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    Thank you for saying this. I saw this thread and wanted to post because I feel like I am starting out as a slow loser/ may be one. But then I saw the last page or so and was scared to... Anyways, I am 3 weeks out and I’ve lost 5lbs. I track everything. I weigh everything. I started walking 2 miles at 4% incline at 3.5.(I’m cleared to walk 2miles) Not an oz has budge. I don’t take any medications. I do not have any health problems.
  2. CapyCapybara

    Hospital Bag

    I packed lotion, chapstick, a book, toiletries , and comfy clothes. The first day is brutal. All I wanted to do was sleep - walk to move gas - sleep some more. Day 2, still kinda shitty . Didn’t want to do much besides move a little more and sleep. By day 3, things start feeling better but I went home. So really, I didn’t need anything besides clothes and toothbrush .
  3. CapyCapybara

    Preparation for After Surgery

    The only thing I would add are those popsicle bags to make your own freezies (Amazon has 200 for like $9). I made mine with scoops of unflavored protein mixed in with protein water and added mio for extra kick of flavor I do this with my jello too . I bought those plastic 2oz food packaging cups off of amazon. Been using those a lot
  4. I got my stitches out today and the nurse put the strips on BUT 3 of the 6 must of not have stuck because they are MIA a few hours later ... should I buy some strips or will a bandaid or silicone sheets work?
  5. CapyCapybara

    Post op liquid diet

    I asked my nurse for clarification yesterday and she really didn’t have one .... I’m almost a week post op and still on liquid diet. Everyone is confusing me because in the hospital they said I was on clear liquids but was given regular protein drinks. My NUT sheet says liquids like broth and jello etc plus protein shakes. I wanted to know can I strain egg drop soup ? Or is that too thick?
  6. CapyCapybara

    Post op liquid diet

    I’ve been allowed the regular premade protein shakes since the day after surgery and I’m fine with that I just wanted to enjoy some egg drop soup on Christmas and no one seemed to be able to answer if I could have it or not at my bari clinic... I figured lobster bisque was already a no and other cream like soups ... I drink clear protein drinks and regular protein shakes now for protein goals ... just wanted something “special” for Christmas
  7. CapyCapybara

    Stomach leaks

    I don’t know if this will help. Right over the board in Shreveport, LA Dr.Norwood may be able to help. He is at a center of excellence. He helped my friend who went to Mexico and they pierced her intestines during WLS. 🤷‍♀️ Thoughts and prayers !
  8. CapyCapybara

    Had surgery on the 18th

    I had surgery on the 18th and I also signed up for a double nerve block. It was horrific the first day. I was in recovery for hours trying to get my pain down. The next day a little better. Day 3 and I feel like I could go run a marathon. Not really but still better. I thought I was pretty good with pain as I had a partial hysterectomy and was trick or treating THAT night. This surgery kicked me in the ass. I’ve been fortunate not to have heartburn. I’m not even taking my heartburn meds. If I do sip something too fast or too big I do get tightening in my chest for a second. Popsicles are amazing too... I made mine with protein water with extra scoop of plain protein.
  9. CapyCapybara

    December Surgery dates???

    Y’all are killing it! I’m over here feeling like I got hit by a bus 😭 haha I’m trying to get this gas to move but it wants to stay put in my mid back . Probably the worse out of all it for me. I can’t wait to actually sleep in bed tonight with our 245am blood pull and then the constant vitals .... miss the morphine a bit though hahaha y’all are such bosses right now!!!!! Keep saying it ! I’m hobblin to catch up
  10. CapyCapybara

    December Surgery dates???

    I’m getting prepped now!!! Good luck !! See ya on the other side
  11. CapyCapybara

    December Surgery dates???

    Is it coming off faster than on pre op diet?
  12. CapyCapybara

    December 2019 Sleeves

    Haha I’m definitely asking for something as soon as I get there 😂
  13. CapyCapybara

    December 2019 Sleeves

    5:15am tomorrow... what time are all the other 12/18 sleevers that are around here? Anyone else nervous AF? Haha idk why this surgery is getting me so rattled vs previous Hopefully I won’t wake up from anesthesia telling everyone to take Jell-O shots like I did from the scope hahaha 🤦🏼‍♀️ (never even had one before haha)
  14. CapyCapybara

    December Surgery dates???

    I’m feeling this right now ... I haven’t been nervous and today it’s hit full Monty .... 😩
  15. CapyCapybara

    The staples...

    Hahaha my bari nurse was telling me she hopes I get staples because no one ever does and she likes removing them too hahaha meanwhile I’m like 😰
  16. CapyCapybara

    Any Dec surgeries out there??

    So many Dec 18ers in here ... mine is the 18th too! We are so close 😬
  17. CapyCapybara

    coffee problems

    Have you tried Whole Foods coffee? They have a bunch of dark roast and are surprisingly cheap .. 2lbs for $10. 😬 this is what I drink pre op... I hope I don’t get sick off of it after surgery (doc is fine with caffeine)
  18. I never said they were 🤷‍♀️ all bone broth states an amount of protein....
  19. Swansons make sipping bone broth cups... they are pretty good
  20. CapyCapybara

    December 2019 Sleeves

    I’m scheduled for the 18th too so is Chubrub ... For more savory options I have been enjoying the Swanson sipping bone broth - 45cals 9g P . I also make protein jello and popsicles so I have something to crunch on . Just trying to mix things up from just strictly protein shakes . Hair is my fear too ... I’ve been adding collagen to my diet and doing deep conditioning hair treatments to hopefully come into this surgery with the best hair I could have 🤷‍♀️ I don’t have high hopes it will work but hair grows back
  21. CapyCapybara

    December Surgery dates???

    I was so excited before now I’m getting cold feet hahaha I’m more worried about the aftermath of surgery I have pre op on the 11th. I really have no idea what is going beside that I’ll be there all day and see internal med and my bari doctor. 11 days to go! 😬
  22. CapyCapybara

    December Surgery dates???

    @chubrub I am the 18th too! I started my pre op early too
  23. CapyCapybara

    December Surgery dates???

    I don’t know if it will help but bone broth and a little extra sea salt help my headaches
  24. CapyCapybara


    The premier peach is pretty great. I haven’t liked the strawberry or chocolate that much. I use the caramel in my coffee (my dr doesn’t have a no caffeine policy). I love the green and the purplish pink isopure ready mades . I use to get a good deal through GNC shipped to the house 🤷‍♀️. I don’t know if any of this helps . I also make popsicles with my protein water