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  1. CapyCapybara

    Calcium and Iron

    Have you had yours yet? If so, how have you felt afterwards? Did you need to add any vitamins in the end?
  2. CapyCapybara

    Now when I see MO people...

    The food police would LOVE to rip apart my carts hahaha I have chips, breads, pastas ,rice, cookies, juice etc ... along with a ton of veggies/fruits, proteins, dairy etc . I don’t eat them but someone has to buy groceries for my kids and husband. I am also not going to raise them to have this distorted view on food. Everything in moderation is fine. I wonder if the same food police would look at my husband the same with the same cart load... with his bf % being low
  3. 😩 Sushi is always my fav “treat” - sigh- ohhhh well haha
  4. Trying to get things together for p.o.... Sippy cups? Anyone use these? I asked my NUT about them, since I saw YouTubers mention them, and she scared the ying-yang out of me saying that it will change the pressure of your stomach etc ... I’m a chugger/big time straw user so it would be nice to have an aid vs puking my brains out until my thick skull gets it The two week p.o clear liquid diet .... I’m most likely over thinking this now ... but clear liquids that can have dyes in them? Also, is there no protein shakes during this time? Because they are not clear. Anyone NOT use a scale at home? Mine was shattered by a candle the other day and debating if I should replace it. I can get obsessive about weighing Did you buy toddler spoons and forks? The thought of puréed meats freak me out. Did anyone shred whitefish or crab where it’s in fine pieces and that worked? I know I’ll have to wait for my surgeon to clear me but around about how long before you could do spin class? I’m just curious since you have to engage your core a lot and it’s my preferred cardio. I will have a drain, surgeon gives everyone one for a week, tips and tricks for keeping it concealed and out of the way? I’m scared of my youngest pulling on it if he sees it. Did anyone need/use liquid melatonin? I’m an insomniac as it is. Or have any advice on sleeping. sorry for the long post 😬
  5. CapyCapybara

    Jitters - Q’s looking for A’s

    Thank you. I’m also trying to get every thing I would need post op for the first week or two because I am sure it will be difficult to lug around a 5,4,3,2yr old and shopping.
  6. CapyCapybara

    Weight-loss funnies

  7. CapyCapybara

    Vitamin Patches

    Check this thread out ... I was considering patches for the first month or so but this swayed my decision
  8. CapyCapybara

    Not so easy to make friends here...

    Can you do this via phone? I think I’m just technology challenged haha Hi, everyone. I’m new around these parts and in pre op diet phase. Been hanging around here a lot to keep me from thinking of food while family eats in front of me haha learning a lot as well.
  9. Can you ask your dr friend about viviscal? I have a few bodybuilder friends who use gear and makes them lose hair. They swear viviscal helps and was hoping to take it if I encountered hair loss
  10. CapyCapybara

    Lowest point before surgery

    I’m the gringo ... so everything I do will be wrong. Plastics is HUGE in Colombia too so it might play a role into how I look to them. But, I am definitely the “Fat American” ... not for long though 😏
  11. I’m a binger and then restricter and wash and repeat. I’ve been this way all my life. Never had problems with weight until after kids. I’ve been seeing my psych - the one my surgeon had us see for eval. It seems to help but I’m worried long term myself. She assured me that the sleeve will really help me with this. She had WLS years ago and said it helped tremendously with her own eating disorder- she use to eat a ton when no one was around and hide all evidence. So, I have some faith. I don’t have much imput, as I’m in around the same phase as you in WLS but I’m here if you ever need to talk.
  12. CapyCapybara

    8 weeks post op...

    I’m in the pre-op phase and I’d be tinkled pink if I lost 45lbs in 2 months doing all those yo-yo diets . Just remember how hard it was to drop weight before surgery. (I’m probably going to need to remind myself of this too)
  13. CapyCapybara

    Screwed Today = 1st Thanksgiving -

    Yes!!!!! Exactly!!! I tried bringing this up to my NUT and she is like just follow the recipe. I was taught to cook from my grandmother and she NEVER used a recipe haha. That is the hardest part of cooking for me
  14. CapyCapybara

    Lowest point before surgery

    We went to Colombia earlier this year. I haven’t seen anyone in 4-5yrs. I had 4 kids in that absence. Lost about 60lbs before we went. Everyone- I mean everyone- was saying all these things on how fat I was . I was feeling pretty good about myself and realized I’m still REALLY big (80lbs over weight at the time) . I felt so embarrassed for my husband and my children - let alone myself. When we came back I went off the handles like why bother I’m going to just be the fat one in the family for the rest of my life 😬. Gained back the weight. Yo-yo’d for a bit and it really set in I need help. I don’t want to be the fat mom at my kids practices. I don’t want to be the mom that hides at water parks or turn down pool parties . I don’t want to be the mom too scared to go to the fair or amusement parks in fear of being too big . And ffs I’m only 30, I’m not ready to be immobile when I have a 5,4,3,2yr old.
  15. CapyCapybara

    Sleeve Tips for the journey

    Love all this! Thank you!
  16. CapyCapybara

    Screwed Today = 1st Thanksgiving -

    I’m dreading Thanksgiving. I’m the cook in the house 😩 and I’ll still be on my pre op liquid diet (already having a hard time day 2 and cooking ). Then when Christmas comes along I’ll “hopefully” be in the first few days of purées .... que a few meltdowns along the way hahaha I hope I don’t hate the holidays in the next coming years or be frustrated.
  17. How long p.o until you could have sushi?
  18. CapyCapybara

    I haven't told anyone about my surgery

    I don’t want to even tell my husband (of 9years and 4 children)and I’ve just been approved for surgery .... I’ve had some womanly surgeries and gallbladder problems in the past so I’m hoping to just play it off as that. 😬 . He is very supportive but I just really need this to be for myself...I don’t know if that makes sense. I don’t know if he will catch on 🤷‍♀️ I am the only MO person in the family and no one has had WLS that he knows ...
  19. Thank you for this! I was going to ask if anyone used those the first month or so post op
  20. CapyCapybara

    December 2019 Sleeves

    Hopefully, I’ll be going y’all. I got news yesterday, from my surgeon, that I have been approved 😬 now I have to wait for gastro to tell me when they want to do the scope . I’m hoping I do not have any hernias 😩 I had 4 kids in 4 years and that place is a wreck now haha
  21. CapyCapybara

    What to wear to the hospital and home

    Ugggh lucky. My surgeon makes everyone have a drain for the first week post op . I was really hoping to wear no pants ... maybe cut a small hole on the side of the dress for the drain to fit 🤷‍♀️
  22. CapyCapybara

    What to wear to the hospital and home

    Does the drain irritate when wearing pants? Maybe a silly question, but does it hurt bending over putting pants on post op? I was thinking about getting maxi dresses for after but idk what I’d do with the drain .... sorry OP for mildly high jacking this post had questions like yours and didn’t think it needed another post 😬

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