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  1. rcruz

    So SO MAD!

    I can't understand why it's so darn expensive for out of pocket people to get a fill. I only need approx. 1cc of slaine and it's going to cost me $250 I am so darn mad. I got an unfill due to pregnancy and I gained feel like crap but in order to get back on the wagon I have to pay yet another $250, I have laready paid $17000.00 for the surgery!! YOU would think that they could make a special price for cash paying people but instead they charge us MORE than they charge or pay the insruances...I am so at a loss now and very frustrated and angry. Sorry!
  2. rcruz

    So SO MAD!

    HA NJ I did that and the next doctor I called was $450 YIKES are you kidding me?!?!?!?!?! Well I went and put it ion a CC and at first she put in 1 1/2 CCs and ended up takin gsome out as the Water was like sittingin my throat! And so she took out .4 and now it feels like I am like I was when I first went in. Ugh I am not sure. I have a week to go and "tweek" it for free I will see how tonight goes. She si there on thursdays so if I feel that I don't have enought restriction I will go back and ask for maybe .2 put back in..I am at 8.5ccs in my 9cc band. My last sweet spot was 8.7ccs for 2 years so who knows! Thanks peeps for reading!
  3. rcruz

    So SO MAD!

    I understand what your saying about the $250 covering more than just the saline it's just to me a huge price to pay. And yes it's worth it for my health but at the same time my opinion stays it's too expensive! Rachel yes I did know but it still stings!!!!
  4. rcruz

    So SO MAD!

    WHy do the post break up and the first 2 words are at the top and then your paragraph starts way at the bottom?!?!? Ugh!
  5. I just heard that some doctor's are refusing to give women with PCOS lap band?!?!?!? This is so wrong!!! She told me it's due to a hormonal issue but that is NOT true it's about restriction rather you eat sweets or food!!! I am so mad about this! Have any of you heard of this?!?!?!?!?
  6. rcruz

    Lap band doctor's refusing..

    Noturningback- Your right we do lose it very slow and the cravings for sweets are killing me! I jsut had a baby 9 months ago and well Ijsut went back on metformin and I hate to think that is the reason I crave sweets! So as I recall as you mentioned I jsut need to lose this weight with anohter fill (scheduled next week) and maybe I can get my cycles back to normal and not depend so much on the metformin I have to blame it on the met reason I am eating so many sweets when I was not on it I didn't I know totally odd isnt' it? We shall see! thanks!
  7. I can't seem to lose anymore weight I am sure I need to get another fill but at $250 each fill and with new baby and formula prices I am at a loss. I only had restriction when having 8.7ccs in my band right now I have 7.7 and EVERYTHING goes through. Ugh I am not sure what to do it's alot of money for 1cc of liquid why is it so much money I just don't get how they make a killin off of us!!!!! End of rant! Thanks for reading!
  8. Thanks Amanda! I have scheduled it I mean I have to put it on a credti card but what gives here?!?! I have to do it I mean I can't let 20 grand go down the drain and look like it was for nothing!!!! I hope they can get me to my restriction level!
  9. ME too, I was unfilled and I need to get a fill so bad I am gaining! I gained 50lbs and am down 20lbs but I am feeling very sluggish and I know I will be creeping up there AGAIN I NEED RESTRICTION!!!!!!!!!! AND I am feeling very embarrassed to even go get a fill but heck I have jsut had a baby 3 months ago so!!
  10. I had a c section it was not planned but hey it's over and done with but my question is them opening me up do you any of you think it could have messed with my band or port at all or even went near it. I can't feel my port and I have a call in to my surgeon but he has not called back I mean I would just die if something happen to my band due to the c section. Anyone have a c section and the band?
  11. How many women on here that are still at restriction and breastfeeding and able to keep up with a good supply of breast milk with limited intake of food? The reason I ask is I want get a fill right after this baby but I also want to breastfeed as well.
  12. I am now 34 weeks and I am feeling ok other than every so often at around where my port is I get this intense burning sensation and when I was laying there for a non stress test it was burning real bad this is not an indication of the port trying to come from the inner wall is it? When I give birth it will stay right where it's at right?!?!
  13. rcruz

    Conceiving Multiples

    Yes, I am 40 and I concieved twins this preganncy but lost one at 7 weeks along. I also have PCOS so yes I used Gonal-F to help me concieve it prolly did play a part in having twins as it helps make more eggs I need due to my age. Your still young but without knowing if you have any issues you just never know. Good luck!
  14. Thank you! I found out or rather what the surgical center believes it to be and that my scars are stretching andtearing and when I feel in that area it feels like a hole like it did tear..I can't explain it but it has stopped now. I am 35 weeks tomorrow..I hope to have the luck you did and no problems with my band nor port. When did you get a fill afterwards...
  15. Good luck I did the same thing I have a 21yr old and am 34 weeks pregnany
  16. I am just now 30 weeks. I had my band emptied due to at fiirst being pregnant with twins and my age and well over all I was extremely high risk and my OB actually did not want to deal with any complications. I get to my band doctor and he only takes out 4cc's in my 8.7cc fill which was my sweet spot. Issue now is being able to eat what I wanted and even gained 40lbs so far I am finding that I am getting stuck now just like as if my band was at restriction can this be possible..meaning restriction with no restriction does that make sense to you ladies? It's almost wierd Ilike it but hope that I don't do nothing to the band. All this as I am getting further along any experiences alike?
  17. The best place you can go to is www.soulcysters.com it's a great site yu can find any and all answers there!!!! GOOD LUCK!
  18. Aww thank you! I wanted to lose 50lbs more as well but my age would not allow me as I was running out of time :thumbup: So I said after this baby I will just start over and get there I know I can do it as right now I feel I can't the weight gain is tormenting me to pieces..it's like I had not been through all the weight loss at all at this rate..but I know it will come off I just have to be patient have this baby and get back to the band rules and regulations..being able to eat what I want right now is liek WOW, loking forwared to the restriction again can't believe I am saying this!
  19. I had miscarriages 3 of them and when my OB told me I need to be on 4000gms of folic due to my age I was 39 now 40 and 6 months pregnant. Plus I took a prenatal vitamin as well from walmart they worked wonders!!! GOOD LUCK!
  20. I got my unfill at 6 weeks pregnant but they only took out 4cc as I had 8.7cc in my realize band and due to twins he ordered it all out but they only took half and it's as if I have no fill at all....
  21. Me well I am a bad bad bad bandster! I have gained like 32lbs and I am only 6 months pregnant. I don't blame the pregnancy at all but I do know it plays a part but I blame the NO SELF CONTROL the whole reason I had to get hte band inthe first place. I was ordered a complete unfill by my OB when finding out I was having twins. At 7 weeks I lost baby B but was told not to get a fill as he wants no complications, the band, my age, and obesity. The weight gain days is hard on me mentally! But I will jsut start over and know what to expect and get on with my weight loss journey AGAIN but happier as I will have my bundle of joy!!!!
  22. I was banded in 08 and lost some 50lbs my periods starting coming back thought I went to see an RE due to my age and we did clomid and I lost 3 babies early pregnancies due to a progestrone moved onto injections second round I got my BFP I am now 5 months along! I think weight has alot to do with PCOS although there are may women that at "thin" cysters as well...
  23. I too am 40 years old got pregannt and now am 17 weeks I had 1/2 my band fill taken out when I was told I was having twins (lost one at 6 weeks 5 days) I gained alot of weight as I am one that needs TOTAL restriction at ALL TIMES. No control over here I can't wait till I have this baby so I can get a fill this gaining weight is tormenting me to pieces and I was not at goal I had only lost 110lbs needed to lose 50lbs more :thumbup: But I will do it!!!!!!
  24. It felt like to not have any restriction!!! So I have had an unfill this morning due to OB wanting me to be able to eat a tad bit more ok so instead of getting a complete unfill he took only half out! Damn with just half EVERYTHING goes through like a race car race...I MEAN NO RESTRICTION what so ever it feels so different! I don't want to gain alot but I have only been unfilled for 2 hours and I am so surprised at how it "used" to be and can I be honest with you all it feels good but I want advice on not gaining the weight I am so scared at the same time ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And at the same I am looking for that restriction still I know its only been a few hours this will take some getting used to!!!
  25. rcruz

    26 weeks with fills

    Well I actually just got an unfill this morning per my OB and I can tell you I am already scared I mean when I took a drink of water and it went right through I almost freaked out as I was looking for the restriction I am so used to and well I started to think Oh crap what have I done I don't want to gain alot of weight I am so scared!!!!!