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  1. rcruz

    Almost a year

    The taco bell thing was a craving! I had not done that before! Weird!
  2. rcruz

    Almost a year

    I have an appointment next month and I just had one last week and I felt everything was fine even lost 8lbs for the month but today I was not getting enough of it the beans and meat was awesome tasting and I just had to have it...:redface: now I am sitting here feeling stuffed well not awful stuffed but I am content. Ugh this is making me wanna scream I feel really bad, crazy I know. I even gurggled some when some was going down but never got stuck omgosh...I hate to even think about it. Thanks for responding and not cutting my throat!
  3. And I am scared to go to the 24's, I went from 28's to 26's and now they are very lose on me but not falling off do you think we get scared of the change?!?!?!
  4. rcruz

    me 04/2009 50 pounds lighter

    LOOKING GOOD!! Great job!
  5. rcruz

    Surgery and Aunt Flow

    Meeeee too started the morning of..don't put it off! They are not dealing with you lower than your tummu tum tum! Good luck!
  6. I think your right Jul what ever is comfortable with one's self, I know I have a friend that is the same way she weighs alot and could never do once a week!
  7. I guess it's not the top of my list, I have found that if i dont' worry about this life with the band and I think that is why 1.) I am a slow loser, and 2.) I am not stressed out and the weight is coming off steadily. I thought I was jinx'ing myself because just when I thought this was going to be the first month in 10 months I didn't lose, lord and behold get onthe scales and met my 8lbs this month! Try to do it just once a week and see if that helps with the stress and the weight loss you would be surprised....
  8. rcruz

    I did it!!

    That's the way to GOOOOOOOOOO Big PAPA!!!!!
  9. Yea that lasted for me around 5 days couldn't even wipe myself without the burn..sorry tmi.
  10. I weigh only on Monday's! And so far it's been great!
  11. rcruz

    Realize band..

    I actually saw it around one of those little diagrams they have in the office you know the little stomachs? Well when I went to the appointment last week I looked over and I saw another one with the "realize" band and I tell ya our bands are alot wider! Which makes sense to lessening the chance of slippage although it still can happen, but it was nice to see what it looks like and no it was not in a triangler like most are claiming...
  12. rcruz


    We are at the same amount loss and the same surgery date just you have lost a few more pounds than I but I still think we are doing good! Good luck in your continuing journey!!!!!
  13. rcruz

    Port Area numb?

    I had the same thing and about taking a year, your right on there it's almost a year for me and it's gone away...
  14. rcruz


    I do! Congrats lookin good babe!
  15. I will be flamed, but here goes: I satisfy it, sorry but on occasion I do have that oreo cookie.
  16. Aww sweetie I think you are doing fine!! YOUR PROGRESSING!!!!!!!!!!! And for that you deserve a pat on the back!!!! Keep up the good work!

  17. You look like your in progress we are out most critics!! You are doing fine..
  18. rcruz

    100 0328

    You are so getting there I can tell!!!!!
  19. rcruz

    still a long way to go

    Still long way to go?!?!?!? You are progressing!!! I saw a comment that you only lost 60lbs in a year well I am right there with ya girlee, so what your losing that is the frame of mind I am keeping, you too ok!! We will get to the finish line that I have no doubt!!!!!
  20. rcruz

    150 lb weight loss

    YOU look terrific!!! GOOD JOB!!! I am so proud of you!!!!!
  21. rcruz


    Ladies Ladies trust me right now that port is tightend down! it's not going anywhere! Take that frame of mind and use it. Relax and enjoy this process, good luck!
  22. rcruz

    Another Newbie

    Yea Juju and I am only the opposite, I don't get any remarks and I want them! I mean I know I have lost but the occasion hey you are looking good or I can really tell, so when I don't hear that it makes me feel like I am not going anywhere but the scale is still moving and I KNOW it so I try to satisfy myself with that. Even the 1lb loss I get so giddy and proud of myself. Maybe it's just me and me alone on my own who knows..
  23. rcruz

    Another Newbie

    Congrats! And good luck on your journey! I personally wished I had not told anyone only becasue my progress is slow and sometimes poeple have expectations but then days I say I just don't care what "others" think...
  24. Yes chicken is what gets me EVERYTIME!!! I tried the breaded kind and although it is a NO NO it does seems to go down rather than plain chicken breast, even dark meat gives me problems and it's juicier!
  25. rcruz

    Realize band..

    Hello Joann I had my surgery in Overland Park actually at the Weight loss Surgical Center. I am very pleased with the care I have had there, at first I was confused as to why I was not able to get restriction the nurse was going slow with my fills now I know why and am happy he did. I am at 8.7ccs and cannot eat breads and such which is good becasue I would eat it if I could. Now I can say I look at eating much different like you I have to plan what I am going to be able to eat even when going out. Mostly though we are stay at home eaters my hubby is from mexico and well he likes home cooked food but on occasion we do go out and there again I plan...good luck!