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  1. rcruz

    Finally had surgery...

    Keith Welcome to our new world, you will do great I just know it, form the sounds of your willpowered attitude you will go far. These next few days well, you already know will be somewhat difficult but in the long run well worth it! Take care, Good luck and keep us posted!!!
  2. I don't get HOW people are able to drink while eatign in the first place it has to have something to do with the sweet spot I guess because I am not able to even attempt it! SO I am like you it hurts like a dickens I can tell you that or it will just come back up food and all, so then you have pain and you have to start over again not what you want to do! I agree you will wash the food down and in turn be hungry again only an hour or so later...
  3. rcruz

    New- Surgery done 06/17/09

    LOL! You know I would hehe...yes there is NO going backwards now so therefore think you may have a bad moment but remember it only gets better from here on out. You will get to the restriction point and these feelings will be just memories. :thumbup: Now we have to get Donna on this road with us!!!!! :cursing:
  4. rcruz

    Lap Band John Daly

    Great article, thanks for sharing!!!!
  5. Hey there KS peeps! I too had my srugery at the WLSC and I don't have any regrets! I have lost an amazing 75lbs in the first year, after 6 months I finally got restriction and that is when the weight came off slowly but came off!! I have hit a Plateau so I am struggling right now. But this too I will get through. I wish everyone LUCK on this journey!
  6. This is normal. I however have PCOS and the obesity played a huge part in why I was not regular..now that I have dropped 75lbs my body is slowly trying to get back to normal what ever that is LOL!, however one question prior to your surgery were you always regular? I think the body is jsut trying to straighten out hormones and it may take awhile fo ryou to restore your cycles. I know I had my cycle the day of and 2 months later nothing, the weight started coming off slowly and in 11 months I have only missed 1 cycle and who knows why but so for 2 months now I have been regular. Do you have PCOS?
  7. Jacqui- Your so right but are all so different, like I said I only weigh on Mondays and it works for me. I think if I were see a 5lb weight gain I would just die LOL!! After I got to restriction level I topped out at 2lbs a week every week since Jan. so I felt I did good, now I do believe I have hit a PLATEOU!!!!!! Darn it!
  8. rcruz

    New here from MI

    Glad you made it, make yourself a home and enjoy all these great people!!!!
  9. rcruz

    New- Surgery done 06/17/09

    AWWWW you made it amiga!!! I am so glad. Like I said you will get there withthe restriction...I know I was just as frustrated but you will get there glad you made it!! Hey Donna how are you sweetie! I see you made it too! GREAT!!!!!!!!!!
  10. YOU WILL BE IN two'ter'ville before you know it...GOOD LUCK!! It's exciting trust me I know!!!
  11. Seriously how do you all do it?!?!?! I know that is why you call yourselves scalaholics but it would drive me crazy and add much more stress than what it's worth. I guess I just don't know how you all feel it's like not knowing why an alcholic has to drink all the time but my point is what if you see that 1lb gained doesn't that depress you? And why weighing in the morning and then AGAIN in the afternoon satisfy you do you really think you can lose a lb during the day? Heck reaching the goal of 1- 2lbs a week is awesome if I even get that... I wegih myself ONLY on Monday's not that I haven't done the very thing you all are doing but I try not to over do it if you will... But I have to admit I do weigh less before I go to the bathroom, but I also weigh less after I have been up and walking around for an hour then first morning weight that is weird huh?
  12. So today I am on my way home for lunch trying to decide do I want a salad that I am so craving or do I want to go home and eat the pork chop left over from last night well I pick the pork chop and as I said I was hungry and I guess I didn't eat slowly and I got that feeling in my chest and then I found myself angry saying to myself I am going to PB every time if I don't learn to eat slowly!!!! So then I found myself cutting the pork chop into tiny pieces recalling a post I saw here that you have to eat bites of a pea size and I was able to finish the pork chop well almost becasue I ate a few bites of homeade mac n cheese I know not the best of choices but I did eat the meat first and it all went down and stayed and I feel content in my tummy. Just wanted to share if you can just eat it slowly and not think of how hungry you are vs not wanting to PB it will work!
  13. rcruz

    stretched esophogus

    yes and I have even seen a picture of a person that had one. They say it's from drinking and eating large amounts of food at one time reason for them telling you to take small bites i guess. It's not a good thing I guess...I guess if you imagine it the good giong down right but with the band our food stay atop of the band in our esophogus so therefore stretching it as if it would out stomachs I guess.
  14. rcruz

    Fill in Kansas City

    What do you mean? They are too expensive?
  15. rcruz

    OverFill ????

    I was right there...but you know what I told them to take it all out and guess what?!!?!?! I was only at 7.6cc and it was down on paper that I had 10ccs...so we started over and now I have 8.7cc and have been there for 6 months with no needed fills...and I have restriction!! Don't know how long it will last but so far so good!!! That is my suggestion ask them to take it all out and check for leaks of course but my bet is there might be an error somewhere in the amounts actually in there it happens!!!
  16. Hmm so I read this whole thread and it was very interesting. I myself have the realize band and for the very reasons you have pointed out the low port and the wider band all I liked. So now ONE YEAR down and lost a total of 75lbs! I couldn't be happier it was a slow loss but when I began this journey I didn't sign up for a "race" I signed up to lose weight and I have done nothing but lose!!!!! It's been while but I wonder what band they chose afterall...
  17. rcruz

    Water Consumption

    It IS SOOOOOOOOO POSSIBLE to dialte your esophagus by drinking water too fast and not giving it enough time to go through...I would slow down you could really damage your band! When you get to restriction it will take alot longer for liquid to go through and in trun will hrut if liquid gets backed up...you will see what I mean when you get there...
  18. OK so I am coming up on my 1 year anniversary no I I have lost over a 100lbs like most but I have lost some that I am proud of. Anyway I got out of the 3 month pictures, then the 6 month, and 9 month but there is no way out of the 1 YEAR anniversary pictures so I am holding to it we are down to the days now and I still feel reluctant I see some can't wait to "see" the results and here I am holdingoff as long as I can, maybe because I am ashamed because I have not lost alot as others YES I know not to compare myself to others (was told this yesterday at the last doctor's appointment free LOL) but I can't bring myself to take them, ok I will admit it to you all I STILL FEEL FAT and sloppy why is this?!?!?! :wink: YES I have went from a size 32 stretch elastic jeans, to a 24 that is now fitting TOO BIG again, went from a 4x,3x and now 2x size shirt and some of those are too big but yet the 1x's some are not quit big enough maybe the way they are made. But other than that I am not seeing myself any different...is this common?!?!?! Like I am dreading the pictures why is this it's almost like a phobia man I have to get through this!!! I know put my big girl panties on and just do it I guess....
  19. Yea your right now if I can stay in a size longer than 3 weeks I might make it LOL!! I still can't fatham that I am or could be in a size 22 right now but can't test those waters yet I am out of money with buying clothes so I will have to wear these baggy ones for another month or 2 it just has to be! But thank you for the kind words LIBBY! AND everyone else!
  20. I also want to add when I see everyone else I oooo and awww but can't see myself being any smaller than 300lbs! Ugh!!! And breaking that goal was not as exciting as I thought it would be doesn't make sense either! Something is wrong with me I think..
  21. Oh no Libby I think you misunderstood I haven't lost the average 100lbs in a year yet but I am not far behind!
  22. rcruz

    Restriction is a Strange Strange Bird!

    LOL!!! Not laughing at you but rather WITH YOU! I blame mine every month on my cycle too there are 2 days of eating eating and eating what I want!!! Then the next day I have heck to pay! Yes I agree "bandie" she has PMS too and when she teams up with hunger and they become friends well she lets em all come through...I won't call her a b*tch but she can be one at times LOL!!!!
  23. rcruz

    One Year Anniversary

    WOW CONGRATS! That is good! You and I are on the same page mine is next friday and I have lost a total of 73lbs as of yesterday but I will do a weigh in on that day and see if I can get on more lb off or not it doesn't matter a loss is a LOSS WE DID GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. When I see a picture of a person that is only say 50lbs lighter I say OMG!!! Look at that, and here I am 73lbs lighter and I see nothing....now my clothes are smaller I have ordered smaller but I just don't see a change, I don't want to take pictures until my anniversary and that is only days away but I have been feeling like dang I have not got as far as others in a year, I know I know don't compare myself to others it's just hard. Partly is because I don't exercise I know I would "look" much more different if I had just found the energy I feel as if I am still 73lbs heavier in the energy department I thought for some reason my energy level would bounce back and I would be this gun ho I am going for it attitude, but I really don't feel like I have that in me just yet! I am so working on this year is to incorporate more exercise but can't find the motivation what is wrong with me?!?!?! Am I just an all over lazy person?!?!
  25. rcruz

    Anyone Preggers over 40?

    This is heavy on my mind I am 39 and wouldn't mind having a child for my now hubby but even with weight loss my cycles have not returned to normal might have to seek help due to having PCOS. This post was encouraging!