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  1. rcruz

    Is it self doubt?

    Thank you everyone for your responses...I just need to get my arse in gear is all easy to say but harder to do. I am going to start by asking my daughter if she wants to go walking she asked a week ago and I found every excuse there was, now it's beginning to effect me so I have to do something thanks everyone!!!!
  2. rcruz

    1 week post op and .......

    D-I-V-O-R-C-E!!!!!! LOL!!! No really this is a test! You can pass it though!!! And if not I'll help dig!!
  3. rcruz

    2 weeks post op and failing :(

    It will get better I remember when I was where you are at right now thinking am I ever going to get "restriction" well I did...your in the stages of "bandster hell" your going to gain I am sure we all did. I am not giong to tell you to "diet" because I am sure as you know it's hard to do hence reason for the band..but stay calm and be strong and soon enough you wil reach your "sweet spot" it just might take a few months it took me 6 months to reach mine go figure...good luck!
  4. rcruz

    When do you eat your last meal?

    Mine was a week before. And I didn't have any pre-op diet at all. Only liquids 24hrs before surgery and even that was hard for me. Good luck.
  5. rcruz

    What's your Band Size?

    I have a 9cc realize band.
  6. rcruz

    Approaching the 200 mark...

    Great job! You will get there in time be patient and don't let it take over your life, instead enjoy your life ok! Good luck!
  7. This is just for discussion people please do not take me worng it's just a question that has me confused. I was reading a post and talking to a friend that will soon have her surgery and I was trying to find a positive post for her and I found myself reading a post that as I read it to her confused me!!!! Anyway one of the members posted that they lost 100lbs in a few months and I was like damn that is great! But as I read on it stated they didn't even have a fill?!?!?!?!? Ok I thought if this person didn't need a fill but yet can lose over 100lbs what was the job describition of the band? I know I have been thinking alot and reading alot too and have come to conclusion that if one is able to diet and eat healthly what was the reason for the band? I know for me "bandy" she works hard becasue I do no have it in me to diet or eat healthly, nor have the will power. I know she works hard for me but when I read posts like today makes me start to think is it really in our minds?!?!?! Can one really do this without WLS?!?!?! I mean what makes one change their minds, have the will power to eat healthy, exercise, with just placement of the band?!?!?!?!? Do you all understand where and what I am trying to say?!
  8. rcruz

    A challenge for you!

    WHOA your in KANSAS CITY MO?!?!?!??! I just noticed that I am in KCK!
  9. rcruz

    A challenge for you!

    That is an EXCELLENT IDEA!!!!! I am keeping that in mind for my 100lbs lost. I am going to start looking for a place to donate today!! I am like 20lbs from a 100lbs!!! YAY gives me something to look forward to!
  10. I went back on the Met just here recently and all I have to say is I can't do MET at all it drops my sugar so low and I get dizzy alot! I stopped taking it. I took my sugar the other day and it was 99 that is low for me. I went back on it for PCOS to get my cycle and I didn't give it enough time I guess because I didn't get AF. I am waiting this month after I stopped it to see if she will show up if not I guess I will use Natural Progestrone Cream to bring a cycle on for get MET!! LOL!!! That was rant huh, sorry didn't mean to hijack your post.
  11. GREAT responses! Thanks so much! AS 2fly says I guess if you went as far as having the surgery then I guess it can "force" your mind setting to be much different! I myself have made the band work for me as I have admitted that I have no willpower! I am not able to eat fast of course I still do, and I am not able to eat much at all...do I eat the right stuff, NO I am still working on that!!! Thank you for all the responses...
  12. Oh ok well I understood it that they never even got a fill but never thought of it already having some in there after surgery. But that is not the only one that I have read about, saying that jsut the placement of the band was enough for them to lose weight maybe it's in the minds of some it really had me thinking for a minute.
  13. Amber girl I am so proud of you! GOOD job there! It's amazing isn't it?!?!?!

  14. rcruz

    before after

    GOOD JOB amiga mia!!!! Estas pero super bonita!!! Not that you wern't before though eh?!?!?!
  15. rcruz

    No caption

    WOW looking great!
  16. rcruz

    5/24/2009 - 254lbs.

    Lookin good there sweetie! Keep up the good work!
  17. rcruz

    Name your Lap-Band!!

    I named mine a lame name Bandie took out the "r" is all it sounds as human as it comes I guess LOL!!!
  18. rcruz

    Almost a year

    Ok so yesterday I could eat the cow, today I can barely get anything down. I tried to eat a hamburger NO BUN of course with cheese and it did not go over well, I am trying to get some gatorade down right now and it's taking minutes to go through...I can't for the life of me think what is going on! :cursing:
  19. rcruz

    Almost a year

    And no fill for like 5 months I think I am starting to fall again...today I was hungry and I ate nachos (the littel one not many chips though) from taco bell and the insides of a beef and bean burrito (no tortilla) and I ate it all!!! OMGosh I am so disappointed in myself I am at 8.7ccs in a 9cc band there in really now where I can go from here....I am scared I am going to fail!!!!!!!
  20. Congrats to all the ladies!!!!!! You all deserve it!
  21. I loved chicken but it has been a mean food to me! Although I did get a rotisserie (sp) at Sams and I couldn't help but take a bite and it went down and had NO problem!! I was like oh heck yea so I agree it's the type of chicken I guess although I ate a thigh from another type of chicken and had huge problmes with it! *shruggs shoulders*
  22. rcruz

    11/08 pre-op

    You are very pretty!
  23. rcruz

    Fill in Kansas City

    I have heard now that they are trying to work out a plan of 3 or 6 months check up for either free or a small fee and that will include a fill as well I will be checking into this more closely as well as my last free month is next month it's beena year already...
  24. rcruz

    Almost a year

    OMGosh what SUPPORT!!!!! Thank you, thank you!! I did feel very full for hours on end yesterday and then I tried to eat a piece of pork chop on the grill and after 2 pieces I got very stuck I was like what the heck! But I stopped got up and well did something else. Then later I was hungry like 30 minutes later and when my hubby came home from playing soccer I ate another 3 pieces of the steak and it was good!!! The Mac n cheese and corn didn't even faze me :laugh: I had no urge to eat nothing but a few pieces of that steak. So here it is morning time and I was feeling like REAL guilty and I got on the scale and WHAT DID I I SEE?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?! I am in TWO'ter' ville!!!!!!!!! I ran to get the camera and it had cleared off got back on and it showed I was 301 why does the scale do that?!?!?!?!?!? So I have promised even if I don't get that official pic of 299.0 I will take anything!!! I know it's alot to some still but coming down from my highest 394 it's a big deal to me!!!! I lost 25lbs right before surgery due to the loss of my beloved MOTHER, and the loss with the bad will remian the 67lbs until I can get an official weigh in! Thanks to all of you I am going to get back on track thanks to all the support here!!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. YOu say it's already paid for but yet you will get the money back I think if it's already paid for I would go through with it. Job loss is temporary I think. I am not sure this is truely a marriage decision!!!!