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  1. CapyCapybara

    No one has noticed ...

    I’ve lost 50lbs since 12/18/19.... not one person has said anything! Nothing! Haha Saturday I did back to back spin and ran into a woman who I hadn’t seen since November and she didn’t say a word. BUT! She tells this other girl setting up next to us she looks like she is losing weight. She lost 5lbs! 5 freaking lbs (good for her - not hating on her) and I’ve lost 50 and nothing hahaha Haha I’m about to make a shirt that says “ask me if I lost weight” or something lmfao desperate times and such
  2. CapyCapybara

    No one has noticed ...

    I know it’s not the same pose same clothes .... 12/18/19 was sleeve. I only go to the gym (I’m a stay at home mom to 5,4,3,2yr olds) no one suspects I’m sick- since they see me in the gym at all hours . One spin instructor even made a comment I should teach spin since I’m doing it all the time ... So yes, I give a damn. Someone comments on ianother persons weight loss in front of me and doesn’t say a word about mine ... rant in rant and raves ... drop mic 🎤
  3. CapyCapybara

    No one has noticed ...

    Haha seriously! I am busting my ass in the gym. It’d be nice for someone to throw some positive feedback my way..... I mean I doubt any of these people think I’m sick since they see me in the weight room or spin everyday. Oh well haha
  4. CapyCapybara

    These are AMAZING

    Just thought I’d share. It doesn’t taste sweet or artificial. I’m so sick of sugar free powerades and gatorades lol I also think the new Powerade ultras taste 🤢 if anyone is curious about them. Bought a case of the roars at Sam’s club
  5. CapyCapybara

    No one has noticed ...

    I understand people not wanting to offend haha I was just expecting to hear comments during weight loss lmao people sure as hell let things fly out of their mouths when I was pregnant 4 times over 😂 Thanks everyone 😁
  6. CapyCapybara

    Bariatric and Alcoholism....

    If anyone is in Louisiana and wants to do an Alcohol Free challenge , you can still sign up. You don’t have to live in Louisiana to join the Facebook group and play along
  7. CapyCapybara

    No one has noticed ...

    When someone finally does ask .... haha
  8. CapyCapybara

    No one has noticed ...

    Hahaha oh no 🤦🏼‍♀️ hairstyle? Haha
  9. CapyCapybara


    I do spin and weights ... To make sure you do not burn muscle just make sure you have a protein drink after working out.
  10. CapyCapybara

    Smoking hookah

    I know it’s not pot but anyone have kratom post op? Were you still able to get the effects from capsules?
  11. CapyCapybara

    SuperBowl food

    I am thinking of making these .... the recipe is posted on their IG page ...
  12. CapyCapybara

    Your Little Helpful Niche?

    I love the toddler spoons and forks . I know some say you don’t need them but I’m glad I got them. Also, those Jell-O shot cups . They are great for storing 2oz of food. I measure everything out but from personal experience it seems really hard to over eat and if you do 😬 you will really not want to get to that point again ... I’m still early in the game though so it could change
  13. CapyCapybara


    I’ve done it many times before on diets . But, I also didn’t have the restriction like I have had . I haven’t even lost 30lbs on with pre op diet plus vsg Again, I’m not saying NOT to get the surgery or regret it. I’m clearly stating my frustration just like others have stated theirs. Why can’t y’all just let this be our “safe space” to freely talk about frustration during this process ?
  14. CapyCapybara

    Cook Books? Best Recipe Sites?

    I’ve heard great things about “the gastric sleeve bariatric cookbook” it’s supposedly cheap on Amazon . IG has a bunch of people who post their bari meals with recipes
  15. CapyCapybara


    For whatever I’m allowed to identify myself as (hahaha) .... I’m extremely frustrated. There’s a post going on about my surgery month. Essentially it’s a check in thread. People have posted that they have lost 4 xs the amount as I have and some who had surgery almost a week after me have had lost almost double . Congrats and awesome to them. But I’m so frustrated hahaha I am NOT saying F the doctors, F the plan , F the surgery it doesn’t work .... I’m simply venting my frustration of not losing as fast as my surgery twins or surgery month people. I think it’s good to have this so people can vent and know they aren’t the only ones. Or “Hey homegirl/boy, me too, this shiiizz is frustrating as hell but we got this .” Instead of just feeling like a failure in the corner As far as stalls ... I have nothing to contribute. I’ve been on one but I am having a feeling monthly visitor is contributing. Seeing my team tomorrow so I’ll return with whatever feed back they give me . I know some have stated they wanted to post or been lurking because they are scared to post. If you need to just vent about it - my inbox is open. I’m a newbie to this but I know it can be helpful just to get this shit off your chest ! Good luck to everyone
  16. Idk if I’m allowed to say “slow” but it’s going that way hahaha I feel great other wise. I tried to eat all of my tuna yesterday and found out what happens if you push that one more bite 🤦🏼‍♀️😬... it’s not HORRIBLE buuuuuuut I don’t want to do that again anytime soon hahaha Glad everyone is doing so well!
  17. CapyCapybara


    I wish people would read this and reread this again haha
  18. CapyCapybara

    Eating to much symptoms

    Haha I JUST found out what happens after that one more tiny bite ... wasn’t as bad as I was expecting but I never want to do that again haha
  19. CapyCapybara


    I was on pre op liquid diet for 2 weeks. I lost 12-15 lbs (depends who’s scale you ask) I am also certain a good amount of it was water weight I am starting to wonder if my weight loss in general slowed down because I went from working out like crazy to a more sedentary lifestyle post op. (Yeah, yeah CICO 🙄😆) I did spin today . Felt amazing to get back to a more normal schedule —————— I’ve never had an issue losing weight but I’ve had issues with bingeing, especially when stalls hit. I am working with a psych during this journey. She had WLS and eating disorders and said this tool can truly help I guess I should come to terms that I’m not realistic with how fast my numbers should be dropping haha it’s just insanely frustrating when I see Brittany over there melting away and I’m like oh , joy more protein shakes and the scale doesn’t want to budge hahaha. Meanwhile, before surgery, I could eat and lose weight faster than purées and protein drinks( but I was also working out). I’m not hating VSG . I definitely need the tool and the lifestyle change for long term just frustrating at the beginning phase
  20. CapyCapybara


    I am only 3 weeks out and maybe my mind set will change later in the journey BUT I find myself a slow loser. I am not losing the same amount as EXAMPLE fatboyslim. I am also not losing around the same rate as pre op. I find it frustrating that I came to this to be a “safe” place to talk about frustration of not dropping lbs as fast as others (I know we shouldn’t compare but we do) I am dropping lbs just not like the 5-10lbs a weekers. I’m following my plan the best I can - I am lacking the protein. I’m having a hard time trying to drink 2 protein drinks to meet my goals AND eating 2 oz of protein (eating part of tuna creation pack with good culture cottage cheese to “soften” it up) I’m just insanely full. Anyways, I get CICO , I agree with it BUT right now it’s just not going A+B= C for my body on the scale BUT I’m definitely losing inches. Also, I’ve been spotting on and off since Monday and have had period like cramps . So I know my hormones have to be a little wonky atm. Usually during my monthly I hold water weight 🤷‍♀️ . My face is breaking out like a teenagers too 😩 I usually have clear skin with a pimple or two during that time. Back to the point. I find it frustrating when I see people blow the weight off and I’m doing the same thing and I look like I’m going snails pace THEN some say it’s being unrealistic to have the expectations of losing fast like others or I must be lying , making excuses etc etc etc I am just not understanding why it’s so detrimental to others if I want to label myself a slow loser ? Or other people do? It’s keeping me from the mind frame to restrict (to only drink water at this point to drop faster), or say F it if I can’t be like Mike - why bother?. Saying I might be a slow loser or I am one makes me feel better or at peace that I’m not melting like others 🤷‍♀️ maybe it may help others who are feeling a bit defeated that they aren’t dropping as fast Anyways, end of rant
  21. CapyCapybara

    Protein shake

    I mix half with my coffee every morning. I haven’t tried it on it’s own but it’s waaaaaay better than the premier chocolate in my opinion
  22. CapyCapybara


    Haha I like your math! Those are great rules!!! I’m going to start doing those. I need to watch my 600lb life
  23. CapyCapybara


    I meant like total calories. Workouts right now is only about 250-400 plus what my body would burn doing nothing . So in a 24hr period of time I should be around 2500-2600 cals a day total. I wish it was that many just working out haha. I’m going to try to get my cals in the morning/mid day and see if it makes a difference. I’m pretty active chasing a 5,4,3,2 year olds around and when they finally crash for the night is when I want to eat everything . 😩
  24. CapyCapybara

    So is coffee a real no-no?

    I was allowed coffee as soon as I passed the leak test 🤷‍♀️ I haven’t had any issues so far. I mix half a protein drink in it though ... idk if that makes a difference
  25. CapyCapybara


    Anyone notice if you eat too late in the day - like get most of your calories 2-3hrs before bed- are slower losing? I know there’s two camps: calories are calories no matter what time of the day vs . Calories before bed cause weight gain Just want to add even though I’m not losing weight as fast as I wish (driving me bat shit crazy) I am definitely losing inches . I calculated my burn rate and it’s roughly 2500- 2600 cals so after food like 2300-2400 cals burn in 24hrs (includes workout) so should be around a lb every other dayish if my body would cooperate haha hopefully I’m just retaining water and will have the “whoosh” hahaha

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