asked my friend who had the sleeve done a couple years ago and he said 2 weeks should be fine for a desk job.

    Congratulation! I would Error on the side of caution And indicate 3 weeks. That way if all is well, you can go back early but if there are complications, you have taken a proactive approach. Good luck!

  4. 56 minutes ago, Puffy-no-more said:

    @lisafrommassachusetts pre-op is going good. The first few days were definitely a mental struggle but I feel really good now.
    I will definitely remember to make hydration top priority then. That’s a lot of walking! You are doing great. Do you feel like you could be out in public at this point? The store or whatever? I’m scheduled for Wednesday and was wondering about Sunday morning services. I feel like it might be a stretch but just don’t know.

    I went to a food dr appt the other day and Walmart to pick up a few things and it wipes me out. That false sense of well being took over but I had to remember I just had major surgery and my body is still healing. I too want to go to church tomorrow but think I will error in the side of caution and not push it. Good luck!

  5. I also heard that you should really take the time you have available not to overdo it because it was major surgery, you don’t want to sabotage the process ...major adjustments to a new journey with health and wellness. I personally think that if your incisions haven’t healed on the outside, there certainly are not healed in the inside. Good luck to everyone recovering. Protect your investment...and that is you ❤️

  6. My after diet post op week one is all Clear Liquids. I have all my chewable: Probiotics, (3 per day) Multivitamin, (one per day and calcium citrate w Vitamin D.(3 per day) It was hard trying to so all this chewing and get them all down but I'm progressing. My fav part of the liquid diet is chicken noodle Soup broth, lime SF Jello, and Apple/melon Isopure drink Sipping away at the Water to try and get as much as possible to avoid dehydration. I'm up and moving and able to shower daily. Having to remember to do my physical therapy breathing unit to avoid pneumonia. They said it's better to be consumed with something other than your diet after surgery so you won't be totally obsessed with your diet. So, Netflix, YouTube, lifetime and CNN have kept me company. Hope this helps.

  7. Congratulations on all the February surgeries. Mine was Feb and successful the biggest issue I have for the las few days has been gas in my tummy. My biggest incision is really sore too. Otherwise, I'm very grateful for this 2nd chance at life to care for my health and body much better than I did before. Not only am I on a new journey. I'm on a mission for Positive change ❤️👌

  8. I’m just ready to heal. My energy level is good. I was able to eat a chew multi Vitamin and kept it down. Day three, just feeling uncomfortable, not really a lot of pain. Just sore. Today I ate Isopure, chicken noodle Soup broth, lots of Water sips. My body is definitely healing and I’m not as Leary feeling today as I was day one, thank God. Also, walked three flights of stairs day two to get into my apt. I was shocked that it wasn’t that bad.

  9. The worst part for me was the stomach cramping the first few days. The surgeon did say that was normal. Today, it seems they subsided. Also, the nausea hit me the 2 nd day. The had a tray with all this red Protein Shake, Jello and sugar free drinks. I hope this helps. There were too many options and I ended up getting really nauseous and I threw it up. So, I’d have to say the nausea was worse.